Sunday, September 22, 2019

My Outdoor Fall Decor

Last week I showed you my Indoor Fall Decor and this week it's the outside fall tour.  

Let's begin with the walk up to the front porch door.  First of all, my front porch got an update this summer.  The roof got damaged over a hard winter so my husband had to replace it.  I then gave everything a fresh coat of paint.  It took us most of the summer to finish this porch, but it was sure worth it.  It never ceases to amaze me how much a fresh coat of paint makes everything look better.

On the walk to the front porch, I have garden beds on both sides of the walk way.  I put a few fall signs in the garden beds.

On the porch steps, I put a few pumpkins and potted mums.  I also have mums planted in the ground in the raised bed in front of the porch;  they just aren't blooming quite yet.

I snuck a little greeting sign amongst the mums to welcome visitors to the house.

Near the front door, I placed a pumpkin floral display.

On the side of the house, near the side post I added another metal pumpkin sign.

My side porch is actually the entrance I and most visitors use.  I put a "Happy Harvest"sign over a large tobacco basket on the back wall, and added more pumpkins, a fall pillow, a scarecrow, and more welcome signs near the door.

The first day of fall is September 23rd!  Have you decorated your house for fall yet?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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Friday, September 20, 2019

How To Style A Summer Dress For Fall

On Monday I shared "How To Style A Summer Maxi Dress For Fall",  today I'm sharing a new summer dress I received in my September box from Stitch Fix.  The dress is by Wisp and is called "Cyndie Jersey Dress".

Cardigans, jackets, and blazers are great ways to extend the life of summer dresses into fall.  The blue in this dress made it ideal to pair with a blue denim jacket.

Because the dress is sleeveless,  it's very easy to throw another layer over the dress for those no extra bulk on the arms.

The dress is so comfortable, for it is made of a soft, jersey knit.  I love the fit n' flare shape of the dress too.

I couldn't find this exact dress on line, but I love THIS ONE from Amazon.

To make this summer dress even more appropriate for fall, I added a contrasting fall color by carrying this mustard bag (similar HERE)

The bracelets and earrings are handmade jewelry I picked up on my vacation to Utah.  The teal color in the jewelry pulls out the teal in the dress.

The dress has a beautiful braided neckline with a keyhole opening.

This is the time of year I no longer like to show my toes, but if it's too warm to wear booties, I just pick a closed toe shoe option like these flat dark blue ballet shoes.  My shoes are old, but HERE is a similar pair.

I really like this dress because of the fabric.  These types of dresses are great for traveling because they never wrinkle and they take up so little space in a bag.  I took two dresses from Stitch Fix on my Utah vacation and I basically just rolled them up and threw them in my suitcase.  When it came time to go out to dinner,  I just unrolled a dress, threw on a pair of sandals, and I was off!  I loved it!

As always,  I'll let you know at my end of the month Stitch Fix Review post if I kept the dress as well as the results of my Instagram Poll.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Visiting The Lincoln Park Zoo In Summer

I know some of you are anxious to hear about my fall vacation to Utah.  It was a dream come true to finally make it to Zion National Park.  I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it, and after seeing it myself,  I can honestly say everything I have ever heard is true.  But, I have a couple of summer travel posts I want to do yet, and I'm still going through all my Utah photos, so it will be two more weeks before I start my Utah Travel Series.

In the meantime, today I want to share about my visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo in summer;  and I've emphasized "In Summer" because the only other time I've ever been there was in the winter.  (You can read about my visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Winter HERE and I also wrote another post about the Lincoln Park Conservatory HERE.)  I was honestly stunned at how different the park looked in summer verses the winter.  Foliage and vegetation makes all the difference in the world!

The first time I went to the zoo with my daughter and son-in-law, we were childless, as Alethea wasn't born yet.  On my second visit, we not only had a toddler in tow, but a newborn as well, so we were moving a lot slower and didn't get to see everything.  One thing we missed was the conservatory, but that was OK because the first time we visited I got to see the inside but there were no flowers on the outside because it was February.  On this visit, I got to see the outside garden flower beds.  It was incredible to see such beautiful flower beds with the conservatory and Chicago skyline in the distance.

Beautiful yellow Calla Lilies with purple Salvia as the edging plant.

There's a large, lawn space in-between the beds for picnicking, strolling, sitting in the grass, and viewing the flowers from all angles.

Even though Alethea lives in a city, she doesn't get to see skyscrapers very often so this was a pretty exciting day for her.

There is a lovely fountain with a stone bench all around it.  Alethea loved walking on the stone bench all around the fountain.

I just love the beautiful, soft plumes on this ornamental grass.

The weather was so perfect the day.  Alethea loved running on the grass through the gardens.

After enjoying the flower gardens, we headed off to see the animals.

At the time of day we were there, the lighting was not the best for photographs, but I did manage to get a few nice shots.

I didn't see this fun, unique sculpture during my first visit to the zoo.  It's a globe, that rotates, and water runs over the top down to the bottom.  The kids all seemed to love it!

The giraffes were no where in sight when we first arrived, so dad took Alethea into a building while I waited on a bench with my daughter as she fed the baby.  Eventually, the giraffes just appeared (it must have been feeding time) and the crowd just let out an excited collective squeal.  It was so fun to hear, and of course I ran over quickly to see them and snap a few pictures.

The pond and/or outdoor bird area was the part of the zoo that looked the most different to me.  I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was with all the foliage on the tree and the beautiful plants surrounding the water.

Flamingos are always my favorite animal to see in a zoo.

I was so excited to see a baby rhinoceros!  I mean, how often does one see a baby rhino?  He was so CUTE!  He followed his momma everywhere.  Unfortunately, even though I snapped a gazillion photos, I didn't get one that was not blurry.

The first time we visited, the apes were inside.  They still had quite a few gorillas inside, but it was fun to see some playing outside too!

Aren't camels such a fascinating animal?

I hope you enjoyed my little visit to the zoo?  Have you been to a zoo lately?  I'd love to hear from you!

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