Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fall Flowers in Winter Park, Florida

This past Thanksgiving, my husband and I went to Winter Park, Florida to visit our children.  The last time we were in Winter Park it was August, so I was curious to see what type of flowers and plants, if any, were blooming.  In my neck of the woods, everything is dead right now, so I was anxious to see some color and life again!

On our first full day of vacation, we went on the Winter Park Florida Scenic Boat Tour, and afterwards we walked around downtown Winter Park and Rollins College.  These are just a few of the lovely plants and flowers, gardens, and fountains, that  I discovered on my walk.

This is a pleasing garden right in front of a store window.  These plants would be considered annuals in Wisconsin.

 There were so many beautiful fountains in Winter Park.  This gorgeous one sits in the city park which is located right next to the train station and is also directly across the street from the restaurants and stores.

My son was mystified by this sculpture.  He actually had to walk over and touch it because he couldn't believe it was a hard surface.

This park contained a rose garden with an amazing peacock fountain in the center (my favorite).

Here is a close up of the peacock fountain.

You do not see roses blooming in Wisconsin in late November, so this was quite a treat for me!

The rose bushes were planted in a circle around the fountain, and there was this stunning rose arbor behind the circular area too.

More showy rose bushes with an odd modern sculpture behind it.  I have no idea what it is suppose to represent.  Sometimes, I like modern art, and sometimes I don't.  This is one I don't care for.

I loved this miniature lavender rose bush growing in a large pot.

I'm a huge fan of Gerbera Daisies, and I loved this yellow guy happily growing in a planter.

After walking downtown a bit, we ventured onto the Rollin's College Campus.  I will share more pictures and stories of this impressive campus in a later travel post.

It was here we discovered another exquisite rose garden.

The college is filled with handsome Spanish architecture and serene garden courtyards.  Isn't this Spanish fountain stunning?

I loved this giant concrete urn sitting in the center of a brick path of the rose garden.  The Purple Fountain Grass in the center is such a dramatic focal point.

Hibiscus seemed to be popular flower for I found a lot of it growing in various containers and gardens throughout Winter Park.

And finally, it was the holiday season when we were visiting, so there were plenty of Poinsettias growing everywhere.  I still find it surprising to see a Poinsettia plant outside.  They are such tender plants in Wisconsin.

  And those are the flowers of downtown Winter Park, Florida.  I will share more pictures and stories of downtown Winter Park in Wednesday's Travel Post, and I have a lot more flowers of Florida coming up in future Sunday Garden posts as well.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Nice landscaping and so many gorgeous flowers. Love the peacock fountain! That strange statue that your son had to further investigate does look like some soft and fluffy pillows :-)

  2. Hi Amy! We were in Winter Park New Year's Day! My husband's birthday is Jan 1 so I treated him for lunch at Prato which is a great restaurant that was recommended to us. We drove there from Orlando where we were staying for a few days. Two of our kids live in Jacksonville so we stopped there on the way down from Atlanta.
    LOVE Winter Park!! This was our first visit and I saw some of the same things you did. Plan to go back sometime in the future and so I can check out all the cute shops :)
    Have a great week!

  3. You certainly had your share of color! The gerbera daisies are one of my favorites too. So cheery.
    Thank you for sharing your trip with us on The Maple Hill Hop! We always enjoy your travels! ;0D

  4. It's fun to see how a different part of the world handle different seasons. I would have to touch the sculpture, too!! I really like your peacock fountain a lot.

  5. A delightful place with some wonderful flowers, Amy!
    Thank you for your continued support of the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


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