Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Floral Tag Anniversary Card

For those of you who like my Bible Journaling pages that I usually share on Tuesday,  it might be awhile before I show any more pages as I have so many cards to post!  Summer time is a busy time for me to make cards as I have five summer babies and two anniversaries.  I already showed you Alethea's Birthday card last week, this week I have Ashley and Jason's Anniversary card to show.

This is a card that looks so simple, but it actually took me about three hours to make.  Isn't that ridiculous?  There's a lot of detail in this card that isn't noticeable right away.  I did get this sketch off the Internet, but for the life of me I can't find it again.  I suppose it doesn't really matter as I used completely different stamps and supplies, so other than the sketch, it doesn't look much like the original at all.

Now, lets get on to why this card took three hours to make.  First, I stamped retired Stampin' Up! "Roses in Winter" in white on the edge of the Kraft card stock.  Then I stamped a retired Stampin' Up! background stamp in clear ink.  I then covered the entire Kraft card stock with Gesso.  Then I sewed the Kraft card stock to the white card base.

Now, to make the tag, I cut it out of vanilla card stock with a Spellbinder's Nestability Tag.  I put a grommet in the tag hole.  I stamped another retired Stampin' Up "French Script" onto the tag.  I wanted a more 'aged' look, so I applied Gesso to the tag, that blurred the words a bit but it still was not 'aged' enough for me.  So then I took a thin coat of white craft paint over that.  a piece of hemp was strung through the grommet and the tag was mounted up on the card with dimensionals.

Finally, I cut the flowers, leaves, and "love" sentiment with more dies.  I wanted the "love" sentiment to pop more so I put in on a small piece of green card stock.  Pearls were added for embellishment.

I was really pleased with how the card turned out, but not pleased at all with how much time it took to make.  Yikes!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Stitch Fix #30 Review

Today is the day I review my entire June box from Stitch Fix as well as the results of my Instagram Poll!  Are ya ready?  Here is Item Number 1!

Margaret M "Lea Printed Short"

Status:  Kept!

Original Post

When I first saw these shorts in my box my first thought was "Oh no, I don't need nor do I want shorts!"  Other than the garden, I rarely wear shorts because I am more comfortable in skirts or dresses.  But once I put them on,  I was in love.  They were so comfortable!  Hubby loved them too, and since I had nothing like them already in my closet,  I kept them.  I have worn them so much already because they are so comfortable and go with anything!  They were definitely a good investment piece.  Instagram readers loved them too, coming in at #2 with 84% of voters saying to keep the shorts and only 16% said to return them.

Daniel Rainn "Dharma Crochet Detail Knit Maxi Dress"

Status:  Returned

Original Post
Y'all know how much I loved this dress so returning it was not easy for me.  Everyone loved it here on the blog and on Instagram too.  But, because I just received a very similar maxi dress from Stitch Fix last year, I could not justify keeping it.  The dress came in at #3 on Instagram with 75% saying to keep it and only 25% said to return it.

Daniel Rainn "Micaela Embroidery Detail Tassel Knit Top"

Status:  Kept!

Original Post
Although I found this top too hot to wear now (it's very heavy and thick),  I can't wait to wear it in the fall with a jean jacket or cardigan.  The colors are perfect for fall, plus, I really don't have much of this color in my closet already.  This top came in at #4 on Instagram with 71% of readers saying to keep it and 29% said to return it.

Cosmic Blue Love "Adrianne Boyfriend Jean"

Status:  Returned!

Original Post
These white jeans were the #1 item on Instagram with 88% of readers saying to keep them and 12% saying to return them.  They were great jeans!  The fit was awesome.  The problem?  I already own white jeans and did not need another pair.

Market & Spruce "Ezide Textured Print Top"

Status:  Returned

Original Post

This polka dot top was the least liked on Instagram and my least liked as well.  It polled at 67% "Keep" and 33% "Return".   I usually keep any white top Stitch Fix sends me (can you possibly have enough white tops?),  but this one did nothing for my heavy arms, plus the back was a thin solid material and you could see right through it.  Back it went!

In summary,  this was a great Fix for me.  I had a new stylist "Karen".  I have no idea why, didn't ask for one.  All the items polled above 65% "keep" on Instagram.  I liked everything but the white top.  In the end,  I kept only what I felt would make a great addition to my wardrobe:  the shorts and the embroidered detail tassel top.

So what do you think?  Did I make the right decision?

If you've never tried Stitch Fix before, use my Referral Code to receive $25.00 off your first box.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Mid July Garden 2019

I am back with more garden pictures as promised!  Last week I shared how as much as I was looking forward to meeting my new grandson,  yet I didn't want to leave my garden because I could tell everything was budding and just ready to burst into bloom.  Well, I was right because when I returned home the color was jaw dropping.  

This is a side garden that borders my driveway.

Stella d' Oro Day Lilies are great plants for lining a driveway or pathways.

The impatient and begonias have done so well with this year because of all the rain we keep getting.

This year I planted a lot of zinnias.  About a 1/4 to 1/2 of what I planted died.  Zinnias love it hot and dry and it's been cool and wet until recently.  But the few that did live, turned out beautifully!

