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Bible Journaling, My May Pages: 1 Thessalonians through Hebrews 4

Once a month I like to share my Bible Journaling Pages and what God has been teaching me.  In the month of May I journaled from the book of 1 Thessalonians through Hebrews 4.     Sometimes I just color in the preprinted images of the "Inspire Bible" (available on Amazon) and I also create my own pages.
Unless otherwise stated, all the images are colored in with either gel pens or colored pencils.  I tend to color larger areas with pencils then get the more intricate spots with pens.  I high light my Bible with gel highlighters, and I usually use gelatos or  craft paint for my backgrounds.

Just like last month, I have so many Bible Journaling pages, and they are all pre-printed images except two pages.  The Inspire Bible seems to have a lot of pre-printed images in the New Testament and not so much in the Old Testament, which doesn't leave me enough space to create my own pages.  But that's ok right now, as it is spring and like most gardeners I'm extremely busy in the garden, which leaves me very little time to create my own pages.

So like last month, because I have so many pages, I'm going to keep my thoughts about them brief and let the scripture speak for itself.

I began the month of May with the book of 1 Thessalonians.  This is the title page. This verse is good advice, but hard to follow in reality.  I've been learning to practice "joyfulness" lately.  Every time I go grocery shopping and there is an item out-of-stock I thank the Lord that I still have plenty of food to eat, even if I can't always eat what I want nowadays with all the supply shortages.  Now, filling my tank with gas...that's another story.  Let's just say I'm still working on that one! 😀

Oh, another hard one.  Especially in this day and age where there is so much division about everything.  "Help me love Lord, help me to love."

Here is my one page I created myself.  The image is a free Digital image from "Faith Heirlooms" called "Prayer Girls".  I printed it onto sticker paper, then cut a strip the size of the margin in my Bible and adhered it to the page.  I hand wrote the verse above the image.  

I chose this verse because I just feel it's so important to the Christian life.  I think a lot of Christians think they can live as they please because they are forgiven.  I believe we are to live to please God.

This is a beautiful page that was a joy to color.  God is faithful.  He will help us to live lives that are pleasing to Him.

The title page of 2 Thessalonians.  The verse chosen by the Inspire Bible was the final greeting of Paul to the church in Thessalonica.  He also began his letter with this same greeting.  Having the Thessalonian people understand and grasp the meaning of grace and peace must have been very important to Paul.

This is such a beautiful verse.  Have you ever been in a terrifying situation and felt complete and utter peace?  I have.  I remember one night I was driving home in a winter storm and I lost control of my car.  I felt the car swerve and go off the road, then down a snowy embankment until it came to a crashing halt.  I was never afraid, and after the initial slide I just felt complete peace.  I honestly thought:   "This is it.  This is how it ends for me",  but I was never afraid.  I will never forget the peace I had at that moment for the rest of my life.  

The title page of 1 Timothy.  The one thing I like about the New Testament is that most of the books are a lot shorter than the Old Testament 😀.   It makes me feel like I'm making a lot more reading progress!

1 Timothy 1:17 is the perfect verse to read aloud in praise to Him.  He does deserve all honor and glory.  He is the King who lives forever.  He alone is God!

Did you know we are to be examples to all believers?  Nothing disappoints a believer more than when another believer behaves in a way not in line with the scriptures.  It's so discouraging to other believers.  I know I have been deeply discouraged by other Christians behavior throughout my life.  We are not perfect because we are Christians.  We are sinners.  But we must always remember we are being watched by other believers and we don't want to do anything that would cause another believer to stumble.  However, we are not to be fake or hide our sin.  We should confess our sins to each other and ask for prayer;  that is "being an example".    If we show humility and confess a sin and ask for prayer, it will encourage other's to do that as well.  

Do you ever feel the Christian life is a constant fight?  I certainly do.  It's hard.  It's hard to stand up for truth and righteousness when the world has the completely opposite ideas of what is truth and what is righteous.  Paul warned Timothy to "run from evil things" to "pursue righteousness and a Godly life, along with faith, love, perseverance and gentleness".  That is the "true faith".

This is the title page of 2 Timothy.  Every time I hear this verse it brings back memories for me.  Many years ago I was a drama director for children's productions.  The biggest challenge as a drama director for kids is getting them to overcome their fear of performing.  I chose this verse as our memory verse for the cast, and before every single rehearsal we would shout this verse!  Let me tell you, this verse worked for those kiddos!  They put on an amazing production.

You often hear Bible skeptics say the Bible was written by men.  Christians believe that the Bible is inspired by God, and that He merely used godly men to write His words.  I've read the Bible from cover to cover multiple times in my life, and I can honestly tell you no man could have ever penned such a perfect, beautiful, book full of wisdom.  I've read thousands of books in my lifetime, and not one even comes close to the wisdom in the Bible that has stood the test of time for generations.

This is a pretty image that is at the end of the book of 2 Timothy.  I added a sticker sentiment  to it, to give it more meaning.

