Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas Walk of My Own Home - Day Seven

Welcome to Day Seven of A Christmas Walk of My Own Home. If you missed Days One through Six, I featured the Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Downstairs Bath, Office and the Upstairs Hallway.
Today's featured room is the upstairs bath, our main bathroom. When we bought our house, the entire room was covered with lime green wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. And to make it worse, it was striped lime green on the walls, and polka dots on the ceiling. To call it a 'psychedelic nightmare' is an understatement. So I stripped the wallpaper and quickly realized why they covered all the walls with wallpaper: because they were very damaged. But as usual, instead of trying to cover up the problem, I went with it and 'aged' the walls. The technique I used in this room involves 'Crackling'. Some of you may have used the crackling medium on cards, wood projects, and furniture, but I used it on my walls. To get the walls to appear 'cracked' and look like 'Flaky paint', I first painted the walls a dark taupe color, then I applied my Crackling medium, then I applied a off-white paint, and finished the wall by sponging on a taupe glaze.
The floor is a fake-tile. We didn't think our old house could handle the weight of real tile, so we put a look-a-like in instead. I love it, and think it looks just like the real thing!
My husband made the sink cupboard out of oak. We bought the counter top, light fixture, bowl and water fixture all at Menards. The shower curtain I sewed myself. The drapes were purchased at K-mart.

Here is a close up of a little shelf above my toilet. It holds essentials like cotton balls and Q-tips, but also some decorative antiques and Xmas greenery as well.

This photograph shows a view of the hallway if you were standing inside the bathroom. During Xmas time I have a wreath on this wall, where normally a picture of a rose would be.

Here is a picture of a table in the room, adorned with Christmas greenery and foliage. The Christmas Colors in this room are red and gold, to match the colors in the room.

Here is a close up shot of a tin wall hanging my dear friend and neighbor Pam gave to me. I filled it with vintage post cards, an antique handkerchief and some Xmas Berries.

I bought this cross for about $3.00 at Menards after Xmas. Its suppose to be a Xmas decoration, but I leave it up all year.

Here's another close up of some Xmas berries inside a ceramic wall hanging. After Xmas, I take the berries out and replace it when artificial flowers more appropriate for the season.
I hope you enjoyed my little upstairs bathroom. Tomorrow we move on to the bedrooms.
God Bless You! Amy

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  1. What a beautifully decorated bath!! LOVE that cross!!! And, you are SO clever in how you've salvaged your walls/floors! I guess you have to be creative (or rich) when you have a home that's 100 years old! Beautiful work Amy!!
    (okay ... my turn, I think I've decorated all that I can for this year and I'm going to upload a few rooms over the next couple of days ... where time permits ... wish me luck)


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