Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AChristmas Walk of My Own Home - Day Four

Welcome to Day Four of a Christmas Walk of My Home. See Days One, Two and Three Posts, to see pictures of my Dining Room, Kitchen, and Living Room.
Today's Featured Room is the smallest room in my house: the downstairs bathroom. Its only big enough to hold a small vanity and toilet. Originally this room was a pantry, and thankfully the previous owners made one wise decision and turned it into a half bath, otherwise everyone would have to 'run upstairs to use the bathroom'. A lot of old homes only have one bath and its usually located on the upper level of the home, so we were fortunate we didn't have to put in a new bathroom when we bought the house. HOWEVER, we still had to renovate it, for it was hideous. It basically had just a sink mounted on the wall with no lower cabinetry, a hideous medicine cabinet, and cheap, PLASTIC pink tile on the wall. UGH! So we replaced the tile with wainscoting and my husband made this cute vanity. The bowl, light fixture, and water fixture were purchased at Menards. The mirror I purchased at Goodwill for $1.00. It was originally an ugly shiny brass and I painted it white. Sorry I couldn't include a picture of it, but there was no way of taking a picture of this mirror without getting my reflection in the photograph.
Everyone always asks me how I painted the walls, and I always have the same answer: "I have no idea'. The finished wall surface was actually an accident I tried to 'fix'. Originally I painted the room a tangerine color. What was I thinking? It looked terrible, and for some reason the paint kept cracking. I was upset because I thought, how can I ever paint this room if the paint is always cracking? So I decided instead of fighting the cracks, I would go with the cracks. I didn't want to spend anymore money on paint, so I grabbed a mixture of 5 different paints and glazes I already had, and just starting rolling, sponging, painting, till I got a 'distressed/aged look' that I wanted. I felt like the artist Jackson Pollack, except for the insanity part. LOL! But I couldn't recreate this look if my life depended on it! LOL!

If you haven't already guessed, the theme of the room is angels. I have always had a love for vintage angels and I bought myself ONE angel, the large gold one 'sitting' on the shelf. From there, everyone else 'knew' I loved angels and started buying them for me. Even though the 'angel look' is probably outdated now, my bathroom will now and forever be 'angels', because I treasure each and every angel given to me. Most of them were given to me by my kids, but my friend Pam gave me the circular wall plaque above the toilet.
As far as decorating this room for Christmas, because of the angel theme, it already looks 'Christmasy', so I don't do much in this room except change the hand towels, the candles, and add some Christmas flowers and foliage.
Tomorrow I will finish off the lower portion of the 'old house' with pictures of "My Office" where I communicate with you everyday, then I'll move upstairs to the bedrooms of the old house, and finally end the tour with pictures of the new addition and outside decor. So hang in there! We've got a lot of days left on this long tour!
God Bless You All! Amy

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  1. What a story! I can ONLY IMAGINE what this cute little room used to look like ... uugh!! It's beautiful now what angels of gold! I have to chuckle as I take your tour because I see so many things that have also found a home in my home!!! Seems we both have the same taste - vintage!! Oh by the way .... LOVE YOUR STAIRCASE! I am SO JEALOUS!!!!


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