Friday, March 23, 2018

Lavender Skinny Jeans From Stitch Fix: Fix #14

 I have been an off-and-on customer of Stitch Fix since 2013.  I have had Fixes where I kept the entire box and Fixes where I had to send everything back.  My last few Fixes haven't been that great, so I decided to stop ordering from them.  Well, they must have noticed because they sent me an offer I couldn't refuse and I signed up to receive monthly Fixes.

I used to do Stitch Fix posts where I showed all the items I received in one Fix, but those are so much work and make huge posts, so I decided to just show one piece in a post at a time.

My February Fix was one of the best Fixes I ever received.  In that Fix were  two dresses, one top, a vest, and a pair of lavender skinny jeans.  I LOVED everything in my Fix except the vest, but ended up keeping just the two dresses and top.  In this post, I'm wearing the lavender skinny jeans I sent back.

I really loved these pants, and so did my husband.  They fit me like a glove and they were super soft and comfortable.  BUT they were $100 which was way too much money for a pair of jeans for me; especially in a color I wouldn't wear that often.

I styled the lavender skinny jeans with a tank top I bought from CJBanks (see another way I styled this top HERE).

For outerwear, I picked a black moto jacket (old, Forever 21), and I chose a black back pack bag (old, Kmart), and wore black shoes borrowed from my daughter.

It was so hard for me to send these jeans back.  I just loved the color and fit.

For jewelry, I went with silver.  I chose an elephant pendant necklace from Charming Charlies and some silver bracelets I picked up on our vacation to Missouri last fall.

My husband, who is my photographer, wanted me to try this outfit with a leather moto hat.  A little edgy for me, but fun!

So what do you think?  Did I make a mistake sending these pants back or would you have done the same thing because of the cost and color?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tea For Two (or three?) at Cafe K'tizo

Last month I went to Illinois to visit my children for a week.  Every day we tried to get out and do something fun, even if it was just shopping or out to eat.  That is no easy feat with a eight month old!  

On Tuesday, we went to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry during the day and at night we went to see "The Greatest Showman".  Even though I already saw the movie, my children had not, and I was more than happy to see it a second time because it's one of my favorite movies that came out this year.  Because we had such a full day on Tuesday we were pretty exhausted on Wednesday so we decided to do something a little more low-key and relaxing;  like visiting a local tea shop!

Cafe K'tizo is a posh and modern shop specializing in tea but they also offer coffees, soups, salads, sandwiches, sweets, and "breakfast bites".  

I really enjoyed the open, modern look of this tea shop.  It had two levels, with plenty of seating and also different types of seating ranging from comfortable lounge chairs to more standard tables and chairs.  

Isn't that tree picture just gorgeous?  Ashley and I stared at it for quite some time trying to figure out if we could ever to attempt to paint that on our own.  We decided we could, but neither one of us had space for it in our own homes.  haha!

And aren't these light fixtures fabulous?  You'll see more of Cafe K'tizo's unique light fixtures in the pictures below.  They remind me of what you would see in a IKEA store.

The menu was a beautiful display of colored and white chalk artistically written on a chalkboard framed in red wood trim.

Alethea and Ashley waited comfortably in one of the lounge chairs while I placed our order.

 I absolutely LOVED the red shelving unit on the side wall.  It held all the cafe's unique blend of teas.

They have a huge selection of fine looseleaf teas for sale and also tea ware.

I really enjoyed the open, bright, spacious dining area.  

The staff was very courteous, helpful, and nice.  One of the employees even offered to take a picture of the three of us.  That was so nice, as we don't get a lot of pictures of the three of us taken because one of us is always taking the picture ourselves.

Ashley ordered a Chai Tea Latte and I tried the "Pangea Celebration" at the recommendation of the server.  I am so glad I listened to her, because Ashley and I thought it was amazing.  Although Ashley enjoyed her Chai, she wished she had ordered a "Pangea Celebration" too.  It was so good!  It is a blend of black tea, rooibos, coconut, vanilla, and chocolate.  Yum!  What's not to love with those ingredients?

