Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A Visit To Cedarburg Wisconsin

On Mother's Day weekend my husband and I met the kids for a little "staycation" in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  It was a four hour drive for us, but only two hours for the kids.  Even though it was a cool, cloudy day we had a lot of fun exploring this old village.  I took a ton of pictures, and decided to do two separate posts of our visit to Cedarburg:  a travel post (today's post) and a family/lifestyle post (soon to come!).

This  beautiful mural highlights all the main attractions of this charming town.

The guide at the Visitor Center told us most people come to Cedarburg to visit this old mill, now a building filled with shops, restaurants, and a spot for entertainment.

The mill is located right along the banks of  Cedar Creek.  

We did go inside to explore a little, but it was hard with a little one and a stroller.  The spaces are tight and small, with no elevators, so it's definitely not handicap, elderly, or family friendly.  Hubby was happy to stay on the main level and listen to a local band play, while I quickly ran through the mill to snap pictures.  The main level had gift shops and a restaurant, while the upper floors sold antiques and art work.

The thick plaster and stone walls amazed me.  You could tell how thick they were by how deep the window wells were.

This is a street view of the award winning winery, restaurant, and pottery shop also located on the grounds.

I thought the mannequin on the roof was such a fun idea.

This was a fun place for us to enjoy...I think Alethea especially loved walking through it and seeing all the unique creations.  I can't wait to show you pictures of her exploring this garden.

I thought the skeleton on the tractor was hysterical.

 I absolutely LOVED these metal goats and had to restrain myself from buying one and bringing it home with me.  Isn't this just the cutest display?

The large rooster at the entrance to the potting shed was perhaps the most impressive of all.  Alethea was so excited to see him!

This is a side view of the same potting shed...don't you just love it?

The historic district is made up of limestone cream colored buildings on Washington St.  A lot of them are houses that are now used as businesses.

We didn't go inside many of the businesses because we had a stroller and Alethea, but we sure enjoyed looking at the historic homes and all the amazing architecture.

This is the Stage Coach Inn.  It is currently a  bed and breakfast. It was built in 1853 as a stage coach stop between Milwaukee Wisconsin and Green Bay Wisconsin.  

Of course I was tickled pink to see there was a candy shop named after me!  But would you believe there was also a candy shop named after my daughter?   I kid you not!  I will share pictures and tell you more about our visit to those candy shops in my next post.

There were several nice coffee shops to choose from, but we picked this one...Cedarburg's original coffee shop!  And I'm glad we did as the coffee was delicious and so cute inside!

I think I oohed and ahh'd at ever single old house!  This beautiful home is the largest mansion in Cedarburg. It was built in 1898 for the daughter of the Wittenburg Mill owner.

I love the vintage, 40's glam look of this old theater!

Built in 1908, the current city hall use to be Cedarburg High School.

I think Cedarburg would be a fun place to spend a day when the weather warms up.  I would love to eat outside at one of their charming patio restaurants.

Another cute coffee shop.

They had at least three stunning old churches in town.  I think this one was my favorite!

This church has a pretty side garden and gorgeous views of the river behind it.

This pedestrian bridge and the creek are located right behind the church pictured above.  It was so picturesque!

It's always hard to get a good street view of historic towns, but here you can get an idea of the limestone cream colored buildings in the village.  It's very pretty isn't it?

This is the Cedarburg Mill and considered to be the most iconic building in town.  I must say, it really catches your eye.  It's right across from the Visitor Center so it was one of the first buildings we saw when we entered town.  Built in 1855 some interesting facts are that it's walls are 32 inches thick and five stories high.  It's now a feed and grain store.

The unique red and white building in front of it is "Wadhams Oil and Grease Filling Station".  A Milwaukee based company built around 20 of these "Japanese Tea House" style filling stations in the area in the 1920's.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Cedarburg Wisconsin!  I'll be back soon with more personal pictures showing how my family and I enjoyed spending our day here!

Have A Great Day! Amy

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mid May Bible Journaling Pages

Tuesdays are the days I posts my crafty endeavors.  If I don't have a craft or a handmade card to share, I show my Bible Journaling Pages.  If your new to Bible Journaling and want to learn more about it, see this post HERE!  I use the Inspire Bible which has some pre-printed pages, that I can just color in, but I also venture off and get creative sometimes and create my own pages.

 This week I had fun coloring in more pre-printed pages.  This design was so intricate I colored it using all gel pens.  The outside of the letters I used a glitter pen to really emphasize the word "Celebrate".  When reading this chapter, I noticed how many times God used the word "Celebrate", so I highlighted the word in the text as well.  I think it's awesome how God wants to celebrate and have "happy times" and have "great joy for all".

