Monday, November 25, 2019

On Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'm taking the week off to enjoy time with my family.  My house will be filled with my love, laughs, and lots of fun as all my kids and grandkids are coming home for the week.

I will return to a regular blog schedule on December 2nd.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

Friday, November 22, 2019

Stitch Fix #34 Review

My November Stitch Fix came three days early, which was a real bummer because I didn't have my husband home to take photos of me in the items I sent back, and I also didn't have a lot of time to try on outfits and decide what I wanted to keep.  I schedule my Fixes to arrive on Fridays so I have all weekend to play around with the Fixes.  I don't have the luxury of doing that during the week.  So yeah, I was not happy it came early.  Nevertheless, I will still do a Stitch Fix post for y'all this month, but unfortunately it will include a lot of selfies.  I will also include the short videos I post on my Instagram Stories where I ask my readers to vote on "What I should Keep and What I should Send back".  If you miss these stories (as they are only kept on Instagram for 24 hours) and would ever like the opportunity to vote, let me know in the comments below along with your Instagram handle.

First up, the one item I was most torn about:

Michael Michael Kors "Telina Textured Blouse"

Status:  Returned!

Ugh!  Ladies I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this shirt!  I really wanted to keep it.  I thought it was so pretty and it looked great on.  But it was $84.00 and I just thought it was too steep for a top.  I also have a similar Michael Kors black top, so I really didn't need it, (although the Micheal Kors top I do own is no where near as nice as this).  I almost kept the entire box, just so I could keep this top, but I really wasn't fond of a sweater I got in the box, so again, I just couldn't justify it.  This is one of the hardest things about Stitch Fix!  Having to send things you love back!  But, I did find this top on sale for $54.00 at Macys but all they had was a small.  I wasn't sure if I could size down or not, I liked the way the Medium fit me, so I didn't order it.  However, I will keep an eye out for this top at TJMaxx.  That's where I find a lot of Michael Kors deals!

Here are some of the amazing details in this top.  The back has a fun angular open slit.

The top has a sheer layer underneath, and of course, the Michael Kors label.

The sleeves are elastic at the wrist.

Instagram readers loved this top as much as I did.  It came in at #2 with 71% saying to "Keep" and 29% saying to "Return".

Jill Michael "Elliot Pre-Layered Bar Necklace"

Status:  Kept!

I was BEYOND THRILLED to get this necklace in my Fix.  I have a lot of jewelry, but most of it is fancy jewelry.  My outfits are very casual these days, so I really need more simple jewelry pieces.  Plus, I even like to wear more simple pieces when I'm wearing dressier clothes to tone the outfit down a bit.  Simple jewelry pieces are hard to find, and I often find myself wearing the same necklace a lot because I don't own a lot of simple pieces.  This necklace is perfect!  It will go with so many of my casual outfits as well as my dressier ones.  I have a feeling I will be wearing this quite frequently.

Apparently lots of women prefer more simpler jewelry because the necklace came in at #1 on Instagram with 80% of pollsters saying to "Keep" and only 20% saying to "Return".

My next Stitch Fix item got low polls on Instagram but was very popular on my blog.  I wonder if how I styled it had anything to do with it?  In the video I'm just wearing it with jeans, but on the blog post I'm wearing it with a skirt.

RD Style "Montoya Open Cardigan"

Status:  Kept!"

I have a hard time returning cardigans.  I keep almost any cardigan Stitch Fix sends me.  I will always choose a cardigan over a pullover sweater.  I love the layering possibilities with a cardigan, and also the ability to add or remove it.  My mid-life body temperature changes constantly, so I need something I can take on and off with ease.

Here is a picture of the cardigan worn with the skirt.  Isn't the color just beautiful?  I love the knit too.

Instagram readers did not like this cardigan.  Only 33% said to "Keep" and 67% said to "Return".  

Teeberry and Weave "Kasia Color Blocked Curved Hem Pullover"

Staus:  Returned!

