Monday, April 25, 2016

Long Cardigan for Spring

The temperatures dipped a bit here in Wisconsin, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to get more use out of my long neutral cardigan I haven't worn since fall.  It's the perfect cardigan for spring or fall temperatures as it is too long to wear under a coat and the open weave is adequate for cooler temperatures, but not bitter cold ones.

The first time I wore this sweater I wore it with  light blue flares.  You can see that post HERE.    The second time I wore it with a tank and dark skinny jeans with tall boots HERE.  

But now that it is spring, I decided to try my cardigan with an all white base...and I loved it!

 My white tee has little clusters of sparkly embellishments scattered all over it making it far more interesting than an ordinary cotton white t shirt.  I bought it a Old Navy a few seasons ago on clearance for around $3.00.

Both the sweater, scarf,  and the white skinny jeans are from J.C. Penney (old).

I absolutely love how long sweaters automatically make anyone look leaner and taller.

 My wool fedora is from Forever 21.  Another clearance item for $6.00.  I don't wear hats often, so I only buy them when they are on clearance.

I did get pretty new sparkly gold shoes when I was in Florida.  And you guessed it...I bought them on clearance for about $9.00 at Ross.   Aren't they pretty?  Ross is such a hit or miss store.  You really need to check in there on a weekly basis to find the deals!

I love the ankle strap and wedge heel.  Because the heel is so narrow, they are still not that easy to walk in, so I can't wear them if I know I'll be walking a lot that day.

 I've said before that I wear scarves more in the spring than any other time of year...and I do!  In the fall and winter my coats are usually zipped up to my neck, so I don't need a scarf.  But in the spring I'm usually wearing light sweaters or coats and I find a scarf absolutely necessary to keep that chilly spring air away.

This is an infinity scarf that is a half mesh solid material and a half floral gauze material.   I prefer a regular scarf over an infinity scarf because there are so many more ways you can tie and wear them.  However some infinity scarves are too pretty to pass this one!

I'm carrying the same bag from Nine West that I showed you in last week's fashion post.  It is a periwinkle blue on one side and a beige color on the rest of the bag.  I just tried to be conscious of that all day while shopping, and kept the beige color turned out and more visible.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Loving this monochromatic look, along with the fab hat! Thanks for linking up with Vis Monday, xo


  2. The mostly white/cream outfit is perfect for spring! Love the scarf! Such a pretty pattern! I can't get infinity scarfs to look good on me. They always seem too big and hang down too much, but they always look perfect on you. Maybe it's because I am short...
    I recently picked up a similar hat on clearance at target. Wish I looked this good with a hat on too! I feel weird wearing a hat so I most likely will only wear mine in my own backyard :-)

  3. I know what you mean Ellie. I actually feel weird wearing hats too..although I love them on everyone else. I only wear them in my yard or when I'm traveling/walking around outside all a fair.

  4. This is a beautiful look, Amy! Your embellished tee and gold flats add some extra sass to the neutrals. Also your hat and scarf offer extra flair. Your long cardigan looks great for wearing multiple seasons throughout the year.

  5. I've had a long cardigan in my closet for years and have just started liking the look!! Funny how how moods change?
    I rarely go with a monochromatic look, but after seeing this on you, I think I should try it again---it's lovely!

  6. I love the touch of blue your bag has, and those tress have me pretty amazed as well! So pretty!


  7. I really like this neutral look!

  8. Love the soft neutrals paired together! That hat is the perfect topper!

  9. This light colored neutral look is lovely for spring! I am going to recreate a similar look! I love it!

  10. My sister has a long knitted cardigan like this that I need to borrow again sometime and wear. I love how you styled it too.

    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo

  11. What a pretty neutral look!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



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