Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How to Make a Bed Skirt

I know, I know, I'm showing a sneak peek of the bed in my new Beauty Room before THE BIG REVEAL!!!!  But it is impossible to show a bed skirt without showing the bed, so I had to.  Plus, the look of the bed has already changed so much as an iron wall hanging has been added to the slanted ceiling, another pillow (to be featured on next Tuesday's craft post), and more nick-knacks for the shelves.

I know you have all been so patient waiting for THE BIG REVEAL, but the room is still not completely done yet.  I have one more project to finish, and then I will shoot a video and do a BIG Reveal post.  I can't wait!

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Now onto my latest project for the room.  My husband constructed the built in bed in the first picture.  You'll get more information on that in THE BIG REVEAL post.  It is basically a wood frame with a single mattress on top.  The bottom of the bed was exposed, and it was just high enough to store 10 under-the-bed plastic storage containers.  Well, I had to cover that up and so I made a bed skirt.

True to my thrifty nature, I did not buy anything to make the bed skirt.  I already had a very old pair of white drapes that use to hang in my daughter's room, so I cut them up and used that material.  I know the world loves to tell us to throw things away or give them to charity, and I do, sometimes.  But I have learned, that if you have the space, and your well-organized, it is best to hang on to things for you never know if you could use them for something else.  If I wouldn't have held onto these drapes, I would have had to have purchased a new bed skirt or new material.

 To make my bed skirt I first measured the length of the bed from wall to wall.  My material was not wide enough, so I ended up cutting three panels.  You always want to double what the length is to create fullness.  For example, the length of the bed was 90 inches, so I cut my material to be 180 inches long.

 Next, you measure from the bottom of your mattress to the floor.  These measurements will be different for everyone as beds have different heights and widths.  My measurement was 16 inches, so I cut the material to 18 inches wide so I had enough extra fabric for a hem and curtain rod casing.

To get a straight edge I used a rotary cutter, ruler, and mat.  You can do the same with a pair of scissors but it's a lot more work and it's a lot harder to get a straight edge.  I know rotary cutters and mats are pricey, but you most likely will only have to buy it once and it will last you the rest of your life (with the exception of the blades of course).  Although, if you are a big quilter, you will be going through mats more quickly!

Once my three pieces were cut I simply pinned them together and sewed!

Now to do the hems.  First do the side hems, then do the bottom hem.  I do both hems the same way.  I iron a 1/4 hem down in place first.

Then I turn it over and iron it again.  I did a very narrow hem on my skirt, only turning it over another 1/4 inch, but you can do a wider hem if you like.  Most seamstresses at this point would turn it over 5/8 of an inch and sew.

Now, how to do those tricky corners.  After you finish your side hem, and ironed down your first 1/4 bottom hem, turn a small corner in like this:

Now fold you 1/4 in hem in.

Fold over a second time, and you should have a nice tidy corner like this.  All you have to do now is pin, sew, and your hem is complete!

Now I used a curtain rod to hold my skirt in place because the bed is built into the wall.  Most bed skirts have a solid piece of material that the mattress sits on top of to hold in place.  I don't like those because I find the bed skirt constantly slips.  So because the bed is built into a wall and I didn't have to worry about the other side showing, I went with a curtain rod.

I had to then make a casing for the rod.  I first ironed down a 1/4 inch hem, then I turned over a full inch of material to allow a small rod to fit through.  I love the little gadget you see in the picture below.  I bought it at JoAnn's Fabrics and Crafts years ago.  It's so handy for making hems!

 Once the curtain rod hem was ironed in place, I just sewed along the bottom edge leaving an opening to insert the rod.

My husband hung the curtain rod so you couldn't see it.  He just tacked it behind the white boards on the bottom of the bed.

And here is the finished bed skirt.  It turned out perfectly and cost me $0.00 because I used supplies and materials I already had.  


Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. great tutorial and something i need to do for our beds!

    cute & little

  2. You are rather crafty and your husband is also to make that built in bed/couch. Also love the built in bookshelf! What a gorgeous space!


  3. What a great idea to make a bed skirt! I never knew how and it seems pretty straightforward. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  4. What a darling bed/nook. Great tutorial on how to make a hem. Turning the the corner is tricky, but when done correctly, it looks so nice!


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