This sweater was the item I was really on the fence about.  If I would have kept this sweater I could have kept the entire Fix and received a 25% discount.  In the end, I just didn't love enough to shell out those extra bucks.  I know this "color blocked" style is trending all over the Internet, but I just don't like the way large, bold, horizontal stripes look on me.  I also didn't like the pea green color of one of the stripes.  I think I would prefer this color blocked style in a cardigan.  This way, I could embrace the trend, but not have big stripes going straight across my chest.  

 Instagram readers were not fond of this sweater either.  It came in at only 38% saying to "Keep" it and 62% saying to "Return" it.

Liverpool "Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean"

Status:  Kept!

My absolutely FAVORITE item in this Fix were these skinny jeans.  If you have been following my fashion posts long enough you would know I'm all about comfort.  If it's not comfortable, I won't wear it!  I was so excited to see these jeans in my box because I wanted to try them for a very long time.  They are PULL ON jeans!  But they are not your grandma's elastic pants.  There is no elastic waist band that you can see, and they have a faux zipper and faux pockets.  They fit like a glove, have a high waist so my tummy stays tucked in, and the denim is dreamy soft.  I just love them!  My only regret about these jeans is that they do slip down during the day so I have to tug them back up, but I believe all leggings do that.  I wish they came with a belt loop!  But I could always add belt loops if it really starts to bother me.

I will probably not wear a single other pair of jeans all winter, I love these so much.  I am wearing these jeans in all the selfie photos above, plus I wore them with this outfit too. See how well they fit?

Instagram Readers liked the jeans too, though not as much as me.  63% said to "Keep" and 37% said to "Return".

In summary I received five items from Stitch Fix:  A top, a pullover sweater, a cardigan, a necklace, and a pair of jeans.  I kept three items:  the cardigan, necklace, and jeans.

So what do you think?  Did I keep the right items?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Our Utah Adventure, Zion National Park, Day Three, Part 1: Canyon Overlook Trail

This is a continuation of a travel series to Utah.  To start at the beginning, go  HERE.  The rest of the posts in chronological order are HERE,  HEREHEREHEREHERE, and HERE.

On our last day in Zion National Park we got up early to hike one last trail:  Canyon Overlook Trail.  If you want a trail where you can see spectacular views without much effort, this is it!  BUT BEWARE, this trail isn't for the faint of heart.  Although it's an easy trail, there are lots of steep drop offs and if you're afraid of heights you might not feel comfortable on this trail.  That being said, I'm terrified of heights, yet I managed.  The view was worth conquering my fears!

The reason this trail is not challenging even though it is very high, is because you have to drive a vehicle to access this trail.  This trail is not on the park shuttle system.  There are two very tiny parking lots near this trail which fill up fast, so I would advice getting your butt out of bed at the crack of dawn so you can get a parking space and hike this trail, cause it is worth it!

That is my son pictured below in one of the few spots where there was a railing.  He's actually standing on a small bridge built out of narrow boards that you can see through.  It is part of the "path" that you have to hike to get to the scenic overlook.

If you think a lot of these pictures seem "unreal" or were "doctored" I can assure you they were not.  The views were so spectacular, they did not seem real, even when we were standing right there looking at them.  It felt like we were staring at a painting and not an actual place.  I've never seen such beauty before.

Canyon Overlook Trail is a moderate 1 mile round trip trail with an elevation gain of 163 feet from the parking lot to the scenic overlook.

This was a scary, tricky spot for me.  There's no guard rail, and the rock juts out so far over the trail I had to duck, unless I wanted to walk closer to the edge.  My husband was no help.  He just took pictures and laughed at me.  But as you can tell in the picture, I couldn't have been too afraid for I was laughing at myself.

Oh, the scenery on this trail!  I felt like I was in heaven it was so beautiful.

This trail is coined "Best Bang for Your Buck In Zion" because it's so short and easy, yet it offers the most spectacular views!

After walking only a 1/2 mile you see Pine Creek Canyon and lower Zion Canyon.  Then you turn around and go the same way back.

This 1/2 mile (one way) trail offers a little bit of everything:  catwalks, rock steps, panoramic views, views looking into a sinuous slot canyon, grottos, and slippery rock hiking.

