Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Beauty Room" Update

Most of my readers know my last child moved out of the house last summer and my husband and I have been redecorating his old bedroom.  Originally it was suppose to be just a walk-in closet, but my kids and hubby were worried about losing the extra sleeping space for company so we decided to keep the bed in the room.  I then started calling it my walk-in-closet/guest room.  But then as the room progressed and we began working in the space, it became apparent that it wouldn't be much of a walk-in-closet at all and more of a dressing room.  So then I called it my walk-in-closet/guest room/dressing room.  Well after reading another blog (Beauty with Lily) I discovered that there is actually a real name for this type of room....they call them "Beauty Rooms".  I love it!  Here I thought I was the only wacko creating such a room, only to find out I'm not original at all.  You have to check out Lily's blog to see other kind of "Beauty Rooms".  And from here on out, I will always refer to my new room as my "Beauty Room" too.  So much easier to say than walk-in closet/guest room/dressing room.  :)

Anyhow,  two weeks ago I showed you the drapes, closet, flooring and a chair I picked up at a thrift store.  If you missed that post, you can catch up HERE.

This week I will show you some new furniture I picked up and our progress on the bed.

This is what the bed looked like BEFORE:

The picture was taken when the room was decorated for Christmas and you can't see the headboard, but it was basically just a dark wooden base with three large drawers underneath and a shelf headboard.

My husband ripped out the drawers (they were broken and unusable) and the old headboard, but left the basic platform the bed was built upon.

Because we had extra space on either side of the mattress and I had lost all my other storage space I longed for in the room, we came up with the idea of building a little cozy cove from this idea I saw on Pinterest.

Image Credit

Of course, the example is a window seat, whereas ours is up against a solid wall, and the shape of my ceiling and size of room  differs, so we had to come up with another design that worked with our room.

We finally decided on angled bookshelves on either end of the bed.  Here I will display jewelry, fashion books, pretty nick knacks, etc.  

These are just basic shelves at the moment, but will be covered and encased with pretty trim and painted white.

The bed and shelves will be encased with beams running floor to ceiling on either side, plus a large crown moulding on top of which I plan on hanging sheer, sparkly drapes.  It should look quite beautiful and cozy when were done.  A bed fit for a princess!

Instead of drawers underneath the bed, we chose to do use under the bed totes (I can fit eight of them under the bed) and hang a bed skirt.  I will get a lot more storage this way, and I won't have to worry about mice getting into them!

And now for the real fun furniture arrived last week and I LOVE IT!  I bought both pieces through Sears.  I got this pretty vanity table for only $154.00.  It did arrive with a few nicks and a dent, and we thought about sending it back, but it wasn't worth the hassle to me.  I know some of you will think I'm nuts to not send it back, but the way I look at, I will most likely end up putting my own nicks and dents in it anyway and they are hardly noticeable.  Other than that, it is a really nice piece of furniture.  The size and style fit the room perfectly.  And I LOVE putting my make up in front of a window and getting the natural light.  It makes all the difference in the world.  I usually don't put make up in the dark now that I don't work anymore, so that hasn't been an issue yet.  If I ever need to put make up on when it's dark outside, I'll just have to do a re-check in the bathroom mirror before I leave the house.

I found this pretty glass tabletop at T.J. Maxx to put on top of my vanity to help keep it clean from make up stains.

This is the view of the room now if your sitting on the bed.

My husband thought the room needed a fancier chandelier than what was in the room before, but instead of buying one, he just took the old chandelier out of the master bedroom and spray painted it silver (it was a burnished gold before) and then put my son's old ceiling fixture in our room (we plan on redecorating that room next year).

I love the way the chandelier looks silver instead of gold.  Except, now I have a ring where the old ceiling fixture use to be.  I tried washing it off, and nothing!  It wouldn't come off.  I'll try dabbing some paint up there and see if that helps.  Any other suggestions?

Well what's a Beauty Room without a mirror right?  I found this pretty one for only $65.00 at Sears.  Isn't it just the perfect addition to this room?

And here are the two pieces together.  Don't you just love them?  The floor is crooked (one of the drawbacks of living in a century old home) so my husband has to put some shimmies on the right leg of the mirror to level it off.  I also plan on shopping for some pretty perfume bottles for the vanity.  So far, I only have one!

And that is it for now folks!  I don't think the room will be done until April, and unfortunately a lot of the finishing touches won't be done until much later than that because I'm still hunting for bedding, nick-knacks, wall decor, and a hat rack.  But I'll keep you updated as we progress!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Such a pretty room. I love the addition of those shelves, they really take the room to another level . . . very nice. Your room with many names reminded me of a puppy our daughter got after she graduated from college. For the first two or three weeks he had a different name every few days, until she came up with the one that fit, LOL.
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)

  2. First of all, I love the name "beauty room!" Such a feel-good name! Second, the room has turned out great! I love the pretty mirror! Enjoy your beauty room!

  3. Wow...beautiful!!! As for your light, Lowes has some medallion type things in their lighting department that would work perfectly, and they are quite inexpensive!

  4. It comes together so nicely! Those shelves by the bed are going to looks so nice! And such a pretty make up desk you found. Makes me wish I had a beauty room so I could have one of those too! The lamp looks really pretty. I thought about that medallion thing too to cover up the ring, but then I remembered seeing some mirrored wall decor at Hobby Lobby. Check this link to see what I am talking about. Maybe something you could arrange around the circle to cover it up. Not sure how well they stick or if it's a fire hazard if they were to fall into the lamp...

  5. One day, when I grow up lol, I would love to have my own beauty room complete with a very clean, organized and beautiful color-coded walk-in closet. I love your beauty room so far. Both the mirror and the vanity are so pretty and I love that you went with white. =)


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