Thursday, September 16, 2021

Ageless Style - Gem Colors

 Ageless Style is a monthly style challenge and link up for women "over a certain age".  Each month we pick a different theme and style an outfit based on that theme.

This month's Ageless Style theme was picked by Mireille and she chose "Gem Colors".  Gem colors are any color that you would find in a gemstone like "amethyst", "emerald", or "garnet".  There are so many beautiful gem colors to choose from.  I chose to represent "garnet" which is an orangey red color.

Red is always the most difficult color to photograph.  In real life, this dress looks a lot more like rust, but in the photographs it looks more burgundy.

I picked a very old rusty red dress from my closet to style.  You have seen me wear this dress so many times before on this blog (check out these posts Here and Here to see other ways I styled this same dress). That is one of the plus's of a solid color dress;  you can style it so many different ways!  

For today's challenge, this time I styled my dress with a kimono, gold jewelry, and flats.

My kimono is super old, but the color of red in the kimono perfectly matched the red color of the dress.

My shoes are new this year.  I got them on clearance for $14.99 from DSW!  Can someone say "Score!".  As I'm getting older and older, I've been switching out my heels for more comfortable footwear, so when I saw these while browsing one day I scooped them up!

I couldn't decide what color bag to go with.  Originally I was going to match my bag to my shoes and go with a taupe color, but they say not to do that because it "ages you".  I'm not so sure about that.   I finally settled on black because there is a bit of black in the kimono, but after I saw these photos, I wish I would have went with the taupe bag.  The black seems to stand out too much.

Since the dress is so plain, I could really go with statement jewelry.  I chose a long knotted rose gold necklace, a large sparkly gold bangle, and rose gold earrings.

This dress is a perfect example of something I have owned for years and get so much wear out of because there are so many different ways to style it.  It was a great investment piece!

And now be sure to check out what the rest of the ladies are wearing and link up with us below too!

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Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Summer Highlights - The Northern Wisconsin State Fair

Hello and welcome back to another "Summer Highlights" travel post.  I have been spending the last few weeks highlighting some fun things I did this summer in my own neck of the woods.  Week one I shared "Hiking in the Driftless Region",   week two I wrote about "Celebrating the 4th, Going to the Beach, and Playing on the Porch.", and week three was all about the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder.   I took last week off because I was on vacation, and now I am back with our visit to the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.

Before I continue with the post, I wanted to announce that grand baby #3 was born!  In the picture at the fair  below, my daughter Ashley was full term with "Elisha John".  My hubby had the idea to put all three of the grand babies in the picture.  It was so funny and coincidental that her belly was at the perfect spot to fit in the cow's head.  

My grand babies are "city kids" so they have never been to a county or state fair before.  They really had a great time!  

The first thing we did when we arrived was find a picnic table to eat some lunch.  We left late in the morning, and it was an hour drive, so by the time we got there it was lunch time.  We brought our own food and we were grateful we were allowed to take it in.  I know it seems weird to go to the fair and not eat the fair food (that's part of the fun of going to the fair), but it is very expensive and not very healthy.

After lunch we headed towards all the indoor exhibits to see the handmade food items, quilts, art work, etc.  But then I saw that the little animal races were just about to begin, so we ran over to the bleachers to get a good seat....but first...a selfie!

The animal races were so fun and cute!  They raced three different types of animals:  goats, pigs, and ducks.

Before each race they picked a child from the audience to cheer an animal on.  If her animal won, she would win a prize.  Alethea was so excited to be chosen!  She did a great job cheering on her duck.

After the animal show we stopped briefly to check out a show choir that didn't sing but played instruments instead.  They were very entertaining.

Every fair has professional exhibits where they show their newest gadgets and wares, but our favorite was the oldest invention:  products made from lama hair.  It was both educational and fun because they had lamas right in their exhibit and lots of information on how their products are made.

On the table behind my husband and granddaughter is some lama hair.  We were encouraged to touch it and we found out that if we left our hand there for a few minutes, and then removed it, the spot still stayed warm for the hair held heat.

What would a fair be without rides?  The kids had never been on an amusement park ride before so they were so thrilled.

When we pushed Atticus' stroller up to the car ride, I asked him "Atticus, do you want to go on the car ride?".  He IMMEDIATELY started to crawl out of his stroller and ran to the ride, he was so excited!  He was so happy to just sit in the car, he had no idea it even moved.  But when it finally did move, he got so surprised and excited and was over joyed.

Animals are the highlight of every fair, so that is where we headed next.

The kids were certainly fascinated with all the animals and loved how close they could to them.

And finally, we reached the petting zoo where we were able to buy some food to feed the baby animals.

Boy, did the grand babies love this experience!  Just look at that face!

They sure had fun feeding these goats.

But the day didn't end at the fair.  We have been trying the last few years to show our daughter the new River Walk and Confluence Center in downtown Eau Claire since she spent so much time there as a teenager performing.  But every time we tried something hindered us like weather or a protest.  Finally, it seemed like it was going to work out, so we headed over there...but first we stopped at our favorite ice cream store:  Ramones!

We walked a long the river and pointed out all the new buildings and how things have changed.  Then we sat at a bench to rest and eat our ice cream and Alethea says "This was the best day ever!".  Awww!  Did my heart melt when she said that.  Nothing makes a grandparent happier than her grand babies happy.

