Monday, January 11, 2016

How to Wear a Novelty Sweater

 I don't know about you, but I like to have a little fun with my outfits now and then.  And even though I've been told women over fifty shouldn't wear graphic tee shirts and novelty items,  I say "hogwash" to that!  I love graphic tees and novelty clothing because it is a chance to express myself.   What person, regardless of age, doesn't love to wear their favorite sport jersey, band tee, or a quirky statement shirt that expresses what they think or like?  When I saw this holiday novelty sweater at H&M it was love at first sight.  I mean, rhinestones and a comment about the cold weather I constantly complain about....what's not to love?

This sweater was meant for the holidays, so I wore on it on a chilly 17 degree New Years Eve.  Even though the stores love to sell sequin body con dresses with spaghetti straps for New Years Eve, they are completely impractical in my climate.  This outfit on the other hand, gives me the New Year's Eve sparkle I want, with the warmth that I need.

I wore my novelty sweater with grey skinny jeans (old, Target) and my new suede and shearling vest I picked up at my Mall of America shopping trip.

 Because it was New Year's Eve, I wore a silver and white statement necklace with my sparkly sweater for extra glamour.  If it wasn't a holiday, I would have skipped the necklace, because it would have been too much for me.

Believe it or not I only paid $10.00 for this sweater because I bought it the day after Christmas (not available on-line).  And even though this sweater was meant to be worn for the holidays, I think it's appropriate to wear all winter you will definitely be seeing this fun piece again!

In addition to my usual rings, I also wore a winter charm bracelet.

The key to wearing novelty sweaters, is to keep all the other elements of your outfit more classic.  Let the novelty piece be the star of the outfit, and let everything else take a back seat.  I accomplished that by keeping my entire outfit neutral and in the same color range.  Although, when I wore this outfit I had several people comment on how much they liked my I think they were trying to upstage the sweater.  :)

The sweater is very itchy for me (but most sweaters feel itchy to me), and it was also see-thru.  To solve that problem, I wore a form fitting white long sleeve top underneath.  The suede vest also helped cover up the sheerness of the sweater.

I carried my white, suede fringe bag from Stitch Fix because it went so well with the whites and creams already in the outfit.

I absolutely love my new suede vest.  I mentioned in my last fashion post that I picked it up for only $20.00 when I was at the Mall of America the day after Christmas.  It was such a steal!  It is so well made and luxuriously soft.  Many of the suede vests I've come across before this one I found very thin and cheaply made.  The original price for this one was $54.00, so I'm sure that is why the quality is so good.  Sorry, I don't have a link for you.  I don't remember the name of the store I bought it from.

And here are the naughty boots who upstaged my new sweater.  They are actually old,  I bought them at Francesca's a year or two ago.  They are a very unique boot so every time I wear them, they get attention.  I do love them very much.  And the best part about them?  They are actually comfortable to wear!  That's a rarity!  A shoe that's both cute and comfortable!

 This novelty sweater I styled for the holidays, but I would love to try it as a casual every day piece with jeans and a blazer, or a cute skirt too.  What about you?  Do you have any ideas on how I could style this sweater now that the holidays are over?  I'd love to hear from you!

 And finally, here are some more novelty sweater outfits from Pinterest for your inspiration:

Wear your novelty sweater with a skinny jeans and a coat or blazer.

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Wear a novelty sweater with a classic skirt and shoes.
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Dress it down by wearing it with classic chambray, tailored pants, or jeans.
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Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Such a fun outfit and love the colors of gray and white. We recently got a H&M store in the mall about an hour away from us, I was so excited because I remember the chain from Germany. Sadly I was so disappointed in this particular store, that I most likely will never return. They would not allow parents to go into the dressing room with their kids, like I am going to let my young child stand outside the dressing room while I try on clothes. And I was not allowed to assist her in trying on her clothes either. There were a couple more moms shocked when they were told about this "policy". Needless to say, I put everything away that I was going to try on...

  2. Wow! Thats shocking. I don't have small children, so I wasn't aware of their policy. I did notice they have high security in their dressing rooms so they must have a huge problem with theft, but to take it to that level seems extreme.

  3. Fun novelty piece! I love it with your vest and greys.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. too funny, I just purchased that sweater after Christmas and was going to wear it on NYE. I love the way you have styled it.
    I have a Thursday Link up ( still live) and would love to have you pop over for a visit.

  5. Love the grey pants!!

  6. That sweater looks great with those gray jeans and the white tassel bag from Stitch Fix (I love when you style your Stitch Fix items!). I also LOVE THAT VEST! I need one!


  7. What a beautiful look and background in your pictures! The sweater is so cute and perfect for winter! I love how you paired it with that suede vest!! Your snow looks so fun, I like it for about a day and that's it, we don't get much here in Seattle.

    Have a great day

    Fashion and Travel

  8. Totally loving that sweater and vest combo! I just love all the sparkles!

  9. Love the top! Thanks for linking up with me today, hope to see you next week and I'll be pinning this look to the link up board.

  10. Such a cute sweater! I love wearing cozy graphic items like this on the weekends!

  11. I always love a fun sweater!
    Thanks for linking up with us on Start the Week Stylish!
    - Ana Luiza
    The Northwest Blonde


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