The title page of the book of Titus.  God saves us if we confess our sins and ask Him to be Lord over our lives.  There is nothing we can do to earn our salvation.  He saves us from our sins because He is merciful.

I thought this was a fun page to color.  These are my favorite style of images for coloring.  I chose pretty, fun colors to illustrate it.  

"Be obedient".  Oh, that's so hard, obedience doesn't come easy for me.  I've always been more of a leader, not a follower.  I'm not inclined to do anything just because someone tells me too.  In some ways, that's a good thing as I'm not easily fooled and I never blindly follow the crowd like most people do.  But I will hold everything up to God's Word, and if I find it aligns with the scripture, I will obey.

Isn't this a pretty image?  I find it interesting that Timothy ended his letter like his  mentor Paul did.

What a tiny little book Philemon is!  It's only one chapter.  How sweet it must have been for Philemon to hear that Paul always thanked God when he prayed for him.

The title page of Hebrews.  Since this is the most famous verse in the book of Hebrews it is only fitting that it was chosen for the title page.  Hebrews 11:1 is the very definition of faith and every believer should have this verse memorized.  It helps when unbelievers ask what faith is and how they could possibly have faith in an unseen God.

This is probably the simplest page I have ever done myself.  The verse just really struck a chord with me, so I wanted to do a page on it.  However, it is such a long verse, it didn't leave me much room for illustrations, so I just put a sticker cross on the bottom and inked the edges.

But I love this verse.  Jesus is relatable.  God came down to earth in human form and has had many of the same trials and hardships most humans have had and many more!  He can relate to us and we can relate to Him because He experienced what it was like to be fully human (yet fully God at the same time).  Because He went through so much when He walked the earth,  He can help us through our trials.  He has the experience!

Oh,  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this verse!  Have you ever read a verse and just felt convicted by it?  That's because the Word of God is Alive!  Have you ever been in a debate with someone and used scripture to make your point and you left the other person speechless?  That's because the Word of God is Sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword.  It convicts people.  It is the truth that no one can argue against.  

I hope you enjoyed reading my Bible Journaling pages this month, and I hope I've encouraged you to read your Bible too!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Should A Woman Over Fifty Go Sleeveless? Ageless Style Link Up

Ageless Style is a monthly style challenge and link up for women of all ages.   Each month we pick a different theme and style an outfit based on that theme.  This month's theme is ""Sleeveless" and was picked by Mirelle.

Should A Woman Over Fifty Go Sleeveless?  Absolutely!  And they should also wear shorts, bikinis, mini skirts and anything else they want. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know I despise the phrase "Age Appropriate". That term was created for children, not adults, but for whatever reason some people decided that they would apply that phrase to shaming people into a certain dress code based on their age.  I believe in dressing for your body type, your own comfort zone, and your personal style.  The only fashion rules I have are that you should dress appropriately for the weather and for the occasion.  Nothing drives me more crazy than seeing women wearing blanket scarves and tall boots at the end of August when the temperatures are in the eighties, simply because they are eager to wear their new fall clothes.  I also feel our world has gotten a bit too casual.  I'm constantly in shock at what people where to church nowadays...call me old-fashioned, but I still believe in dressing up for church.

Like most women over fifty, I don't like my arms.  My issue isn't sagging skin, but fat.  My arms have always been big, no matter what the scale says.  But because I dress for comfort, if the weather is warm, I will still go sleeveless.  I refuse to be uncomfortable simply because I don't like a body part.

There are ways to still stay cool and keep your arms covered if, by your own personal choice you want to. I see a lot of ladies in my church wear kimonos.  They are usually sheer, so they stay covered, but cool.  Other options would be long sleeve sheer tops made of gauze or linen fabrics.  

This is an outfit I wore to church.  I bought this sleeveless top at TJMaxx.  I love the color, the ruffled neck line, and the Swiss Dots.  I paired my top with a lightweight chambray skirt, white and blue striped loafers, and a blue and white striped handbag with a fun pair of red sunglasses on it.

For jewelry I wore a simple multi-strand teal beaded bracelet and white hoop earrings.

So what about you?  Are you comfortable going sleeveless?  I sure hope so!  Now be sure and see how the rest of the ladies in the group are styling their sleeveless tops and dresses, and link up with us below too!

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Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Monday, June 13, 2022

"Coastal Grandma Wisconsin Style" with Stylish Monday Link Up

On the second Monday of every month a group of style bloggers and I pick a theme, style an outfit based on that theme, and then do a link up together where you can join too!  This month's theme is "Coastal Grandma".

"Coastal Grandma" is a new trend in fashion, interior design, and lifestyle that I am so excited to get behind.  I think it's awesome that older women are finally getting noticed, that their style is being imitated and their lifestyles envied by the younger population.  The trend began on Tik Tok in March with Lex Nicoleta who created the phrase "Coastal Grandma", although some say it really started with Diane Keaton in the 2003 movie "As Good as it Gets".  