This is one of the gardens I renovated this year (still working on the other one, hence the wood chip bags you see in the upper left corner).  I want this garden to be mostly an annual garden as it the first garden you see when you arrive at our house.  I also have great views of this garden from my kitchen and living room windows.  There are some perennials in this garden, but it's mostly filled with zinnias, marigolds, and impatiens.

The next two pictures are aerial views of that same garden.  The pond is right next to my front porch.  I can hear the sound of water through my kitchen window.  All the neighborhood wildlife love to come to this pond for a drink.

This is a purple bee balm in the same family as the red bee balm.  It grows much shorter, and it's not as aggressive as the red version.  I think it's so pretty.

A close up of the purple bee balm.

I plant annuals up against the house, right next to the front porch.  These tall red salvias are planted here every year.  I put white begonias in front of them.  They go nicely with my red brick house and white trim.

Here is a longer view of the garden flowers shown above.  The Salvias and Begonias get the most sun, then from there it gets shady so I have planted impatient with shady begonias behind them.

In the corner I always have a climbing vine.  Every year it's different.  Last year I had a pink jasmine flower planted here.  This year I tried this annual flower and I really like it!  It's called Thunbergia.

The bee balm is still blooming in the southern retaining wall garden.  I told you it's a very long lasting  perennial.  It blooms for weeks!  The hollyhock have also started to bloom.

Last week I showed you a light pink Astilbe in bloom, this week my other varieties have bloomed like this purple one.

Yes, the clematis is still in bloom.  I love how the hot orange and yellow Asiatic lilies contrast so beautifully with the purple blooms of the clematis.

Here is a pretty fuchsia Astilbe.

A close up of an orange Asiatic lily.

Hollyhock blooms.

A close up of a Hollyhock bloom.

An aerial view of the sun room garden.

Aerial view of the yard looking down at the shed.

The two gardens lining the "driveway".  It will be a concrete driveway "someday".  Every year we do one section.  We do all the work ourselves, and it's quite expensive, so we can only do one section per year.

A white Asiatic lily.  One of my favorite lilies...so pretty!

Almost all the Purple Coneflower are in bloom now.  The butterflies have been very happy!

A close up of a yellow Asiatic lily.

Purple Astilbe in the shade sun room garden (it's a shade garden, but I call it the "sun room garden" because the garden can be viewed from inside my sun room).

I love Hosta blooms almost as much as I love Hosta plants.  The bees love them too.  I love to watch the bees go deep inside their blooms.

A sitting area in the sun room shade garden.  Notice the hanging water bucket?  I was at a garden center and saw they hung antique watering cans from trees and thought it was such a cute and novel idea I decided to try it in my own garden.  Of course, they hung many in their trees and I only have one.  If I ever find any on sale,  I'll buy a few more.

And finally, a red yarrow plant.  I have red yarrow, and a little white.  I use to have yellow yarrow, the most common variety, but it died out from lack of sun. :(  This one is sure looking happy in this spot.

I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour.  Come back next week to see more!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Stitch Fix Printed Shorts

Today I have the fifth and final piece of my June Stitch Fix box to share with you:  printed shorts!  In previous posts I shared a polka dot top,  white jeans,  embroidered detail tassel knit top,  and a maxi dress.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you know I'm not much of a shorts gal.  It's not that I have a lot of hang ups about showing my "over-fifty scarred, bruised legs from years of gardening",  I just have never felt shorts to be as comfortable to wear as a summer dress or skirt.  But these shorts changed my mind;  THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!  They are made of a spandex material that stretches but doesn't cling.  There are no buttons or zippers.  I would say they have an elastic waist, but they don't, because the entire pair of shorts is elastic.  They seem to have some type of elastic stomach panel.  They fit like a glove, and I never felt the need that I had to tug them back up because all they had was elastic around the waist.

The main reason I never liked wearing shorts was because they tend to crawl up my butt making them so uncomfortable to wear.  I rarely have that problem with pants, but for some reason I always have that problem with shorts.  These do not do that.  Again, I think it's the Spandex material which stretches where you need more stretch, but pulls in where you don't, allowing a perfect fit for your own unique body type.

The length of the shorts is also quite nice;  not to short at all.  The leg is on the wider side, but that's OK with me because I think it provides a dressier look.  Some time's I think it looks like I'm wearing a skirt or skort and not shorts.

I styled my outfit with all white everything with a pop of red in the handbag.  

Here is a close up of the shorts so you can see the print and the elastic waistline/tummy panel.  I love how streamlined the waist line is.  Most common elastic waist shorts/pants look like they have an elastic waist because the material gathers.  You'd never know these shorts had an elastic waist had I not told you!

For those of you who'd like to request these shorts from your stylist or look for them on line, they are called "Lea Printed Short" by Margaret M.  I am wearing a size Medium.  

The shorts are considered a  "slimming pant" so there are no pockets.  I've read reviews of other women who received these shorts and everyone says they are amazing, so flattering, and comfortable.

I'll be back on Monday with a review of the entire box letting you know what I kept and what I sent back, as well as the results of my Instagram Poll.

If you've never tried Stitch Fix before, use my REFERRAL CODE to receive $25.00 off your first Fix!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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