Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Christmas Video Tour of My Home, Part Three

Today is the final post of a series of video tapes that show my home decorated for Christmas.  In my first post I revealed my side porch, entry way, family room, and sun room of my new addition.  You can find that post HERE if you missed it.  In my second post I unveiled my front porch, dining room, office, living room, kitchen and downstairs bath.  You can see that post HERE if you need to catch up.  

Today's post features the third level of my home where our bedrooms and main bath are located.  Unlike my other videos, these videos are super short because the rooms are very small and the decorations minimal.  However, when my husband saw my previous videos, he really thought I should be in them so he offered to videotape.  It was a very awkward and uncomfortable experience for me, but kinda fun to, and definitely a learning experience.  They are by no means "professional" tapes and we certainly didn't even try to make them that way.  Each video was shot in one take and no editing was done.  It has never been my goal to produce a flawless video recording, my only goal was to share a bit of myself, my family, and my home with my readers.

So without further ado, here are this week's final videotapes of my home decorated for Christmas!

Video One:  Upstairs Hallway 

                                            Video Two:  Master Bedroom and Guest Room

                                             Video Three:  Boy's Room and Upstairs Bath

And that is my entire house decorated for Christmas!  Now all the work has been done and I can just sit back and enjoy it, oh for about two weeks, and then start taking it all down! :)  If you made it all the way through the third video,  you would have heard that the boy's room will be renovated this winter into a walk-in-closet/dressing room and I will definitely be doing a post about it!  I can't wait till it's done, it's so exciting!

If you have any trouble viewing these videotapes on my blog,  you can see them all on my YouTube Channel HERE.

Have a great day!  Amy

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