Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas Walk of My Own Home - Day Eight

Welcome to a Christmas Walk of My Home Day Eight. I decorate every single room in my house for Christmas, if your just joining the tour today, be sure to check out the posts featuring Days One through Seven.

Today's featured room is my daughter's bedroom or the guest room since she is away at college most of the year. You should first of all know that all the bedrooms in our old house are about the size of a small-walk in closet in today's modern homes! LOL! Its fine with us, because we only use our bedrooms to sleep in and change clothes. It actually cracks me up when I see the huge size of some people's bedrooms today! Some of them are so huge they could be a small home in itself! LOL! Why anyone needs a sitting room or T.V. in their bedroom is beyond my comprehension. Bedrooms should be for sleeping. Period. Sit together as a family in your family room if you want to watch t.v. Now, enough preaching for one day, on to the details of the room.

The room is so small, it barely even fits a single size bed, but we managed to 'squeeze' a Queen size bed in the room by inventing a 'Queen Size Daybed'. Of course, its difficult to make the bed everyday and one person always has to climb over another person if they need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but that's why its a Guest Room. My husband and I designed the bed and he made it. Its made of oak, and is stained, but also has black spindles. I made all the slipcovers, pillows, memo board, and curtains in the room out of black and white toile. There is another single mattress under the bed that pulls out for extra guests.

Both of my children have their own Christmas Trees in their rooms. Every year since the day they were born, I've bought them their own ornament that either fit their personality or was a reflection of something they did that year. They also received some ornaments from grandparents and friends and those are put on their personal tree as well.

Ashley's favorite color is red, so I painted her room a very deep shade of red. She also has a 'Paris Theme' in her room. There are many photographs of Paris placed throughout the bedroom.

The Lamp I bought at Kirklands and tied a sheer white bow on it for a Christmas Decorations. All the Christmas Decorations in this room are white and gold to match the room. I place garland on the ledge of the headboard and added some white sparkly artificial poinsettia plants.
The antique chest I picked up at an auction for only $3.00. The ballerinas and the vintage green chair are from my dad's house.
Hope you enjoyed visiting Ashley's 'little room'. God Bless You! Amy

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  1. Well, it might be small ... but it's a very "classy" looking room! LOVE the red, black & white ... so striking!! That bed is AMAZING ... I can't believe you guys made it!! WOW! Thanks again for for doing the tour ... I am SO enjoying it!!


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