Friday, April 22, 2016

A White Denim Jacket: A Must Have for Spring

I read recently on a fashion website that a white denim jacket was "A Must Have For Spring".  I found that quite humorous as I bought my white denim jacket years ago from Kohls.  Apparently I'm ahead of the game and didn't even know it.

But yes, I would agree with the fashion article that a white denim jacket is "A Must Have".  Unlike a traditional denim jacket, white denim goes with everything.  I found with my other two blue denim jackets that if the wash is a bit off from what else I have on, it doesn't work.  But I don't need to worry about that with white denim!  I also feel that the color white, is just more appropriate for warmer weather.  But don't get me wrong, my blue denim jackets get lots of use during the warmer months too!

I paired my white denim jacket with white, blue striped jeans (old, JCP), a chambray sleeveless shirt (old), a white camisole, and blue flats (old, Payless Shoe Source).

This white denim jacket is also a trucker style, like my blue denim jacket I shared on Monday's post.  It's a nice and roomy, so I really can wear it over anything.

I wore a white camisole under my blue shirt because otherwise the top half of my body appeared too dark in comparison to my lower half.  However looking back at these pictures, I wish I would have buttoned just one more button.  I said to my husband the other day that fashion blogging has really taught me so much about fashion.  I've learned what looks good on me and what doesn't after seeing myself wearing the outfits in pictures.  If your not a fashion blogger but you want to learn more about what looks on you, try on a few outfits and have someone take your picture.  You will be surprised about what you think you may or may not like.

My necklace is the only thing new I have on in my entire outfit.  I picked it up at a gift shop in Cocoa Beach.  It is a hand made piece of jewelry.  The stone is so lovely, but it is very difficult to photograph because the camera cannot focus on it.  It also changes appearance based on light and angles.  It is such an interesting necklace.

I carried my Boho cross body bag from Francesca's (old) and wore a silver feather bracelet on my wrist (old, Old Navy), and crystal studs in my ear lobes.

In this close up of my shoes you can also see the stripe in my pants better.  It is a nice soft vertical stripe.  A lot of women don't like to wear patterns on their bottom half because they feel it makes them look bigger.  A vertical stripe like this is a good pattern to start with if your afraid of patterned pants because I think they actually make you look taller and leaner.

The last time I showed you these pants I was standing in front of this very same tree when it was in bloom.  Back then I wore them with a nautical sweater.  I have the same denim jacket on too! How funny.  I must really be drawn to wearing these pants in the spring.  You can see that post HERE.

 I know I've been show casing a lot of old clothes lately.  Part of the reason is that I've been doing this Spring Jacket Series, and another reason is that I've been saving my new clothes for when I travel.  Are you like that?  Do you buy something pretty and new, but you don't want to wear it for the first time until a special occasion arises?  I tend to do that a lot.  I let the item(s) hang in my closet for weeks if not months before I wear them because I'm "saving" it for a special occasion.  Those pretty new things don't get a lot of wear when you do that!

Well I've counted all the spring coats I have left to show you before my Spring Jacket Series ends and would you believe I still have five more spring coats left?  I don't know if I'll be able to complete this series before warm weather hits...we'll see!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Amazing look! I love the pants!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  2. I love this white denim jacket! Such a perfect piece for the spring and summer!

  3. A white denim jacket is great for spring and summer! And you are right that it is easier to wear than a blue one! I love yours and the way you styled it!

  4. I just got a white denim jacket! Time to wear it! Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & hope your weekend if off to a fab start!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. Great look, I have white corduroy jacket that looks similar to this one and love wearing it in spring.

  6. Cute! White denim is a spring must have all around!

  7. I agree that a white denim jacket goes with everything and I also bought mine years ago at Gap, so we are ahead of the curve with this one!

  8. Isn't it nice to find out you were ahead of the game and didn't even know it? If you hold on to the clothes you love, that happens, sooner or later! Love the way you styled this jean jacket and pants!

  9. I totally agree. White denim is perfect for warm weather! I am wearing my white jeans right now!!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. You look so cute in this outfit! I love it! Well done.


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