Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Disney Springs

In one of my recent travel posts a reader commented that I sure did a lot while I was on my Florida vacation.  Well, believe it or not, all my travel posts that I've written so far have only covered week one.  Today's post starts my second week of vacation in Florida.  So bear with me.  You have at least four more Florida vacation posts to come!

The start of my second week of vacation in Florida was a very relaxing one.  It was a Sunday, so we went to church and out to lunch.  Ashley and Jason had to attend a church fellowship after the service, so I just went home with my son Jordan to relax a bit.  It was a gorgeous day so I went out to the pool and sunbathed till they got home.  Then we headed out to Disney Springs!

Disney Springs is an entertainment and shopping district.  Here is where you will be able to buy anything "Disney" you could possibly imagine, eat at some really fun restaurants, and enjoy free entertainment from street performers.

We arrived at Disney Springs around the supper hour so the sun was low on the horizon and it made photography very difficult.  Even though you can't make much out because of the sun, this is a overview of Disney Springs as seen from the top of the highway bridge.

Parking is free...yes!  I love free parking!  There is a parking structure and several parking lots across the street.  We chose the street level parking because I read a lot of reviews on line of how difficult it is to get in and out of Disney Springs due to construction.  We had no problems whatsoever using the street level parking and we also got to walk across this fun highway bridge!

The stores at Disney Springs are a feast for the eyes.  We did not buy a single thing (other than a cup of Ice Tea which cost me $4.00!),  but we still enjoyed going into all the stores and seeing the fun decor.

This was my absolute favorite store in Disney Springs.  It's a woman's fashion store that sells cute Disney fashion as well as other pretty clothes and accessories.  And to my surprise, I found it very reasonably priced...but I still didn't buy anything, even though I loved just about everything in this store!  I had a lot of willpower!

The window displays at all the Disney stores were amazing!  Such creativity!  I loved the "Beauty and the Beast" window display in the Trend store.

Everything in this store was wonder it was my favorite store!  Look at how they dressed up Minnie Mouse in this picture!  I love her diamond choker!  And who knew Minnie Mouse had such an ample bosom?

The ceiling had hundreds of these gorgeous chandeliers hanging from it.  Don't you just love the colors?

In addition to the chandeliers, they also displayed their fun, colorful Disney artwork from the ceiling.  All of these items were for sale too!

This store was really popular with the kids because the creature standing on the roof spews water out of it's mouth.  The kids were standing at the entrance to the store just waiting to be squirted with water.  They giggled every time they were struck.

The restaurants choices in Disney Springs are fabulous.  You could smell the chocolate from this Ghirardelli restaurant blocks away!  They even gave away free Ghirardelli chocolate squares to anyone who walked in the door!

My second favorite store in Disney Springs was a Disney Home Decor store.  There were so many beautiful and fun Disney items to decorate your house with in this store.  And the best part of this store were the Disney character sculptures suspended from the ceiling.

The Rain Forest Cafe had this outdoor volcano that you could see from across the bridge.  It spewed out fire every few minutes.

There was a Lego store in Disney Springs as well.  They had many Lego sculptures like this one of Buzz Lightyear and his cowboy buddy Woody.

This dinosaur restaurant had a very long waiting line, and I could see why.  Inside are life size replicas of dinosaurs hovering over the dining tables.  They also had a  store inside where you could buy anything relating to dinosaurs.

If eating with dinosaurs hovering over your head isn't your thing, how about some seafood on a river boat?

The lighthouse/boat area was another place to dine, and they also sold pretty nautical home decor.

This was a candy shop.  Loved the marquee!

The hot air balloon was actually a ride.  I don't think it actually went anywhere but up to get great views of Orlando.

I absolutely love to watch street entertainers, and there were plenty of them at Disney Springs.  We loved this classical music group give a new twist to their instruments.

And of course stilt walkers are always fun!

At the end to our visit we were blessed with a beautiful sunset.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. How fun, Amy! Looks like you're really enjoying your much deserved vacation in Florida. How beautiful is Disney Springs?! Thank you for sharing these pics. I definitely want to visit one day!

  2. We visited Disney this past fall so this post brings back fun memories!

    pumps & push-ups

  3. What a fun place to visit, and looks like it's a very popular place too! Love those chandeliers!

  4. I never knew about Disney Springs, but it looks like so much fun!

  5. You are making my so incredibly jealous! My husband runs the marketing club at the local high school, and he gets to go to Disney twice a year on a field trip. He's burnt out on it, and I'm begging to go! I love all things Disney. It just makes me so happy. And that sunset is amazing!
    Darling, Dearest

  6. I love vacation pictures, so I can't wait to see more! And I'm doing the same thing too - no way can I fit Maui all into one post! :) Have a great week!


  7. Was this called Downtown Disney a few years ago? I think I've been here, we went when we were there for the Wine & Dine Festival in Epcot. What a beautiful place!


  8. Yes, your right! It used to be called Downtown Disney and they changed the name to Disney Springs.


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