Friday, January 15, 2016

Plaid Shirt with a Skater Skirt

No, I don't still have my Christmas decorations up.  Everything came down last weekend, one week after New Years.  And I promise you, these are the last photos you will see with Christmas decor in the background.  My daughter was home for the holidays, and whenever she comes home we love to play a grown up version of "dress up" and try on different outfits and each other clothes.  And while we were doing that, she took some photos of me that I could use for today's blog post.

For today's outfit, I am wearing a plaid shirt from Modcloth (old, last shown HERE and  HERE), a burgundy skater skirt of Ashley's, a cream scarf with sparkles in it (also Ashley's),  black tights, and black booties (old, Famous Footwear).

 When wearing a short skirt or dress, I am most comfortable wearing tights or leggings underneath for modesty reasons.  Although, in the summer, I am known to break this rule;  especially when on vacations.

 My western style black cross body bag I picked up at a boutique on one of my Colorado vacations.  The jewelry looks lavender in the photos, but is actually blue in real life and coordinates well with the blue in the top.  They bracelets belong to Ashley and were purchased at Charming Charlies.

It's so hard to photograph black booties when your wearing black tights because the blackness of the two just blend together.  Oh, and if you ever want to make you legs look longer, this is a good trick.  Wear the same color shoe as your instantly elongates your legs!

The shoes come slightly above the ankle, are made of suede, and have a small heel.

I really like the shape of a skater skirt on my body type.  It's the perfect skirt to wear if you have narrow hips and thinner legs.

And for extra warmth, I added this black fur vest.

I picked up this awesome black fur vest in the Junior department of J.C. Penney for only $9.59 cents !  I really didn't need another fur vest, and I tend not to like the thicker fur vests for I feel they add a lot of unwanted pounds, but at that price, "Who Cares?".

This vest is so warm, it's ridiculous!  I first wore it to the Mall of America HERE, and I thought I would die I was so warm.  So this past Sunday when they temperatures dropped below zero I wore it again, and I was toasty warm all day!  I didn't even need to zip my outer jacket closed (but that was because I couldn't zip my jacket closed, the vest is too thick to wear under a jacket!).

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Such a great combo! I love skater skirts. I feel like they are flattering on everyone. You have styled this so well with your plaid, tights, and vest.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. This outfit is festive adorable! I love the skirt and I myself own a very similar coat. Is that the sweater back vest? If so we own the same one and I need to wear mine soon. Also, I took of my decorations a week after New Year's. Doesn't it look more cozy, prettier and brighter with the lights and decorations on, though?

    Have a great weekend Amy!

  3. Love your outfit, Amy - and your Christmas decor! Ha! That vest is awesome, too, and I'm just a slight bit jealous because I haven't found one I like yet. Stay warm this weekend and enjoy it!

  4. That racer skirt is so beautiful on you and I love those colors, too! It sounds like you have a lot of fun when your daughter is home, trying on each others clothes! I hope to do that someday with my daughter. :)


  5. I love the skater skirt paired with the plaid top! The fur vest adds a fun fishing touch. So fun you can share clothes with your daughter. Thank you for joining the Weekend Wear Link Up!

  6. Such a nice colour combination with the shirt and skirt together! :)

    Good layering too :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Nice Amy wish you a happy new Year !

  8. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. That's a great look!

  9. So cute and great legs, Lady!

    Thanks for being a part of our Friday fashion fun!


    Dawn Lucy

  10. Great look! Love the plaid!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Friday Favorites! Hope you have an amazing week ahead of you!

    The Closet by Christie

  11. This skater skirt looks so great with your tights and booties! Love the addition of the plaid skirt and fur vest - so on trend. It always like you and your daughter have so much fun when she comes to visit. :) Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday and have a wonderful weekend, Amy!

  12. Love your plaid top and I am with you that i prefer to wear my shorter skater skirts with tights.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  13. How fun to play a grownup version of dress up with your daughter, definitely looking forward to those moments with my girls.
    Prefect, prefect outfit!! Loving the skater skirt.
    BTW I totally get you with a vest that's on sale, just purchase one today at Target ;-)
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear!


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