Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Part Two

Welcome to Day Two of my Featured Scrapbooker, my daughter Ashley. Here are some more beautiful pages she created while home on Christmas break.

The first page tells the story of her then boyfriend meeting her father's grandparents for the first time. She used ribbon and paper flowers for embellishments, and hand-wrote her journeling.

The second page are pictures of her yard and house in the fall, and the third page are pictures of the area in which she lives in the fall. Don't you just love the button and twine treatment at the top of the page?

The fourth and fifth pages are of a family boating trip with friends of ours and Ashley's then boyfriend. I love how she did the title in the first page, but my favorite is the 'Flying' page. I think its so creative how she incorporated the 'flying' theme with the 'Titanic' picture and the seagull.
Have a Happy New Year. I won't be posting tomorrow because I'm throwing a large New Year's Day Party for friends and neighbors. Hopefully people won't cancel on me because of the weather. Its suppose to snow, again! Ugh! We've gotten more snow in the month of December than we did all of last year! Oh well, maybe people are used to driving in it by now and it won't bother them. We'll see.


  1. WOW -- your daughter's pages are FANTASTIC!!! How great that you share a passion for papercrafting! :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. Beautiful! You have a very talented DD there Amy.... yes, I know, you know that tee hee! Such wonderful layouts, I think I'm with you and the Titanic layout is my favourite but they're all gorgeous. Wishing you the very happiest new year. I hope your party goes well and that all are able to make it through the snow. Hugs, Chris


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