 But of course the company was my favorite part of going out for tea.  Any moment I have to snuggle with my sweet granddaughter Alethea is precious time to me!

Here are more pictures of the fun light fixtures in this tea shop.  I think Alethea enjoyed watching the fans spinning.

The cafe also had these fun pendant lights as well.

I bought some loose leaf tea to take home to make as well, but I've never been able to make it taste as good as the cup I had in the store!

Cafe K'tizo is open every day except Sunday starting at 8:00 a.m.  Be sure to check out their event schedule!  They have a lot of fun events where participants learn  about tea, art, world cultures, and people living in their own hometown.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Long Burgundy Vest

Now that the weather has warmed up just a tad, and I mean just a TAD (forty or fifty degrees) I can wear my long cardigans again.  I find dusters so difficult to wear in the winter because they hang down longer than any coat.  They work best for me for the "in-between seasons":  spring and fall.  It is still too muddy, brown, and down right ugly outside to take photos in my yard, so I decided to try photographing in my new guest room.  It's still not done...I'm looking for wall paintings, lamps, an area rug, bench, and laundry basket.  Hubby is busy making the end tables as we couldn't find any we liked in the stores or on-line.  However, it is coming together beautifully and you will definitely get a sneak peak of the room in this post.  If you missed any of the guest room remodel posts you can find them HERE and HERE.

I bought this burgundy sleeveless knit duster from CJBanks (sold out).  I liked it so much as an extra layering piece that I bought an identical one in black.  I already showed the black one before in THIS POST.

I wore this outfit out to breakfast at Buttermilk when I was visiting my children in Illinois and also to church back at home.  When I wore it out to breakfast, it was a cold, chilly day so I added a navy blue scarf.

I paired the vest with my new Refuge Hi-Rise frayed hem skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe and my new a.n.a 3/4 sleeve Round Floral Lace Up Ruffle Blouse from JCP.  I last showed you this top in a Grandma & Me post.

Because the weather warmed up, I can toss aside the boots and bring out the flats.  I just have to watch out for puddles as the snow is still melting.  This is a burgundy pair with a pointy toe and pretty ribbon that I picked up at Express years ago.

 I carried a metallic gold bag which was a gift from my daughter.

For jewelry, I picked out some blue and silver pieces from my collection to pull out the color blue in the top.

The top has a couple of unique details:  there is a ruffle running all the way up the sleeve up to the neckline (hard to see in the photo, but quite noticeable in real life) and the chest has criss cross straps.

 Long dusters really elongate and slim the figure!  If you want to look trimmer and leaner, I definitely recommend trying one of these.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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Friday, March 16, 2018

How To Wear Teal

I received this teal cardigan from Stitch Fix four years ago and I never really wore it that much.  I always liked it.  It's a very pretty color,  has a unique knotted design on the back, and it's thin....always a plus for me as chunky knits add to much bulk to my frame.  Despite all those positive characteristics of the cardigan, I never wore it much because I found the color somewhat limiting.

As every season comes to a close,  I like to go through my closet and wear something that hasn't been worn yet.  I want to make sure everything gets worn at least once before the season ends!  I thought I was the only odd bird that did that,  but my good blogging friend The Pouting Pensioner does the same thing!  Well, this cardigan had not been worn yet, so out it came!  But now for the real problem.  How do I style it?

My favorite place to go for style inspiration is Pinterest.  So I typed in the search box "What to wear with a teal cardigan?" and a lot of options came up;  most of which I pinned to my Winter Fashion Board.

Here were my three favorites:

 Teal with white and silver.

Teal with beige

Teal with Black

I thought it was interesting that all three looks incorporated a coordinating teal scarf, which to my surprise I did not have in my mega huge collection of scarves.  I will have to remember to keep an eye out for one while shopping.  In the meantime, one of my own scarves that has more orange than teal in it will have to do.

Even though I liked all three looks that I pinned, I went with the beige option because I had already worn the cardigan with black (see last picture in post).  My beige under-piece is an old ribbed tank from Walmart.

