Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Christmas Video Tour of My Home, Part One

For many years now I have been showing you photographs of my home decorated for Christmas.  You can find those posts here:  2014,  and in 2011 when my house was featured in the Mondovi Christmas Walk (start HERE for that series) and in 2008 when I did a Christmas Walk Of My Own Home (start HERE for that series).

But now I've decided that instead of photographs, I would try videos.  And let me tell you, it's been a challenge!  Mostly on the technical end.  My first video was twenty six minutes long, and I had a dilly of a time trying to upload it to YouTube.  I finally decided that the best thing was to do a single video of every room of the house, and then upload several of those videos into one post.  

I tried turning my camera vertically and horizontally, but if I did that while I was recording, the picture was always sideways.  After that happened, I kept all my videos vertical.  Once they were all filmed and uploaded to YouTube (which took FOREVER), my husband saw them and said I was suppose to turn and keep the camera sideways from the very beginning.  "Argh!  Well, too late now, I'm not going to re-do them all!  The next set of videos will be recorded horizontally" I replied.  

So here are my FIRST EVER four videos of my home decorated for Christmas.  And I apologize in advance for all the technical issues, mistakes, and not turning the camera horizontally.  Like my photography, I'm sure I'll get better at this with experience.  Enjoy!

The first video is of my side porch.  It's a very simply decorated side porch, I promise you, the decorating will get better the farther you get inside the house.  But I wanted to start here because if you were a guest to my home, this would be where you would most likely enter. I did say the word "Hire" instead of "Hide", so if your confused at that point in the videotape, that's what I meant to say.

Video One, The Side Porch

The next video is my entry way.  It is the room where we hang our keys, and enter and exit our house everyday.  It is also a room where we receive guests and it connects the old portion our house to our new addition.

Video Two:  The Entryway

The third video is of my family room.  We use it mostly when we have guests, as it is a nice, large, comfortable room with plenty of seating.

Video Three:  The Family Room

My aim to have only three videos as I stated in my first video backfired, as I couldn't possibly fit both the family room and sunroom into one video.  So, I ended up making four videos!  The last one of this series is the sun room.   This is the room my daughter was married.  And this is also the room where you will finally meet my little noisemaker in all the videos:  my cockatiel Emery.

Video Four:  The Sun Room

If for whatever reason none of these videos are working for you, they can all be seen on my YouTube Channel HERE.  I've scheduled this post, and it won't let me test the videos in draft or preview form.  So I'm hoping and praying they will work when the post goes live!

The four videos posted above are only of my home's addition.  I will share more videos of the older portion of my home on Saturday and next week Tuesday.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I love all the Christmas decor in your house! My house is really slacking compared to yours! lol. I really like the big wreath you have on your side porch :)

  2. Youtube can be tricky! I always do short videos so they are easy to upload in the end :)

    So nice of you to do a tour of your house and Christmas decorations!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. You are so creative! Can't believe you made all those wreaths and most of the decorations yourself. They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these videos. The bird in background was so funny! If I did videos you'd probably hear my cat Thomas constantly meowing in the background to be let out or in :-)
    Would love to see a video of your craft room :-)


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