I will leave you with this cute picture of Alethea looking through this art sculpture along the river walk.  It was a super cool sculpture where one person could look back at another person on the other end, or you could just look through with no one on the end to get a unique perspective of what's on the other side.

I hope you enjoyed our day at the fair, I will be back next week with one more staycation post then I will begin a new travel series.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Monday, September 13, 2021

September Stylish Monday - Workin' for the Weekend!

On the second Monday of every month a group of style bloggers and I pick a theme, style an outfit based on that theme, and then do a link up together where you can join too!  This month's theme is "Weekend Wear".   We are sharing our outfits that we would wear on a typical weekend.

I do not work outside the home, so I'm probably the opposite of most women and I like to dress up on weekends instead of dressing down.  I wear grubs all week long therefore dressing up on weekends is a refreshing treat.  A normal weekend for us is that we typically stay home on Saturdays to get work done around the house, but Sundays are usually our "play days".  We live in the country and have to drive 45 minutes to church.  Since we are making the long drive, we usually make a full day of shopping and entertaining.

On this particular weekend it was my son's 30th birthday.  We went to church as usual, then shopping, and finally dinner back in our neck of the woods.  There is a farm about seven miles from our home, that has the ruins of an old barn which they converted into an outdoor stone-fired pizza restaurant.  It is absolutely breath-taking!  I don't want to share too many photos of the venue here, as I will most likely do a travel post on it soon, but here are a few photos of just me so you can see what I wore.

I wore an old dress from Stitch Fix so I was appropriately dressed for both church and fun.  The dress is a comfy, spandex-type material so it is super comfy.  I chose mint sneakers so I could comfortably walk all day long.

It is a faux-wrap dress with a belt and a bird pattern print.  At the end of this post I included a couple of old pictures from a previous blog post where I styled this dress with a jean jacket and heels.

Well, I have to at least show you the amazing pizza this place serves.  Does that look yummy or what?  Be sure to check back every Wednesday for when I do a travel post on this unique venue.

And now let's see what the rest of the ladies this month are wearing and  link up your outfits at the end of the post too!


Lucy - Lucy   I don’t really have a particular look for weekends...except that whatever I decide to wear must have some sort of fun or pizzazz to it.  Dressing sets my mood- and I definitely need me some good dopamine styling! So here I am in my favourite jeans...the sparkle does it all for lighting me up whether it’s doing the regular Saturday runs, meeting up with a friend, or even a date night.  This weekend leisure look is for running errands!


Joyous Styling   

A fun weekend look….

Florals are coming in strong for Fall! This blouse is so fabulous for $14.00! It can be worn casual or for business! I love it with my gold belt,and red denim jeans.


Shelbee - Shelbee on the Edge - My weekend wardrobe doesn’t differ much from my weekday wardrobe but I do opt for comfort above all things on the weekends. A fun tee shirt dress, sneakers, and a baseball cap is an easy combination for most of my weekend activities.


Suzanne - Ask Suzanne Bell - When the weekend comes, I like to throw on a comfortable easy outfit that can take me from running errands to watching the kids events – all in one. If it's hot, I'll always opt for a relaxed fitting maxi dress. Otherwise it's jeans or joggers like this pair by Electric Rose, paired with a tank, and ALWAYS a long cardigan. A weekend wardrobe essential (bonus for pockets!); I’m styling up long cardigans multiple ways, in today's Style Post.


Andy - Pearls and Pantsuits Since I have to dress up and show up for work during the week, the  weekend is my time to dress down and stay comfy, which usually means a casual dress and sneakers for running my errands and puttering around the house. Comfort is key!


Nicole - High Latitude Style - On weekends, I change my outfit several times a day. After breakfast in PJ and taking a shower, I put my old blue jeans on with a Tee, scarf or vest, to mow the lawn with a push mower or do some yard work. Then I change into a dress and sandals for shopping and running errands. In winter, shoveling the driveway, ice picking, and add a down coat and pom pom hat with gloves.  For shopping, tall boots and tights plus a down coat or shearling with matching scarf, gloves and hat. However, when going out for dancing on a weekend I wear one of my dance dresses like this velvet beauty.


Julie - Fashion Trends and Friends and Instagram FashionTandF -  Weekend dressing can be a mixed bag depending on what I’m up to and where we’re going.  I recently wore this look out to dinner and to see a band with my hubby on a date night.  If we’re staying home, I’m typically in something much more casual like shorts and a tee or sweatpants and a sweatshirt depending on our Illinois weather.


Nina - Sharing a Journey -Everything you need to know about having a wonderful fall weekend--what to wear, what to do and a great recipe to enjoy.


Emma - The Style Splash -.Comfort is key when it comes to weekend dressing for me. These loose-fitting trousers have an elasticated waistband so are super comfy, but it still looks like I’ve made the effort thanks to the leopard print. I live in trainers or flat sandals at weekends as I’m often shopping and running errands. 

And Me!

Amy - Amy’s Creative Pursuits - Weekends are all about church, family, and friends for me.  This is an outfit I wore both to church in the morning and then later in the evening for an outdoor dining experience with my family in the hills of Buffalo County.
Have a Great Day!  Amy

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