Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Beautiful Closet and Other Lovely Ways to Display Clothes and Accessories

 When I was visiting my daughter in Florida for Thanksgiving, I saw her beautiful walk-in closet and asked if I could take photographs of it for my blog.  Of course she said "yes";  after she spent three hours tiding it up! :)

I'm currently in the process of renovating my son's old bedroom into a combination walk-in closet/dressing room/guest room, so I'm looking anywhere and everywhere for pretty and practical storage ideas.  I found a lot of great ideas in Ashley's closet that I can use in my own room!

Here is Ashley's walk in closet as it appears when standing in her bedroom looking in.  Ashley's items are on the right and center, her husband's clothes are on the left.

Ashley's favorite colors are in the red color family...she loves coral!  A lot of her clothing items contain these colors, so she accessorized her closet with this color theme in mind.  I love how she put her prettiest coral and gold dress up front and center of the closet so it's the first pretty thing you see when you open the doors.

 Ashley uses lots of baskets to hold things like tights, scarves, and socks.  She also loves to decorate boxes with attractive designer paper or wrapping paper.

She wraps the paper on the box and lid separately.  Sometimes she leaves the lid on the box (as in the picture above) for items she doesn't use that often, and sometimes she puts the lid underneath the box (as in the picture below) and then puts a pretty greeting or vintage postage card in the lip of the box.

On the back center wall of her closet are white shelves.  Here she houses more scarves, shoes, and perfumes.

She stores items with a combination of clear totes, coral hat boxes, and more baskets.  I love how she took a beautiful coral scarf and draped it over the edge of a clear tote.

If the shoe box already matches the colors in the closet, like this white and pink one, she doesn't cover it with paper.

Don't you just love the necklace hung inside a frame!  I'm definitely copying this idea!  Dazzling!

To provide stability and another shelf, Ashley added this grey plastic crate.

On this shelf, Ashley put some romantic wall decor that coordinated with the colors in the room.  The baskets holds more scarves and she displays her loveliest coral and gold scarf on top.

I like how Ashley didn't go out and buy all new storage items, and recycled and re purposed items she already owned.  Here she used an old t.v. stand to hold shoes!

 Aren't these round hat boxes delightful?

 Because Ashley is a fashionista just like her momma, she has more clothes than she can even fit in her walk-in closet!  Thankfully, she has a large bedroom, so she has this rolling clothes rack in the corner.  Here she has her teal and more neutral clothes displayed.

A clothes rack visible in a bedroom does not look ill-kept if all the clothes are in the same color range and you have matching hangers.

At the end of her clothing rack, she hangs more scarves.  Yes, I know, she has a lot!  Once a year we even do a 'Scarf Exchange'.  We exchange scarves with each other so we have new scarves to wear without spending any money.  After a period of time, we exchange them back!

To the right of Ashley's clothing rack, is a dresser.  On top of the dresser is a jewelry box and elegant  display items.

Isn't this fan displayed on top of the jewelry box fabulous?

Above the dresser hangs a picture frame that holds Ashley's long necklaces and other jewelry.  My husband actually made this for her.  It is some type of metal sheeting with holes in it that is inserted into an old picture frame.  She uses paper clips to hang her necklaces.  I've always planned on having my husband make one for me, I even have an extra sheet of metal.  I just never had the wall space for one.  I'm not sure I will have wall space in my new dressing room either.  We'll see!

Here is a close up of some of Ashley's stunning pieces!

Next to the jewelry wall hanging, is an amazing peacock picture.  Ashley loves peacocks!  Here she hangs some feathered masks on the edges of the frame.

 At the base of that picture, she lays a vintage purse and jewelry next to an antique gold mirror.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of how my daughter stores and displays her beautiful clothes and accessories.  I love how even when Ashley is not using or wearing her items, they are still visible to enjoy daily.  I also like how she coordinated all her colors to make it more pleasing to the eye and easy to find.  Closets don't have to be just functional, they can be gorgeous as well.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I love how organized you are - especially your jewelry - mine is always all over the place!


  2. Your daughters closet looks fantastic. I love all the red and pink. I never thought to use colors in my closet like this before. You have given me inspiration to redo my closet. Thanks for sharing this with us. Your photos are fantastic!


  3. Looks fabulous and I am ready to make my closet even more organized. However, after touring a number of closets, this minimalist is overwhelmed with the amount of clothes everyone has. To each his own, but it is a bit chastening. Do we really need all this? I will probably pare mine down even more. But to each his own.

  4. Wow, your daughter's closet is so organized Amy! I hope to teach my daughter to be that organized when she grows up! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and take care, Tara

  5. I saw this post a while ago and started reading it but I got busy. First of all your daughter has great taste. We have similar taste since red and turquoise/teal are my two favorite colors. I also love Coral. I too own a lot of scarves and jewelry, especially statement necklaces. Her closet is such a nice, creative, bright and organized place. Great idea to go with red all over plus the teal for the clothes rack. Due to having a small closet, when I lived in Albania I also had a rolling rack for my most-worn dresses and some of my fancier/nice occasion dresses, too. Last but not least I love the idea of the scarf exchange. I do that with my own mom sometimes. =)

    Longest comment ever LOL


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