Monday, June 1, 2020

Ageless Style - Rules Are Made To Be Broken

The Ageless Style Link Up-  The first Monday of every month a group of over forty fashion bloggers pick a monthly theme and show different ways of styling it. 

It is the first Monday of the month and time for a new Ageless Style Link Up!  This month our theme was chosen by Bettye  and she picked "Rules Are Made To Be Broken".  There are so many fashion rules out there like  "Don't wear white before Labor Day", "Don't wear double denim", and "Don't match your shoes to your purse." I don't usually pay attention to fashion rules, as I wear what I like.   But I am always particularly annoyed with the "Age Appropriate" know, the list of items one shouldn't wear if they are over a certain age.  I absolutely cringe every single time a blogger uses the phrase "Age Appropriate".  I don't think any adult should ever be told what to wear based on her age.  So I decided to break the age appropriate rules for this month's fashion challenge and wear two items no woman over fifty should ever wear:  cut off denim shorts and a graphic tee.

A few blog posts ago a reader asked me what I wear every day at home since I always looked so put-together on my blog posts (ha-ha! If she only knew).  I chuckled and told her depending on the season I'm either wearing leggings and a cardigan in the winter or cut-off denim shorts and a tee in the summer.  If you were to drop by my house unannounced you would most likely see me looking like this (except minus the make up of course).  I wear jean shorts almost every day, as I work in my garden.  My hair is usually up in a pony tail with a baseball cap (another no-no rule for us over fifty gals!  We're not suppose to wear our hair in pony tails).

I have always been a home-body, but since the lockdowns I rarely leave my house;  I've been spending hours and hours in my garden as a result.    My fashion posts have always been "What I Am Wearing" whether running errands, traveling, or whatever I do.  But now, all I do is stay home and garden and I wanted to be true to what I'm actually wearing, so I thought you'd enjoy seeing me in my natural garden, wearing my T-Shirt and cut-off shorts.

My T-Shirt brings back bittersweet memories of better times, when life was normal, and we could travel and have fun and amazing experiences.

My cut-off shorts I created myself with hard work!  I don't need to buy distressed jeans from the store:  my jeans get holes in the knees naturally from long hours working in the garden.  Eventually the holes in the jeans become so large that the pants are useless, and that's when I cut them off and wear them as shorts!

I have been so bad at photographing my garden this year.  I know a lot of my readers really look forward to my garden photos.  I apologize but with a household of people to care for, plus the addition of a new vegetable garden, taking the time to photograph the flowers has been difficult.  It was nice to be able to combine a fashion/garden post today.

So what do you think of these flowering onions?  Pretty fun, eh?


If you would have told me in my twenties that I would still have been wearing cut off denim shorts and graphic tees when I was 57 I would have laughed at you.  Yet, here I am!  Age really is just a number after all.

So what about you?  Are you a rule breaker or a rule follower when it comes to fashion?  I'd love to hear from you!

And now, be sure to visit the other ladies of Ageless Style to see what fashion rules they're breaking.  Be sure to link up your fashion posts too!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bible Verse Cards

I have a few inspirational Bible Verse Cards to share today.  All these cards were made with Colorful Blessings Card fronts which you can find on Amazon.  All you have to do is color them in and adhere them to a card base.  I have been making cards with these fronts for two years now.  You can see my first post HERE.  They are so fun and therapeutic to color.  I always try to mediate on the verse as I color.

I usually use gel pens when I color these fronts as the designs are so intricate they are hard to color with any other medium.

Even if you aren't into paper crafting just scrolling through this posts and reading these verses is relaxing, especially during these difficult times.  I absolutely love this first verse.

This is such a happy, cheerful design!

The next two verses are also so appropriate for these trying times.

This is a verse I need to keep repeating to myself as I struggle with depression over what this virus is doing to our world and my own life.

And finally a positive reminder to us all.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How To Save Memories With A T-Shirt Quilt

Several years ago I worked full time as a manager at a fabrics and crafts store.  I worked there for six years and during those six years I purchased a lot of stuff!  I probably have enough fabric and scrapbooking supplies accumulated to open my own fabric and crafts store.  When I retired, I always planned on using that stuff;  after all, now I had all this "free time" to spend in the craft room.  But of course, the hours I thought I would have to spend in my craft room everyday was more like one or two hours a day.  Between cleaning, gardening, traveling, and home upkeep/remodel projects I really didn't have as much "free time" as I thought I would.

Years went by and I felt so guilty about all these unfinished projects gathering dust in my craft room.  I felt so overwhelmed by it all, that the joy of creating was taken away from me.  I finally realized I felt overwhelmed because the task was too big, and to make it less overwhelming, I just needed to make my goals smaller and more manageable.  At that time I had three quilts that I started but never finished.  I decided to make it my goal that I would finish one quilt per year.  I started with the simplest quilt of them all, and the one I had the most further along:  a T-Shirt Quilt.

Many years ago my daughter gave me all these T-shirts of her husbands.  They are all T-shirts of plays and dances my son-in-law was in when he was in high school and college.  The T-shirts are packed full of memories, some have the date on them.  The fabric on some of the shirts was so old it was fragile;  but once you iron on the interfacing it makes the fabric much stronger and stops it from stretching.

My T-Shirt quilt is a little different from most for it has traditional quilting borders.  Most are just T-shirt blocks connected together like THIS ONE.  That would be the easiest and quickest T-Shirt quilt to make.

I had a lot of T-shirts that had small graphics, so I cut them up to even smaller squares to make one block.  I put this block right in the center since it was so different from all the other blocks.  I love that my children's names are on these blocks.   My son-in-laws name is in the upper left corner and my daughter's name is in the lower right corner.  Isn't that awesome?  What a memory keepsake!

Now if you are a seamstress, you will probably notice how horrible my sewing is.  I will be the first to admit I'm a horrible quilter.  I so much more enjoy the process of designing a quilt than sewing one.  The mathematical precision of quilting drives me crazy.  I often thought I should stop trying to do traditional quilting and just do "Crazy Quilting".  I think that would be more my style.

Regardless of my imperfect sewing, I'm proud of myself for FINALLY completing my project;  and I did it all myself!  I even finished it myself with the "Stitch in the Ditch" method instead of paying a professional several hundred dollars to top stitch it.

If you're interested in making this type of a T-Shirt quilt instead of the standard style of just sewing the T-Shirts together, the most similar instructions I could find was this one HERE.  The pattern on this website would be much easier as it is only one border between the T-Shirts instead of the three borders on on my quilt.

T-Shirt quilts are a great way to preserve memories.  I've been collecting T-Shirts from every place we ever traveled too, and someday I hope to make a travel T-Shirt for myself.  I've also seen people use T-Shirts of sports teams or music concerts.  Oh, the memories you can save on a T-Shirt Quilt!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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