This has always been one of my favorite verses.  I colored it with gel pens.

More pages colored with gel pens.  Gel pens are the best medium to use to color in these intricate images.

Here I did the background with gelatos followed by gel pens for the more intricate work.  I had a reader comment that she tried gelatos too but could not get as smooth of a look as I did.  It's because after I apply the gelato, I then take a firm white triangle sponge that came with my gelato set, and I rub it over the gelato.  It smooths and spreads the gelato out and it also helps me to get into those difficult spots.

The next two pages didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped, but I like to include my failures as well as my successes to show I'm learning and making mistakes too.  This image I colored the intricate areas in with gel pens, but then the background was colored with pencils.  I'm really not a fan of colored pencils, as I don't like how I can see the pencil strokes.  It's not a smooth look like I can get with gelatos.

This page I made the same mistake:  coloring the background with pencils instead of gelatos.  Yuck!  Never again!  I'll either leave the background black, or only use gelatos/watercolors in the future.  The details were colored with gel pens.

I have to show you what my beautiful daughter gave me for Mother's Day:  this book on "Faith and Lettering".  I was so excited to get this book because it teaches you how to draw beautiful letters.  Handwriting is so important in Bible Journaling to create beautiful pages.  You can find this book on Amazon.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Stitch Fix #28 Review

I'm so excited to review my April box from Stitch Fix because it was one of the best boxes I've received in a long time.  Everything was just my style, in colors I love, and items I could really use.  Now that I said all that, I'm sure it will come to no surprise to you that I KEPT EVERYTHING!!  My Instagram Polls were very positive too, on every item except one.  But I kept that item anyway because it was practical and I knew I'd wear it a lot this summer.  Now,  let's begin the review of my April box,  Stitch Fix #28.

Sole Society Handbags Emmet Clutch

Status Kept!

I love this clutch.  It's such a pretty color,  the round handle is adorable, and I like that I can use it as a cross body bag too.  That being said,  I almost didn't keep this bag because I already own a peach clutch.  However, the clutch I already own is very plain and just an open bag.  This one had a nice leopard lined interior and lots of pockets for credit cards.  It will be a lot more useful for me, especially when traveling.

The clutch polled very well, coming in at the second most popular item:  83% said "keep" and 17% said "send back".

Cosmic Blue Love Ava Button Down Top

Status:  Kept!

This pastel, vertical stripe top was the least popular item on Instagram.  Only 38% said "Keep" and 62% said "Return".  I have to admit, it was not my favorite item in the Fix, but I thought it was very practical so I kept it.  In hot weather, I like to wear a lot of tanks, but when I go inside stores or other buildings, I prefer to cover my shoulders.  This top is very sheer and lightweight, and it will make the perfect cover up over tanks.  I also really liked the colors and thought it would go with a lot of items I already own.

Original Post

This next picture includes two items from the Fix:  the embroidered top and the pants.

Pale Sky Emmy Embroidered Top and 
Lila Ryan Kit Button Hem Detail Skinny Pant

Status:  Kept Both!

This top was probably my favorite piece in this box.  I loved the embroidery, especially against the all white background.  The colors in the embroidery were so beautiful, and I thought the peachy pink tassels were super cute as well.  The style and fit of this top was great too.  A lot of boho tops can be so loose and baggy they can make me look heavier than I am.  This boho top has a nice, fit;  it's more narrow in the waist.  It came in at #4 on Instagram:  59% said "Keep" and 41% said "Return".

The most popular item on Instagram were the pants;  and I can see why:  They are cute!  The button detail on the hem is just adorable.  88% of my readers said to "keep" the pants and only 12% said to "return" them.  I love the color, the feel, the comfort, and of course the button detail of the pants, but I was worried they wouldn't stay up on me because they're were no belt loops, so I almost sent them back for that reason I alone.  I have worn them once since I bought them, and my worst fears came true:  they were constantly falling down on me while I was shopping and I had to keep pulling them up.  I will have to find a similar material and sew on my own belt loops as some readers have suggested.

Original Post

Leota Finnley Jersey Faux Wrap Dress

Status:  Kept!

This pretty faux wrap dress came in #3 in my Instagram Poll.  I absolutely love this dress!  The colors are so pretty, the fit and length is great, and it's super comfy to wear.  I can't wait till it's warm enough for me to wear it!  63% of Instagram pollsters said to "Keep it" and 37% said to "Return It".

Original Post

So there you have it...I kept it all!  For my readers who are often disappointed when I don't keep much, I hope your happy!  🤣  My pocketbook on the other hand, is not!

If you never tried Stitch Fix before, use my REFERRAL CODE to receive $25.00 off your first box!

Have A Great Day! Amy

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