We absolutely loved this cave-like area where the rock hangs over the trail.  And yes, that's a steep drop off in front of us.  I made sure to hug the cave wall hiking here!

In the picture below you can see the trail in the fore front going around a rock formation.  I love the "cave cut out" in the rock formation in the distance. It's so interesting.

Be prepared to see lots of mountain goats and Big Horn Sheep on this trail.  We marveled at their ability to walk on these steep cliffs.  This one was enjoying the morning sunshine.

We were so excited to see the mountain goats because that's the one animal that has always been the most elusive on all our hiking adventures.  Little did we know that later that morning we would see more mountain goats than we had ever seen in our lives!

I loved this photo so much that when I got home I ordered an 8x10, framed it, and gave it to my son as house-warming gift (he just moved in to a new apartment).  He was so excited about it!

Can you see the road that switches back and forth in the photo below?  That's the road you drive to get up here.  It's pretty scary, but beautiful views!

Here I am hugging that wall again!  🤣 That rock wall and I were best friends by the time this hike was over.

When we were done hiking the trail we got back in the car to take the rest of the scenic drive out of the park.  I was thrilled to scratch another item off my Zion Bucket List when I saw the Checkerboard Mesa.  We pulled off to the side to a close up view of this beauty, but there is also a scenic overlook of it further down the road as well.

And here is the scenic viewpoint.  There is more parking here, and you can also read about the unique rock formation here as well.

But the fun didn't end yet, because while driving through this area we saw tons, and tons of mountain goats!  I've never seen so many in my life!  Usually if I see one Big Horn Sheep I count my blessings, but we must have seen a hundred or more this morning.

Be sure to drive slow through this area of the park, as the sheep are everywhere!

My favorite one of all was this one.  Just look at those horns!

If you don't want to hike the longer, scarier, more difficult trails of the park (like Angel's Landing, or Observation Point) but still want a hike with great views, this is the trail for you.  Just be sure to hike it early in the morning so you can get a parking space, see the first light on the canyon's wall, and see plenty of Big Horn Sheep.

After this wonderful, thrilling morning, it was time to say goodbye to Zion National Park.  It was so sad to leave this beautiful park.  It truly lived up to everything I have ever heard about this park.  It's unique beauty is unparalleled.  But the vacation wasn't over yet, for now we were headed to Bryce Canyon and hoped to get another hike in before the sun set.  But you will have to wait until after Thanksgiving Break to hear more about that.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Thanksgiving Card For A Little Boy

This past month I have been showing all the Thanksgiving cards I made for my family.  Today I have one more to share, my last one, the card I made for my beautiful grandson.

All the stamps were found in the dollar bins of a local craft store.  I stamped the main image, sentiment, and leaves directly on the main image image panel and colored them in with Copic markers.  The pumpkin and nut were stamped on a separate piece of card stock, colored in, cut out, then popped up on dimensionally.  I covered the pumpkins in Crystal Effects to make it shiny.

I stamped some grass under the fox.  Scrap ribbon from my stash was added to the upper left corner for some extra embellishment.  I adhered a leaf brad over the top to secure the ribbon in place.

I adhered the main image panel to a copper glitter panel, then I glued the two panels to an orange card base.

And here is the latest picture of the sweet little boy that received this card.  Babies change so quickly I thought you'd like to see a recent picture.  He still has the sweetest, most chill temperament.  I can't wait to see him and Alethea this Thanksgiving.

Have A Great Day! Amy

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Monday, November 18, 2019

One Skirt For Three Seasons

Is it possible to style one skirt for three seasons?  It sure is, with a few simple tricks.  In this post I will show you how I not only created three completely different looks with one skirt, but also how I was able to wear it in three different seasons!

I picked up this mustard floral skirt at Charlotte Russe for only $4.99.  I thought I had struck gold when I saw it.  I loved the color and the style.

The first time I wore this skirt was to a zoo in South Carolina.  It was a hot day, so I paired it with a sleeveless purple tank, rose gold walking sandals, a black straw hat, and I carried a straw bag.

In the fall I paired the skirt with a light weight long sleeve top, denim vest, beige straw hat, and open toe booties.  I carried a straw bag with blue and beige colors.

