Friday, March 18, 2016

Dandelion Print Swing Tank

If you haven't heard me complain much about the winter weather this year, it's because I haven't had much to complain about.  It was such a mild winter in Wisconsin, with very little snow in comparison to previous years.  I mean, look at the landscape behind me.  It's March, and there's not a drop of snow on the ground and the river is not frozen.  That's a miracle!  I've already been out in my garden twice already, and I would have been out there more had it not been raining!

Well because of the weather, I've been itching to wear my spring clothes.  This is an outfit I wore to a recent doctor's appointment when it was a gorgeous sixty degree day.  The nurse saw me and commented on how spring-like I looked!  

When the temperatures fluctuate from cool mornings, to warm afternoons, and back to cool evenings, I like to wear a summer top with a cardigan.

This is a loose, breezy tank top I picked up at Old Navy for only about $15.00 when they had their "40% off Everything" sale.  Gotta love those sales!  It has a pretty dandelion print on it.  It's called a "Swing Tank" because it has a full, flouncy "swing" cut.  It has a hi-lo cut, being longer in the back.  It's made of a thin, soft, lightweight rayon, so it is very cool and comfortable.  And it has a nice, relaxed fit which is attractive on all body types.

 This is one of my favorite spring/summer cardigans.  I bought it from Express, and have had it for years. I wear it almost constantly during the warmer months....especially when I travel.  It's super light and thin (as you can tell by the picture because you can see my top through it).  This is actually the second one I purchased because I ruined the first one on a mountain hike in New Hampshire years ago.  Read THIS POST to hear about that harrowing adventure.

I like these thin sweaters because they are easy to roll up and tuck in my purse, or tie around my waist if I get too warm.  They are also so light that they provide just the bit of warmth I need during the spring/summer months.

There are so many features of this top that I love!  The keyhole back provides extra room and comfort for my ever-widening back (why do women's backsides get wider as they age anyway?  I've read on several blogs now where women were complaining about shirts being too tight in the back/shoulder area and too loose elsewhere.  That seems to be my issue as well).   I love the longer length in the back.  It's also nice and loose in the front (which I like cause it hides my tummy), but form fitting in the chest area.  I read several reviews of this top on-line and some women said it was too tight in the chest.  I consider myself well-endowed, and didn't find that to be the case, but it definitely is from fitting there.  I did have a problem with the material buckling a bit above the bust line,  but that seems to be a problem with most tops for me because I have narrow shoulders (yet a wide back).  I know, my body is deformed. :)

I carried an old bright blue cross body bag by LuLu (old).

You might have seen a peek of this hairstyle on yesterday's beauty post.  I put half my hair up in a back pony tail and added a lace white head band.

For jewelry I wore a coordinating coral earring and necklace set.

My shoes I picked up on clearance for only a few dollars.  They are one size too big, which is an accident.  I tried them on with thin socks and never looked at the size.  When I got home and put them on (weeks later) over bare feet, they were too big.  I was stunned, because they fit at the store.  Then I realized my mistake when I saw the size.  The only reason they fit at the store was because I put them on over socks.  It was too late to take them back, and I only spent a few dollars on them anyway.  But, I don't wear them too often because of the ill fit, and I only wear them when I know I won't be walking much.

They are by Fegalicious and have a cute little ribbon and bow detail on them, along with the little Feralicious crown on the side!

My pants are old above-the-ankle length jeans from Express.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Such a pretty top! And I love light cardigans! Your white one is great! Great spring outfit!

  2. This is a great spring top! So pretty!


  3. A very spring-y outfit, love the top, and jeans are always my go-to pants. Wish I could make those type of headbands stay on my head, they always seem to be sliding off.

  4. I totally agree with you: this look smells of spring
    You have a interesting blog.
    I hope you will like mine

  5. You're just adorable, Amy! That top is so pretty and a great color on you too!

    Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a great weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

  6. It is a very spring-like outfit, and that tank is so pretty with the white cardi and jeans! :)

    Shame the shoes don't fit as they do look great!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. The shirt is rally flattering on you and accentuates your curves with the ankle length pants. The addition of the white elongates the silhouette and really completes the look.

  8. Wow, this top does have so many great features and it is so flattering! Love the color, the print and how you styled it. Still rockin those headbands!


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