Monday, June 20, 2016

My Summer Stitch Fix: Fix #10

Since it's the first day of Summer, what a great opportunity to share my summer Stitch Fix!  Unlike most Stitch Fix subscribers, I choose to get my Fix's for every season of the year.
For those of you who are still living in the dark ages and have no idea what a "Fix" is, check out my original post HERE to learn all about it.

Before a Fix, the subscriber is always asked to leave a note for their stylist asking what you'd like to see in your Fix.  The only note I left was one sentence:  Just some new summer clothes.  Well, I didn't get any summer clothes, but I still liked my Fix and kept three of the items.

First, the two items I sent back.  This Kerr Crochet Bib top  and Carrie Released Hem Denim Gauchos.

I had asked for cropped denim flares in my last Fix and did not receive them, so I'm pretty sure that's why my stylist included them in this Fix.  I did not keep them because I saw a pair of gauchos at JCP that look exactly like this for only $20.00 and I wasn't sure I really liked them when I tried them on anyway.  I've seen other gauchos that are more slim fitting throughout the leg and then flare out past the knee.  I think those might be more flattering than the wide leg ones like this.

Here I am wearing both the top and the gauchos.  I sent the top back because it looked too much like a pajama top to me.  Between the loose fit and pale color, it looked like I was ready to go to bed, not out for the day.  I did admire a lot of it's detail though, like the pretty lace neckline and tassels.

The neckline truly is lovely with the flower yoke and pom-pom trim.

The gauchos have a released, frayed hem;  so did the pair of gauchos at JCP.  This is a trend I like on other people, but I haven't decided if it is right for me.

My next item I also asked for in my last Fix but did not receive.  I was glad my stylist included it in this Fix because I have wanted a  long vest FOREVER, and I have never been able to find one in my area.

It is the Tannum Trench Vest in navy blue and here is how it recommended to be styled.

It has a tie belt and wide lapels.

I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to wear this vest yet, as long vests are new to me.  So I just put it on and wore it for you as a wrap dress (not sure if it's even appropriate to wear it like this...would love to hear your thoughts in the comments) for this post.  I hope to have a future fashion post in the fall showing various ways to style this long trench vest.  It does make a nice summer dress though for's very cool and light weight.  I'd probably have to figure out how to keep it more securely closed other than the tie.

I was absolutely thrilled to see a pair of shoes in my Fix.  Stitch Fix just started included shoes in their Fixes a few months ago.  These are a lovely mustard yellow Steve Madden sandal.

They have the trendy block heel and ankle strap that is so popular right now.

They are easy to walk in because of the chunky heel, however they are a bit narrow in the toe for me. I didn't return them because I love them so much and frankly when it comes to dress shoes, I just expect to deal with some form of discomfort.  However, I did adjust my shoe to size to a wide on my profile so future shoes won't feel so tight in the toe to me.

The last item in my Fix that I kept was this Alesia V-Neck Dress.  It has long sleeves, so I won't be able to wear it till fall.  I just thought it was a lovely casual shift dress and it could be worn so many different ways: with tights and booties and/or cute cardigans and jackets.

Shift dresses are my favorite cut of dress for my long torso and Inverted Triangle Body Shape.

The dress has cut outs all the way down the side of the dress from the shoulder to the hem of the sleeve.

And of course I love the pretty floral pattern on the lightweight navy fabric.

So out of my five pieces, I kept three and I'm really happy with all three pieces.  Other than the sandals, nothing I received was that appropriate for summer.  I thought it was odd that I really didn't receive summer wear as I requested.  But it's really o.k. because honestly our summer season is so short here in Wisconsin, I barely have time to even cycle through my summer clothes so that everything gets worn at least once.  Last year the weather was so cool, I hardly wore any of my summer clothes.  This summer the temperatures are much hotter, we've already had many days of temperatures over 90 degrees.  So I doubt I will wear anything from this Fix (other than the sandals) until fall.  I will  show you better pictures of these items and how I styled them, then.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. LOVE that last dress to pieces!! I still have yet to try stitch fix but it always looks so fun!!

  2. Love those mustard sandals! They are unique, which is what I think you want from Stitch Fix. As for your comment to your stylist, it's as if she didn't even read it! I would not put any of those items in a summer fix. At least you received some really pretty things anyway.

  3. Hi Amy....I'm a huge fan of long vests---I think they can elevate a basic outfit so easily!! I've worn mine a couple times with jeans & a t-shirt and other times over a dress!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!
    BTW---you could certainly add some snaps to it to keep it closed if you want to wear it as a dress!!
    Love the shoes too---they may stretch out a little?

  4. I love reading Stitch Fix reviews and you're reminding me I need to sign up for a Fix. Those shoes are FANTASTIC, they are gorgeous!! I also love the dress and vest you kept, and to me I think it's cute worn as a dress!

  5. I always love reading people's Stitch Fix posts; it's like opening the box with them... :-)

    You got some great pieces. I think you'll have a lot of fun with the vest. It looks great in the photo as a wrap dress. The dress is really pretty, too. And what fun shoes!

    I've never considered giving Stitch Fix a try because I always see monthly boxes, and that's just way too much. I like that you get them quarter; something to think about!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  6. I just love all of the pieces you got, such a great box. I need to schedule my next box soon. The color of those heels will be such a fun accent and the vest looks great as a wrap dress, too


  7. I'm in love the those shoes!! The color really suits you!

    xo Lauren

  8. Love those sandals, great colour, ankle strap and good heel height.Jacqui

  9. I always think I am going to try Stitch Fix but then forget about it. I like everything you decided to keep, I also liked the top and pants that you sent back. The shoes are great.

  10. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style

  11. That vest looks great on you and looks great as a dress! Thanks for linking up at Jersey Girl Texan Heart.

  12. Looks like you got some pretty pieces. I have 2 long vest trench dresses that I love. I wear it open as a vest and have layered with long sleeve under when it's cold and worn as a dress. You will love it!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



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