I wore this outfit to church.  It's still chilly here with snow on the ground.  😢  I thought this was a nice look for this time of the year because the cardigan and scarf are warm, yet the purse, scarf, and cardigan add some much needed color when there's not much color outside.

The bag is from London Fog and was a gift from my daughter (old).  And now that I think of it, the scarf was too!

The back of this cardigan has a unique knotted feature, and I love the cut too!

For jewelry, I wore a green stone ring and a bracelet with teals, blues, and browns in it.

Here is a close-up of the scarf so you can see there is indeed some teal in it!

I wore taupe suede booties (old, Famous Footwear).  My jeans are from Charlotte Russe (sold out on-line, check your local store).  I love the released hem detail.

And finally, here is that same cardigan worn with a black tank and black faux leather leggings.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chicago Museum Of Science and Industry

Last February I went to Illinois to visit my children for a week.  Although most of the week was spent shopping (and eating 😊) we also went to Chicago on two separate days to visit a couple of their museums.  Throughout the calendar year, Chicago has free admission days for Illinois residents.  We were fortunate to get free admission for my kids so all we had to pay for was the parking and little ole me!

The historic buildings that most of Chicago's museums are housed in are noteworthy in and of themselves.  They are so huge;   quite the impressive monuments!  The dome in the middle of the building serves as the centerpiece for the entire building.  Just wait till you see what it looks like inside.

 This is the dome looking up from the inside.  The design inside changes constantly throughout the day.  This 'rainbow' was one of my favorites, but we also watched the sun and moon travel along the top of the dome too.

This day was Alethea's first all-day outing so we were concerned how long she would last.  Thus we made a plan to  look at all the exhibits we really wanted to see in case we had to leave early.  It turned out that our plan was a good idea, for even though  Alethea was very good,  this museum was so HUGE we didn't have the time to see everything anyway!

When we arrived shortly after the museum opened, the first thing I did was look at the map to see all the exhibits.  I saw the words "Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle" and my curiosity got the best of me.  "What in the world could that be about?" I wondered.  "Fairies, Castles, that sounds like my sort of thing!"  So off we went in search of the castle.

The castle was open on all four sides for viewing and encased behind glass.  As you walked from one viewing point to another a recording comes on explaining all the details of what you are looking at.

Colleen Moore was a famous silent film actress.  She spared no expense building this beautiful "doll house" and then touring the country during the Great Depression to raise funds for children's charities.  There are items and room in this house made with real diamonds and gold!  

The price tag for this castle in 1935 was $500,000.  There are no human figurines in this castle.  It has a fairy theme where images from various fairy tales grace the walls.  Walt Disney himself donated a full length portrait of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed as the King and Queen of Hearts.

There are many items in this castle that are thousands of years old.  You can read more about the details in every room HERE.

 One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is the "Science Storms" exhibit.  When you see a live tornado simulation from the foyer as you enter, you can certainly understand why!

The best part of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is that they have many educators in the exhibits who engage with the audience, teaching them, and encouraging them to ask and answer questions.  There was an educator at this tornado simulator teaching people how tornadoes are formed and the different shapes they can take.

In this exhibit you can learn all about avalanches, atoms, lightning, fire, sunlight, tornadoes, and tsunamis.  Here Alethea is trying to figure out how this ball is staying in the air all by itself!

And here Alethea is again fascinated by electricity!

The "Extreme Ice" exhibit captures the pace of the world's glaciers melting.  There is a short video you can watch when you first enter the exhibit, then you enter the rest of the exhibit to see photographs and explanations of what is happening to the glaciers.

 I don't know how they do it but they have a glacier that you can actually touch to feel how cold they are:  and it was REALLY COLD!

 "Yesterday's Main Street" takes you on a stroll through Chicago land's cobblestone streets during the late 1920's.

They have an old fashioned ice cream parlor in this area.  It was super cute, but no where near as cute as Alethea!

The "Fast Forward...Inventing The Future" exhibit was fascinating.  It examines what life may be like for us in the future.  I especially loved this vertical farming model.  It was so difficult to get a photo of this.  It is a very tall model showing how we can farm up as more people move into urban areas and land becomes more scarce.

