Friday, July 20, 2018

What I Wore On My Vacation To Savannah

I always love to do a fashion review of what I've worn on my vacation.  The main reason is that I see too many "What to pack for vacation" posts that include the blandest clothing possible.  People tend to want to pack light so they include a lot of neutrals and simple clothes that they can mix and match.  I'm the total opposite.  Yes, I want to pack light too, but I also know I'm going to be photographed a lot and those pictures will end up on Facebook, in a scrapbook, and will be seen for years to come, so I want to look good.

When packing for Savannah I kept two things in mind:  Comfort and Style.  I wanted to take advantage of the photogenic beauty of the Savannah area so I chose clothes that were romantic and reminded me of the old south.  But, I also knew it would be warm, humid, and I'd be walking a lot so I had to pack for comfort as well.

First, I want to show you an outfit I wore in Savannah that I haven't shown you yet,  then I'll review the rest of the outfits previously posted.

This is a dress I received from Stitch Fix and previously shown in THIS POST.  It's a very comfortable dress to wear as the fabric is lightweight and loose.  The sleeveless style is great for layering and also cool when I choose to wear it alone.  In the picture below it was early in the morning so it was a bit cool.  I wore a thin blush cardigan that could easily fit in my tote when the temperatures increased later in the day.

Original Post

I started the day with black sandals but I had a pair of sneakers in my bag in case my feet hurt later in the day.   Here is the dress with sandals:

And here is the dress with sneakers.  I obviously prefer the dress with sandals, but I'm happy it looks good with sneakers too.

I carried this large straw tote all four days I was in Savannah.  Most tourists carried back packs, but I find those annoying to get on and off every time I need something.  Yes, this bag got heavy and cumbersome at times, but I'm glad I used it because it literally held everything I needed to get through the day.

And now to review all the outfits I wore the rest of my vacation.  A link to the original post is included at the bottom of each picture.

My princess maxi dress by Disney.  I wore this to the Tybee Island.  It was perfect for a non-swimming day at the beach because the wind lifted up the long dress so it didn't get wet or sandy.

Original Post

A black floral maxi:  this dress just screams "Savannah" to me!  To keep the packing light, I picked only one sun hat from my collection:  this black straw hat.  It matched the majority of my outfits, that's why it was chosen.

Original Post

A mustard floral midi skirt with a purple sleeveless top.  I walked all day on this day so I wore comfortable athletic sandals.  These sandals were on repeat and used again with my blush shift dress pictured below.
A lightweight blush shift dress with the same athletic sandals.

Original Post

White pants with a lilac floral wrap top.
Original Post

Which of these outfits are your favorite?  How do you pack for vacations?  I'd  love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Savannah, Day 4; Tybee Island: Fort Pulaski

This is a continuation of a travel series to Savannah, Georgia.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, go HERE.  The rest of the posts in consecutive order are HERE,  HERE,  HEREHERE, HEREHERE, and HERE.

Being country people, after three days in the city of Savannah, my husband and I were ready to get back to nature.  So we hopped in our car, and drove to Tybee Island for the day.  We spent the morning at Fort Pulaski, had lunch at The Crab Shack, went to Tybee Island Beach, and finished the day with dinner at a local VFW post.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  We had dinner at a VFW post...but more on that in a later travel post.

For today's travel post, I am only going to cover Fort Pulaski and I will cover the rest in future travel posts.

  The fort was built on the marshy Cockspur Island near Tybee Island  to guard the river approaches to Savannah.  It was named for Count Casimir Pulaski: the Polish hero of the American Revolution who died during the unsuccessful siege of Savannah in 1779.  

My husband and I have visited a lot of forts in our travels, and this one was perhaps the most well-preserved and impressive fort we have ever seen.  We were really surprised to see the moat was actually filled with water.  Many forts have remnants of a moat or a moat in their description, but not a moat fully intact.  It was really nice not to have to imagine a moat around the fort, and to be able to actually see it.  I also read that alligators will sometimes be seen in the moat when water levels drop elsewhere on the island, but we did not see any this day.

Construction on the fort began in 1829 and cost $1 million dollars, 25 million bricks, and 18 years to finish.  Many people considered it invincible and "as strong as the Rocky Mountains".  But that proved not to be the case, as the fort was conquered by the North in 1862.

They do have a Visitor's Center where you can watch a video of the fort's history and also read displays and educate yourself before entering the fort.  We did this, and it really enhanced our visit to the fort.

We spent all morning at the fort.  There was so much to see.  We loved exploring the underground areas which held their guns and powder magazines during the Civil War.

The fort was surrounded by walls and water on all sides and inside was a grassy courtyard.  You could walk inside the walls, and on the grassy grounds, and you could also walk on top of the fort walls and around the moat.

There were a few rooms reconstructed and set up as an example of what an officer's quarters might have looked like.  Not bad, eh?

There were so many cannons at this Fort!  I've never seen so many cannons in one place before.

A room which housed gunpowder.

Like most forts,  Fort Pulaski was also used as a prison for both Confederate officers during the war and political prisoners after the war.

Guard quarters;  not quite as nice as the officer quarters, eh?

A view of the interior of the fort as seen from the top of the wall.

There were cannons on top of the wall too.

You could see the waterways from the top of the fort.

Winding staircase going from top of fort down to lower level.

Top of fort wall.

Moat as seen from top of fort wall.  The earthen mound is where the powder magazines and guns were held.

The fort was lost to the North in 1862 when ten new experimental rifled cannons fired from the northwest shore of Tybee Island and shattered Pulaski's walls. You can still see the damage from the cannons in the walls today.

The island was made a national monument in 1924.  Restoration of the fort began in 1933.   Today the fort serves as both a memorial and an educational experience in American history.

Fort Pulaski is open seven days a week from 9:00 to 5:00 and it costs $7.00 per person (over 16 years) to enter.

Next week, I'll share the fun we had at The Crab Shack!  I'll give you a little hint:  I made some furry friends!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Tea Cup Card For A Bridal Shower With A Tea Cup Theme

I was invited to a Bridal Shower that had a tea cup theme.  Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the shower as it was on the same day as Alethea's birthday party.  But I did make a card and send a gift.  I chose to case THIS CARD because I thought the tea cup fit the tea cup theme of the party.

 The original card used all Papertrey Ink products.  I had some of those items, but not all, so I substituted other stamps from my stash to use instead.

I stamped the tea cup in yellow, cut it out, and popped it up on dimensionals.  The tea bag was stamped, fussy cut, and glued to the tea cup.

I stamped the flower in pink and green ink, then I added a adhesive crystal in the center.

The white panel was cut with a Papertrey Ink Die, and also popped up on dimensionals.

The yellow paper was stamped in Versamark with an old Stampin' Up! background stamp.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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