Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Big Beauty Room Reveal Is Finally Here!

 It all started back in January with a post titled "My Normal, Boring Daily Life".  Now, four months later, it is finally totally and completely FINISHED!  Yes, the time has finally arrived.  My new "Beauty Room" is complete.  The last decorative item has been placed.  No more painting, sewing, or hunting for decorative pieces.  It is finished!

Now my regular blog readers know exactly what I'm talking about, but any new readers that have stumbled across this post may be slightly perplexed so I will first do a quick summary.

My son moved out of the house last August.  His bedroom had not been touched since he was a little boy and it really showed signs of wear and tear.  It needed to be redecorated for aesthetic reasons, but we weren't quite sure what to do with it.  Since it's a very tiny room, at first I was just going to make it a walk-in closet.  But my children wanted to keep a bed in the room for visiting and my husband thought removing a bedroom would lower the resale value of the house.  So then I decided to make it a walk-in closet/bedroom.  That did not work out because the bed took up so much space, there wasn't much room left for shelves and clothing rods:  one side of the room is a large window, another side a closet, leaving only a small wall for shelves.  And that's when I discovered THE BEAUTY ROOM concept.  Believe it or not, prior to this redecoration project, I had no idea such rooms even existed.  But it was the perfect solution to my small, unused room in my house.  I could still use the room as a guest room, but I had an extra closet for all my clothes, and a pretty place in the house just for me!

Now with the exception of the bed, all these pictures will be 'AFTER' pictures.  If you want to see 'Before' or 'How-To' posts, here is the list of links to everything I have been posting since January.

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And now, without further ado, lets begin the tour of my new beauty room!

This is the only wall space available in the room.  We decided to put a cozy chair in the corner with a end table.  I selected inspirational wall art that had something to do with beauty to coordinate with the theme of the room.  Plus it's great motivation when getting dressed for the day!

The space above the moulding was long and narrow and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to hang some of my hats.

 I found these pretty silver hooks at a home improvement store and had my handy-dandy husband make some wood blocks to adhere them to.

 We picked up this pretty ornate silver and crystal wall organizer/hanger at Kirklands.  We thought the design went perfectly with the room and that it would be great to display some of my favorite necklaces.

This is the view of the room when your standing in the doorway and looking to your right.

 I've been hinting about my new amazing day bed for months, and I'm so excited to finally reveal it!  Wa-la!  Here it is!  Isn't it gorgeous?

 The bed was a design that my husband and I worked on together.  I first looked on Pinterest for ideas, and then we talked and came up with the design that incorporated their ideas, but fit the awkward space in our room.

The room has angled ceilings, so after building a wooden base to fit from wall to wall, my husband then built the shelves to fit the angled part of the ceiling.  The shelves were built not just for decorative reasons, but also because the the space was a little longer than the mattress and it needed to be filled in.  After the shelves were constructed, he then built a frame or faux wall, around the bed. I then painted everything with a high gloss white paint.

All the bedding was custom made by myself.  We hung sparkly, sheer curtains inside the frame that can be open and closed for a more romantic feel.  We found the wrought iron piece at Kirklands, but it was originally black.  We spray painted it white to match the room better.

Under the bed there is room for 10 under-the-bed storage containers.  I put items in here I don't wear often or have way too much tee shirts!

Every tote is well-organized and labeled so I can find items easily.  I also roll my items to keep wrinkles at bay and also so I can fit as much as possible inside every tote.

I know I said the room was finished, and it is, but I'm still looking for more little treasures to put on my shelves.  I don't want to just buy anything to fill the space.  I want it to have personal meaning to me as well as functionality.

Many of my readers know I just returned home from a trip to Las Vegas where we stayed at the Flamingo Hotel.  Well in a gift shop inside the hotel they sold these beautiful hand-blown glass flamingoes.  I thought it was the perfect souvenir, for it would not only look great in my new beauty room, but it would remind me of my, I really do love flamingoes!

The book is just a notebook, but I loved the gold embossed's so me!  And again, the pink and black colors with the picture of the Eiffel tower made it the perfect accent piece for the room.

What's a beauty room without beautiful flowers?  I made this arrangement myself and you can see how by clicking on the link above "How to Make a Customized Floral Arrangement".

On the bottom shelf I placed a gorgeous shell shaped pink bowl I found at HomeGoods along with a vintage purse and pink women's bible I already owned.  I found the gold 'A' at T.J. Maxx.

 When the shelves were put in and the bed was complete we felt something was missing for the wall space above the bed.  We then began our search for the piece that would complete our bed nook and tie everything together.  This wrought iron piece from Kirklands did just that!

As I stated earlier, it was black so we spray painted it white.  It could have worked if we left it black because there are some black accents in the room, but I just thought it looked better white.  Always remember when shopping for items for your home, if you find something that you think would look great for your space, but it's not quite perfect, you may be able to alter it to fit your space better.

Here is the opposite set of shelves.

I found these pretty jeweled boxes at Ross. I store my headbands inside of them.

The middle shelf holds an empty Sephora Bag.  I thought it went perfectly with the theme of the room, and it costs me nothing (well, other than the $50 worth of make up I bought inside!).

I also have one of my personalized art work pieces on this shelf, along with a pretty silver bowl from T.J. Maxx to hold more headbands.

This "Dream" metal piece I found at Michaels.  I thought it was the perfect sentiment to put near a bed.  I then completed the vignette with a fashion book and a candle.

The bottom shelf I'm still working on finding items to place there.  In the meantime, I just filled it with some Vegas souvenirs.

 This is a close up of the sheers that hang by the bed.  They have pretty silver sparkly threads woven through them.

And here is a picture of how we hung the sheers.  A silver curtain rod was placed behind the cornice.

 And for those of you who want to see and know more, we also made an 11+ minute video.  The beginning of the video is a bit dark because the light from the window hits the camera, but when I move away from the window, you will be able to see everything more clearly.  I also show the INSIDE of my closet in this video and explain how I organize all my clothes and cosmetics.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. So pretty! I just love that your were able to make a bed to fit that awkward space. I enjoyed "getting to know you" a little with the video :) It is just a lovely space.

  2. This is a great idea Amy! I haven't been back to the befores and durings yet, but I will.
    I have a room that I am doing something similar, but I had no real plan in mind. I think this will help me get one together now. :)

  3. Your beauty room is beautiful! I love all the well-thought-out pieces! Everything goes so well together! What a great room to get ready in and enjoy some me time!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  4. Your beauty room looks awesome! Love your room decor and accessory ideas. The color scheme really works. It gave me some ideas that I need to try.

  5. It is absolutely beautiful, so many great details and wonderful ideas you shared.


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