Now that it is Winter in Wisconsin (I know the calendar says it's still fall, but trust me, it's winter in Wisconsin.  We've already had snow and temperatures in the single digits) I paired the skirt with a white sweater, fur vest, brown slouchy boots, a brown bag, and I put a brown belt around my waist.

I only wore the fur vest as outerwear.  When I got to my destination, I removed the vest.  

Everything I'm wearing in this post is old, but I will link to similar options at the end of this post.

I chose a brown bag to coordinate with all the other shades of beiges and browns in the outfit.

Slouchy boots are definitely trending this season.  I was smart, and saved mine from many years ago. If there's anything I've learned about fashion in my life it's that trends ALWAYS come back in style;  so if there is something you've spent a lot of money on (like boots) and they go out of style, just put them away for awhile.  I can guarantee you they will be BACK in style.

I added this brown belt for two reasons.  First, it is the same shade as the boots so the belt ties the entire outfit together.  Second, the belt provides some shape to this outfit.  Without it, the outfit could come across as a bit frumpy due to all the long, loose clothing.

For jewelry, I wore my Native American pieces I picked up on my Utah vacation.  I thought the style fit the boho vibe I had going on, and the bright colors picked up the colors in the skirt and pulled them up to the neckline.

Even though the skirt is a thin cotton material,  I stayed cozy warm on this 40 degree day because of the sweater on top.  I also wore pantyhose under my skirt.  I know pantyhose are no longer "in", but I knew no one would see them under my skirt and with the tall boots.

The skirt is shorter in front and longer in back.

I think the main reason this skirt works for three seasons is because of the color.  The colors are perfect for fall, summer, and winter.  I think it would be more difficult to make a pastel colored skirt work for three seasons.  So my suggestion if you are trying to buy less clothes and extend their life into more seasons, is to be choosy about color and only pick colors that would work for more than one season.

So do you have a favorite look, fall, summer or winter?  Or do you like them all?  I'd love to hear from you.

Skirt, Charlotte Russe, old, similar HERE,   Sweater, JCPenney, old, similar HERE,  Brown Slouchy Boots, old, similar HERE, Brown Bag, old, similar HERE,  Brown Belt, old, similar HERE 

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Eggplant Cardigan From Stitch Fix

Today I have a eggplant cardigan that I received in my November Stitch Fix box.  My Fix arrived three days early this month, which was a real bummer because then I couldn't have my hubby take pictures of me in my Stitch Fix outfits.  I did manage to take a few selfies so I will just do a Stitch Fix Review post next week instead of my usual "one piece at a time" posts.

As you can probably guess because I had pictures taken, I ended up keeping this sweater.  I really liked the color, the style of knit, and the slanted pockets.  I wore the cardigan to church with this little skirt that is also from Stitch Fix, but very old.  See other ways I styled this skirt HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I also wore jewelry that are also Stitch Fix pieces.  The earrings I received two boxes ago, and the double bar necklace I received in my November box.

I was thrilled to see this necklace in my Fix.  I liked the simplicity of it for more casual outfits (or for balancing  more fancy outfits).  I have a lot of really nice, or fancy jewelry, so it's nice to have a more simple necklace to wear with casual outfits.  The necklace is by Jill Michael and is called "Elliot Pre-Layered Bar Necklace".

I bought a new pair of black boots when I was in Illinois last month.  My old black boots were worn out so I really needed a new pair.  I was thrilled to see these at Ross for only$25.00.  The slouchy style is really trending now.

This is the outfit without the infinity scarf.  I like it better WITH the scarf.  Which look do you prefer?  With the scarf or without?

The name of the sweater is RD Style "Montoya Open Cardigan".  It has a nice length in back so I should be able to wear it with leggings.  The front of the top is curved.

And here is a close up of this slanted pockets I told you about.  Aren't they fun?

Boots:  Ross, check your local store, otherwise similar HERE and HERE.  Eggplant Cardigan, Stitch Fix, not available, similar HERE. Grey Plaid Skirt, Stitch Fix, not available, similar HERE,  and Jill Michael Bar Necklace, HERE, 

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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