Monday, April 11, 2016

Stitch Fix #9: My Spring Fix

I received my ninth Stitch Fix in the mail last week and did the happy dance!  I absolutely love the surprise of getting my latest Fix and I look so forward to it.  This one, I was especially excited for because I had asked for spring clothes, my favorite season of the year.  

For those of you who may not even know what  a "Fix" is and why I would be so happy to get one, check out my very first Stitch Fix post HERE to learn all about it.

Because my Fall Stitch Fix was such a huge success, I decided to be very specific with my stylist again and told her what type of pieces I was looking for.  This time I requested cropped flared jeans, culottes, cut out or off the shoulder tops, A-line skirts, gauze tops, and anything in the Serenity Blue or Dusty Rose colors.  I think I got everything I asked for except for the cropped flared jeans and culottes.

Here's what I received:  A cotton-gauze top in Serenity Blue

I really like this top because it was very thin and had slight openings in the weave, so I thought it would be perfect for staying cool yet covered in warm weather.  However, the second I pulled it out of the box, I knew it would never fit.  It is so tiny!  It says small on the label, but look at the width from the collar to the sleeve....there's hardly nothing there!  Only a child's shoulders are that slender.  I could not even get this top on!  I would describe this top as an XXS!  So sorry, no picture of me wearing this top as it would not even fit over my shoulders.

Status:  SENT BACK.  But only because it did not fit.  Otherwise I would have loved to have kept this top.

The next item I received was a pair of bootcut jeans.

When I saw I received boot cut jeans I knew no matter how great they looked on me, they'd be going back.  I already have a tote full of bootcut jeans, I do not need one more pair.  But these were such nice jeans.  They fit great, they felt great, I loved the slight distressing and the waist line band.  I was sad to have to return them.

 I'm not exactly sure why my stylist sent me these jeans.  I told her I wanted CROPPED flared jeans, and maybe she misunderstood me or maybe they didn't have any so she substituted a pair of flare jeans instead.  Whatever the reason, I didn't need them.

Status:  SENT BACK

My next item contained two elements I requested in my Fix "Cutouts" and "Dusty Rose" color.  It was a pink cutout blouse.

I absolutely love the color, pattern, and cut outs in this blouse.  It is slightly tight in the bosom which causes the cut out part of the top to buckle a bit.  I almost returned it for this reason, but I couldn't bear it.

Status:  KEPT!

My next item was a gauze peplum top.

This item, more than any other I agonized whether to return or keep.  And I mean AGONIZED!  I loved the color, I loved the embroidering, I loved the material, and I loved the peplum.  What I didn't love?  The back.  I just didn't like the way the top looked on me from the back.  The elastic waist seemed to fall exactly where my "spare tire" is and accentuate that.  The only way I could ever wear this top was with a jacket or cardigan.

In the end, I loved the way the top looked so much with a jacket that I decided it was worth it.

Status:  KEPT!

And finally, the last item I received was a short printed linen skirt.

This was another item I deliberated long and hard over.  I love this skirt.  The print is perfect for summer, I adore the frayed edges, and the linen material is fabulous.  What I didn't like:  it is really short!  Now, I have been known to wear short skirts, but this skirt is short for even me.  The waist line is super tiny, so I have to wear it high up on my waist where I'm the smallest.  So there's no way I can tug it down and wear it lower on my hips.

 Ultimitely, I thought it would be perfect to wear on my spring vacation to Las Vegas.  The weather will be super hot and where else could I ever get away with wearing such a short skirt but Vegas?

Status:  KEPT!

And now some pictures of me wearing my new pieces.  I decided to just do "Selfies" because I'd rather show you the items fully styled in future fashion posts.

First up, the jeans with the peplum top.  Oh, it was so hard to give up these jeans.  They felt so great.  And this top is awesome;  it goes with so many colors because of the coloring in the embroidery.

I also like how the top is longer in back than it is in front.

Next, I wanted to see what the top looked like with skinny colored jeans, so I tried it with my grey skinnies.  I loved it.

Here's a picture of how the top looks from the back.  Now do you see why I need to always wear a jacket or cardigan with it?

First I tried it with my army green utility jacket as suggested by the style card.  I liked this look a lot.

And next, I tried it with a denim jacket, and really loved this look.

 My cut out top, I thought would look great with my white skinny jeans;  and I was right!  I loved these two items together.


And finally, here's my short skirt.  I paired it with a white camisole and flip flops, but I hope to find a nicer pair of flat sandals for walking around in Vegas.

I tried the top both un-tucked and tucked in and I wasn't sure which look I liked better.  Which one do you prefer?

And that was my Spring Fix!  It wasn't one of my best Fixes, but I was happy with it.  I booked another Fix for June and asked for Summer items.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Oh!! I'm glad you kept that peplum and cutout top! Both are gorgeous on you!!
    Carylee |

  2. I love the idea of these styling subscription services! Fashion right to your doorstep!
    - Ana Luiza
    Northwest Blonde

  3. I just love this Amy! It's so fun to get a peek into fix and your thought process as you decide what to keep. I absolutely adore the peplum top and it looks so cute with both jackets so you are safe! I like when you tucked in your top with the skirt. That way you get so see more of the pretty print.

    I keep thinking I need to give Stitch Fix a try!
    Have a great day!

  4. That peplum cut out top is so cute!!

  5. Love the items that you kept! I know what you mean about the peplum top, but I don't see it! However, I know that I often wear clothes I obsess over when to others it probably looks perfectly fine:) That pink top with those white jeans- that is the perfect spring look!
    Darling, Dearest

  6. I always LOVE reading Stitch Fix posts. It strangely feels like I'm opening the box and get to try on and keep the items! :-)

    You got some great pieces! Too bad you were sent a jeans style you didn't need because they look fantastic on you!

    I really like the two tops on you! And what a fun skirt! How about trying a half tuck with the shirt?

  7. I had never heard of this service ... and this week have come across it twice on the fashion linky parties. Will have to check out and see they ship to Canada. The peplum top and the cut out top look fabulous on you!! great picks. I hope the weather warms up so you can enjoy them. Happy week .. Celia M. -

  8. You got a really great fix! I just adore that pink cut out blouse! I have a box coming next week, I can't wait!


  9. Love both of the tops you kept! The pink one is so pretty!

  10. They sent you some great pieces! I really like the peplum top :)

  11. I have heard great things about Stitch Fix but never actually tried it myself. I love the peplum top!

  12. Great review of your items. I love the peplum top on you!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



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