Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Walk of My Own Home - Day Ten

Welcome to Day Ten of A Christmas Walk of My Own Home. Be sure to see Posts One through Nine to see many other rooms of my old house.
Today's Featured room is the Master Bedroom. Its not very 'masterly', but it is the largest bedroom in the house; which isn't saying much considering how small all the bedrooms are. LOL! The first picture shows what the bedroom looks like when your standing in the doorway. The bed is an oak sleigh bed, and is the only bed in the house we DID NOT make! LOL! We purchased this bed as a wedding gift to ourselves on our 10th anniversary. Believe it or not we didn't even own a REAL bed until we were married 10 years. We just slept on on mattresses placed on bed rails. I made all the comforters and pillow shams, except the Christmas ones, those were purchased at Walmart. The dresser was found in my dad's garage. It was covered in green paint and he was using it to store TOOLS believe it or not. Can you imagine this beautiful, carved, dresser being used to store tools! My brother rescued it and refinished it, but when he didn't want it anymore, I nabbed it up! The drapes I made myself, and its hard to see in the pictures, but there are actually three layers of fabric in two shades of brown and a blue. All the fabric is silk, the valance is adorned with beads. The walls are wainscoting on the bottom and a sponged paint treatment on the top.
The second picture shows a view of the room if you were standing by the bed looking toward the hallway. The wedding pictures are my own and the desk is also another family heirloom. This desk and chair has been in my family as long as I can remember. There isn't anything special about the desk, I just have many memories of it and its been in the background of many childhood photographs. It used to be painted white and the top was covered with linoleum tile. Don't ask me why. One of my mother's crazy ideas in the 70's. LOL! Of course, I refinished it to the beauty it is today.

Here is a close up of the needlework Christmas pillows I picked up at Walmart!

Here is a close up of the top of the desk. The beautiful woman in the photograph was a friend of my mothers. The lamp is also a family heirloom.

Here is a close up of a Christmas decoration I added to the drapes. I hung one of these fruity embellishments on each finial.

Here is a close up of a small shelf decorated for Xmas. The picture is of my husband and his sister when they were children.

This close up is of a Xmas display on my dresser. I used an angel tree topper, garland, poinsettias, gold berries, ribbon, and bulbs to adorn the top of the dresser. All the Christmas Decoration colors used in this room are white and gold to match the colors of the room.
I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of my bedroom. Tomorrow begins the tour of the new addition to the home. See you then, Amy

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  1. What a beautiful, old fashioned bedroom ... LOVE IT! So glad you rescued that dresser, LOL!! Your decorating is wonderful and the vintage photos I JUST LOVE!! Another grand day on the tour ... looking forward to tomorrow!!


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