Monday, April 18, 2016

Denim Jacket Trucker Style

My spring jacket series continues with a denim jacket trucker style!  I already owned a dark blue cropped denim jacket from Express (first shown in THIS POST) when I saw this baby hanging on a clearance rack for only around $7.00.  My first thought was "Do I really need another denim jacket?", but the color, wash, and style was so completely different than the one I already owned I said "YES!".   Plus, it was a Levi denim jacket, what's not to love?

First I have to admit I was inspired for this outfit, by Tricia's look on Lookbook.  I would have never thought of combining silver with white until seeing this outfit.  Doesn't she look amazing?

I altered the look slightly choosing flats over heels and white skinny jeans without the distressing.  I also left my shirt completely un-tucked.

I think this outfit is a great example of how older women can be inspired by younger women in fashion.  We don't have to wear completely different clothes than our younger counterparts;  we can just adapt them to suit our body types and preferences.

 Since I find heels difficult to walk in, I chose a snakeskin print flat from Express (old).

My metallic silver tee shirt is old (The Gap, last shown HERE and HERE) and I just purchased this pretty silver diamond necklace from Burlington Coat Factory.

I was so happy to have this pretty magnolia tree to stand in front of for pictures!  My yard is coming to life ladies!  The grass is turning green, spring bulbs are blooming, and the first flowering tree bloomed.  Yeah, spring is finally here!  I'll share more pictures of my spring garden this Sunday!

Well, enough about flowers, this is a fashion post after all...onto the bag.  The handbag was a gift from my daughter for my birthday last November.  It is lavender/periwinkle blue on one side, and beige on the other.  Isn't it pretty? It's from Nine West. 

 Here is the lavender/periwinkle blue side:

And here is the beige side:

I just love the structure and colors of this bag and hope to get a lot of use out of it this spring.

For a trucker style jacket, I think this coat has a lot of shape to it and is very flattering.  The seams curve in to the waist line, not just straight down.  I also like that the pockets are high above the bust line.

I love the slightly distressed look to the material's a pretty, soft wash which makes the trucker style more feminine.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. I wouldn't have thought of silver, white, denim either, but I love it so much! It's so hard to say no to denim jackets. I have two...

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Love this casual look. simple, backs yet elegant
    You have a interesting blog
    Visit mine if you want and check my last video
    many kisses

  3. You really do always find amazing deals! And this is such a great spring look! The two toned purse looks fantastic and goes so well with this outfit! Happy to hear your spring flowers started blooming too! Gorgeous magnolia tree!

  4. I would choose the very cool flats as well, and the two-tone purse is fabulous! Thanks for sharing at Vis Monday,


  5. Oh love this look Amy ! Superb bag and shoes, and all !

  6. Such a beautiful spring look amy, so so pretty! And your legs look fab in those white jeans! Twit twoo! Heehee

  7. I love the silver with denim..brilliant! Your outfit is darling, love the white pants too!

    Fashion and Travel

  8. A good denim jacket is a wardrobe must have!

  9. What a cute look! I really like the denim jacket :)

  10. I love the light color of this denim jacket, and how you paired it with the white and silver! So perfect for spring!

  11. I LOVE your hair! What a great outift with the purse, too!

  12. Clearly you needed that jacket! What a great wash and for such a steal! I love the lighter colors you paired with it!

  13. Love this look Amy! I can't live without my denim jacket. I wear it almost everyday. I say it was a $7.00 that was very well spent!

  14. Your right, we can wear what the youngsters wear, just a little differently. Love this look, a denim jacket is one thing I don't have in my wardrobe ( must get me one) You look fabulous x

  15. What a fantastic recreation of an outfit. You nailed it!

  16. What a classic look - great inspiration!! I'm now on the hunt for a silver shirt! Haha!

  17. So my kind of style, looks really great hun, inspo for me too. great to link up check me out at

    regards Jacqui


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