What is "Coastal Grandma"?  "Think shingled beach homes, light and airy chambray button-downs, linen everything, bountiful backyard gardens filled with various lettuce varieties, and a meticulously maintained chicken coup with more square footage than a Manhattan apartment. That's coastal grandma." (Marie Caire)

  Now I don't live anywhere near the coast, but I will say the look and lifestyle of "Coastal Grandma" completely describes me, minus the chicken coop (Although I'd love to have chickens. We just haven't gotten around to it yet).  This coastal grandma Wisconsinite lives in a historic 100+ year old brick home complete with a massive cottage style perennial garden and vegetable garden.  I go outside everyday to pick my lunch fresh from my garden.  My fashion style has always been 100% about comfort.  If something isn't comfortable, I just won't wear it.

Although you can wear color with the "Coastal Grandma" look (as the other ladies in the group have shown), I chose a neutral palate or a Diane Keaton inspiration copy.  Many fashion bloggers seem to be either all about color or all about neutrals,  I'm neither.  I love to wear color, but I also don't mind wearing neutrals on occasion either.

Now while the "Coastal Grandma" look is all about linen, I am not a fan of linen.  I just can't stand the wrinkles.  Gauze is a much better alternative as it is still light weight and airy and doesn't look like I just rolled out of bed.  So for my "Coastal Grandma" look I chose this cotton gauze top from Stitch Fix, thrifted polyester tan pants from Talbots, flat taupe shoes, a beachy-style handbag, and a beige sweater because it was a cool day.

Now let's see how the other ladies in the group have interpreted the "Coastal Grandma" trend and be sure to link up your fashion posts with us too!


Shelbee - Shelbee on the Edge-Coastal Chic: Want to try a new style trend on a budget? Check out my mostly thrifted outfit that brought this trend to life for me without breaking the bank!


Nancy -  Nancy’s Fashion Style -Well I don't live near the coast, and if I'm near the coast it's in England. And I'll tell you I've never seen anyone walking there in the coastal grandmother style,more raincoats and Hunters style. I think you should picture more of the California coast then. And warm neutrals, trousers with elastic at the waist and especially comfortable.......you hear it, I'm really not a fan of it. Maybe my fashion friends can make me change my mind. But do take a look at what I made of it!


Nina - Sharing a Journey - While I am not keen on the “Grandma” in the title, I love coastal chic vibes in clothing, lifestyle and interiors.  Coastal Chic is for everyone and can be created from our wardrobes –no need to go out and buy anything new!


Emma - The Style Splash - Coastal Chic is pretty much the antithesis of my style -  neutrals, linen and minimalism are my kryptonite. But I love a challenge, so I adapted this trend of the moment to suit my style.


Suzanne - Ask Suzanne Bell - For me, "Coastal Grandma" is less of a style (look), and more of an aesthetic, one we’ve been embracing in our Coastal Communities, unaware that we were trending. Think Oprah, Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, or my personal favorite, Diane Keaton, who by the way, was 56 years YOUNG, when she filmed the movie Something's Gotta Give. The best part? You don't have to be a grandmother, or live in a coastal community to try out this look. Furthermore, there’s a good chance you can recreate a Coastal Chic look, with items you already own in your closet!


Andy - Pearls and Pantsuits - Coastal Chic, or “Coastal Grandmother” as the TikTok crowd calls it, is a whole vibe, and I’m so here for it! I’m a sucker for linen pants, so my take on the trend consists of a comfy pair of linen pants from Target, paired with a breezy chambray tunic from Chico’s. I added the straw bucket hat as an homage to the OG Coastal Grandmothers - Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton. 


Nicole - High Latitude Style - Coastal Chic depends on so much more than just personal style. Consequently, there is no one-fits-most solution. Factors like ocean and air temperatures, color and type of the beach, weather, time of the year, culture, location, your activities, etc. play a role. When living in Europe, I loved long beach walks in The Netherlands in fall on a windy day with gray skies. My typical outfit was a yellow men’s rain jacket with hood, jeans, and rubber boots.


Julie - Fashion Trends and Friends and Instagram FashionTandF -  If you follow me, you know that I love all the bright colors, more is better and unique pieces call my name! Therefore, when this theme was decided on, I was quick to bow out. Not sure why I tend to do that but I always rethink my decision and like pushing myself to try new styles, and new things I wouldn't normally wear or pick out without a little nudge! So here is my spin on this Tik Toc originated trend!


Ada - Elegance and Mommyhood - The Coastal Grandma trend has a silly name which is kind of offensive and ageist but what the trend means itself is indeed beautiful. To me - and I am nowhere close to being a grandma - it stands for effortless breezy summer looks that you would wear by the coast on a beach, especially in blues and whites (the color of sea and sand), floppy hats, sunglasses, sandals, flip flops & wedges. I chose this beachy look from my Florida vacation because it is perfect for the coast and the beautiful neutral crochet dress reminds me of grandmas.

And Me!

Amy - Amy’s Creative Pursuits -  There are so many different ways one can embrace the coastal trend, my favorite is the classic, neutral look where you mix different shades of whites, creams, and beiges in one outfit.

Have A Great Day! Amy

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