Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Dressing Room Redecoration Project In Progress

Back in January, I shared with you the beginnings of my son's old bedroom being transformed into a combination dressing room/guest room.  If you missed that post, you can catch up HERE.

Since then, drapes, wall to wall carpeting, and some new furniture has been added.

I initially was going to sew all the drapes myself but I was not pleased with any of the fabric I found nor the prices.  My husband suggested we go to Home Goods and there we found the mother load!  I ended up buying four beautiful pairs of drapes for around $80.00:  a fraction of the cost had I purchased fabric and made them myself.

My husband raised the closet clothing rack so I could fit shoes underneath my clothes.  He also added another shoe shelf and a wire rack on top.  The clothes were just thrown in the closet for the time being.  When the room is done, I will organize everything more efficiently.  These are also only my winter clothes.  My spring clothes are in another guest room.

The curtain rod was already in my son's old bedroom but was painted brown and gold.  My husband sanded it down and painted it silver.  I chose long white sheers for the window because I love the east light in this room and I don't want to cover it up.  I also have no need for privacy as its on the second floor and faces the woods.

Here is a close up of the sheer drapes.  I love the shimmer and the horizontal lines.

This is what the window treatments and rod looked like before I redecorated.  It was also decorated for Christmas when this picture was taken.  If anyone is interested in these drapes, shoot me an email.  I put them up on Ebay once and had a lot of watchers but no bids.  I will probably try again soon.  The drapes also come with a matching duvet and pillow sham for free.

 I absolutely love the rod painted silver, don't you?

 We removed the closet doors because they never closed well and I personally like drapes better than doors for closets anyway.  I found one pair of this beautiful pattern drape on the clearance rack at Home Goods for only $15.00 but they weren't wide enough to cover the entire width of the closet so I added a solid grey panel inside and let the pattern drape just hang on the sides.

 I bought the solid grey drapes, but ended up cutting them up to create a valance and two shorter panels.  These drapes were very long and wide, so I had plenty of material from one set of panels to work with.  I needed a valance to hide the rods and the top opening of the closet.

To make the valance, I just cut the tops off of both panels and sewed them together.  I then added another stitching line to fit a rod through on top, and then I hemmed the bottom.  Easy peasy.

To make the panels, because they were drapes, they were already hemmed on the bottom and sides.  All I had to do was hem the top and make twelve button holes on each panel to slip a shower ring through.  I use shower rings because they slide really east on the rod for quick opening and closing of the closet drapes.

 I absolutely love the rich, luxe, elegant look of this material.  It has a nice sheen to it in real life.

The next issue to cover was this floor.  Before we had only painted floor boards which were badly chipped.  We debated just repainting the floor and getting a new floor rug.  We also considered laminating the floor.  We finally decided on wall to wall carpeting because we didn't want to just put new laminate flooring in one room upstairs:  if we were going to do that, we'd do the entire upstairs and funds don't allow that right now.

I chose this plush, flecked, grey, black and white carpeting for $1.99 a square yard.  It cost about $300.00 to cover the entire room:  about the same cost as a nice space rug.

I really like the color, and thought it went with the drapes beautifully.  I absolutely love it, and I am now considering doing wall to wall carpet in every room on my upper level instead of laminate.  The floors are really creaky as it is, and the plush carpeting might help eliminate that.

I wanted a nice, comfy chair in this room to throw my clothes on as I try them on and also to sit on when I try on shoes.  I found this used chair at a thrift store for only $30.00!  I wish it was a bit whiter, but for $30.00 it will do.  I like the way it anchors the corner, and I am currently on the look out for a grey fur throw and cute accent pillow.

I was thinking a hat rack to display all my hats would look nice behind the chair.  I'm also looking for a small round or square end table to go on the other side of the chair.  I've seen some grey mirrored ones I really like at T.J. Maxx and Tuesday Morning.  I will go give them another look next week (if they are still there!).

I picked up a couple of pictures for this room that I found while looking for drapes.  I haven't hung them up yet, as I want to wait until the bed is done and all the other furniture is in the room first.

The pink splatter of this ones goes perfectly with the colors in the room.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby.

And I love the quote and the glitter in this one.  I found this picture at JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts.  They also had a matching pillow, but I didn't pick that up as I am waiting to see what kind of bedding I will go with first.

And that is my dressing room in progress.  My husband still needs to finish the bed, then I need to make a bed skirt and pick out or make some bedding for it.  I also purchased a vanity and standing white oval mirror for the room, which I may show you next week.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I love the design!!! Nice quote on the last picture!

  2. What a beautiful room! It's all coming together really nicely!

    I've also never seen a wardrobe with curtains instead of doors, what a great idea! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Your room is coming together so nicely! Love the grays and pink. The chair looks like it was just made for the room. And great idea with the hat rack behind it.

  4. Oh superb room Amy, so so nice !!!

  5. You made great progress, and the room looks wonderful! What a nice space to get dressed and display some of your favorite accessories!


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