 The "Transportation Gallery" houses historic vehicles that have flown, chugged, and sped into the record books.

You can climb aboard this 999 steam locomotive which held the land speed record for decade.

Jason was sure to check the train out!

You can also go inside a genuine Boeing 727 and learn all about aviation and technology from the inside out.

But perhaps our favorite part of this wing was not the large vehicles, but the miniature ones;  for in this wing is housed "The Great Train Story"...the largest train set I have ever seen!  It is 3,500 square feet (that's about the size of my house!),  uses 1,400 feet of track and has more than 20 trains.

The Great Train Story presents 2,200 miles of scenery from the city of Chicago, to Seattle Washington.

There are interactive buttons where you can lift a drawbridge, set off tunneling charges, or fell a few trees.  We especially liked knocking over the trees and screaming "TIMBER!"

But like everything in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, this exhibit is not just for fun and play...there are educational signs throughout the display explaining the railroad industry in certain time periods.

I especially loved the city of Chicago portion of this train set.  I could recognize and identify most of the buildings!

 The "ToyMaker 3000:  An Adventure in Automation" exhibit was super fun.  You can watch a toy (a top) being made by automation from beginning to end!

The assembly line cranks out 300 toy tops in an hour...but they slow it down so you can see how the toys are made!

Perhaps one of our most favorite exhibits of all came as a complete surprise to us.  It was the "Numbers in Nature" exhibit.  This exhibit requires a ticket because of it's popularity.  They can only allow a certain number of people in at a time or it could become dangerous in the mirror maze portion.  To get a ticket, you just go to the nearby kiosk and print the number of tickets you need for your party.  They are free.  The tickets allow you to enter the exhibit at a specific time.

The reason I liked this exhibit so much was because it really solidified my faith in a creator.  I found it fascinating to see all the patterns and numbers in nature and I knew that could never happen by chance or by a 'big bang', but only from a loving, all-knowing God.

In this exhibit is the "Mirror Maze".  Oh my gosh, it was so much fun!  And it was so beautiful.  I went through it once, then I went through a second time so I could make a video for you all!

Here is my short video as I try to navigate this maze.  Sorry, I was so excited I forgot to turn the camera sideways.

There are so many fun, hands-on experiences to participate in this exhibit.  We really enjoyed this "Patterns In You" exhibit which shows how patterns in nature and the man-made world also show up in the human body.

The "Genetics and the Baby Chick Hatchery" was a fun place because Alethea got to see baby chicks for the first time!  Haha!  Just look at her face!  She doesn't know what to think!

It is in this exhibit that you explore the building blocks of life and learn how the tiniest genetic variations define traits.

And perhaps the most touching and meaningful exhibit in the entire museum for me and my family was the "You! The Experience".  Housed in this exhibit is the "Your Beginning" exhibit.  Here you can view the marvel of human creation.

In this room is every stage of human development from a tiny speck at 28 days all the way through a full term baby.  All these babies died natural deaths in the womb and the "specimens" (their word, not mine) were collected for display.  When I first walked in this room, a deep sadness overwhelmed me for I knew these were all deceased babies and I felt for the loss of the families.  But as I walked through the exhibit, again my faith was renewed and I marveled at how amazing our God is.  To see week by week, month by month how God makes a baby in a mother's womb is truly miraculous.

Under every baby is a description of the babies development at that age.

We were at the museum from the time it opened till it closed and would you believe we did not even get to see everything?  It is just so huge, it's impossible to see everything, you really must pick your "must sees" when you first get there.

The museum is open everyday from 9:30 to 4:00 with exceptions (see their calendar for the closed days).  If your an Illinois resident, there are 52 days out of the year you can get in for FREE!  Otherwise the cost for general admission is $21.95.  It cost about $20.00 to park your car, and there are lots of extra fees and packages for other exhibits in the museum.  We did not pay or see any of the extra stuff...there was more than enough for us with the General Admission ticket.

I loved my day at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  I felt my faith was renewed and refreshed and I left the museum feeling more in awe of my creator than ever before!  If your ever in Chicago, don't miss this museum!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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