Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Flowers of Enger Tower Park

While my husband and I were camping over Labour Day weekend, we drove into the nearby city of Duluth, Minnesota to sight see for a day.  We did so much that day it's impossible to fit into one post, so  today's post is just one of many to follow.

The first thing we did on Sunday morning was visit Enger Tower Park.  The main attraction of Enger Tower Park is the tower:  but I will share those pictures and stories on one of my Wednesday Travel Posts.  Today, since it's Sunday Gardening Day on my blog, I just want to show you the lovely flower gardens of this beautiful park.

The park is situated on a scenic hillside above the city of Duluth.  It is located right off the Duluth, Minnesota's Scenic Parkway.  So yes,  I was back to driving up on scary high roads on my vacation again.  What is it about me that I always have to drive these terrifying roads?  All kidding aside, the road is very safe and well-maintained.  I'm just terrified of high, hilly roads.

My husband and I were the first visitors to the park.  It rained heavily the night before, so everything was wet and the sky was quite overcast.  There was no admission or parking fees.  

The park was so peaceful for awhile.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  The only creatures around were chipmunks, who my husband immediately started talking to.  Yes, we talk to animals.  Were weird that way.

Being late summer, only fall blooming perennials and annuals were in bloom.  But there was still so much interest in the landscape with all the beautiful hosta, bushes, trees, and rock.

The first place we headed was the pergola area.  It sits high on top of the hill and has a beautiful scenic overlook of the city of Duluth.  Weddings are held under this pavilion.

There were huge pots of gorgeous annual flowers surrounding the pavilion and pergolas.

The ivy just dripped over the edges of the pots, and cascaded down onto the ground.

The view of the pavilion and pergolas as seen from the scenic view side.

Scenic view of the city of Duluth and Lake Superior.  See the bridge and boat in the distance?  The bridge goes up to let boats pass through.

There are many beautiful and tranquil scenic garden paths to walk in this path, and plenty of benches to just stop and enjoy the view.  The Superior Hiking Trail also runs along the edge of Enger Park Gardens.

They had an amazing variety of hosta at this park.

Beautiful Black Eyed Susans, Zinnias, Petunias, and more hosta fill this garden bed.

Gorgeous alyssum filled in among the garden rocks to border the garden.

 I love the color Zinnia plantings bring.  I have seen so many beautiful Zinnia beds this summer.  I am definitely going to plant these flowers in my garden next year!

My husband just loves interesting trees, tree limbs, and tree trunks.

In addition to the flower gardens, the park also features a lovely Japanese Garden whose show case is a replica of  a bell from Japan.  You can read the entire story of this bell in the picture below.

 It is a working bell, and we had a fun time making it "ring".  It had quite a lovely sound.

The Japanese Garden was so peaceful and lovely.  It had a "river" of stones and a "lake" of gravel.  You can read all about this garden in the picture below.

Like most Japanese Gardens, it was meticulously manicured and well taken of.

The gravel lake is seen in the distance.  Although there were signs everywhere telling people to stay out, this little girl almost walked right in it.  I almost died.  It is raked in circular patterns, which must take hours to do.  The little girl sees the pretty gravel and says "Lets go inside!".  Thankfully, her parents stopped her.

I don't know the significance of all the Japanese garden ornaments, but I found them quite lovely.

The black rocks mimic a river, merging into the lake (the light grey gravel).  I love the fountain grass growing alongside the "river". 

A close up of the "river".

Yet another interesting Japanese garden sculpture.

A view of the "Lake" close up with a view of the peace bell in the distance.

I just loved all the rock, stone, and stone steps in this park.  And look at the beautiful Limelight Hydrangea bush behind me.

There was lots of moss growing around and in all the rock, making it even more beautiful.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I have seen gardening posts on your blog, but I guess I didn't realize you did it every Sunday! How fun! This garden is very well maintained and bursting with color. We are lucky to have a beautiful garden here in St. Louis and the largest part of the garden (and it is pretty big!) is the Japanese Garden. They have a Japanese Festival every Labor Day weekend and it is lots of fun. I have a limelight hydrangea in my garden and I love it!


  2. Still some beautiful flowers blooming at this garden. Great pictures.

  3. There's nothing wrong with talking to animals! :-)
    I love Japanese gardens and your pictures are simply lovely. Next time I get to the area, I will be visiting thanks to your information--I may never have otherwise knew this beauty was there.

  4. What a gorgeous place! What a treat to visit, especially when you had the place to yourselves. Thanks for sharing your wonderful outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  5. It looks like and artistic place. What a great story about the bell, too.

  6. A lovely, peaceful park with a great view!

  7. A lovely, peaceful park with a great view!

  8. Wonderful shots of a beautiful garden, Amy!
    Many thanks for joining us on Floral Friday Fotos!

  9. hi Amy,
    i just discover your blog and I suscribe right away for it seems so full of good and beautiful things .I ll come often to search it all through ,already your fashion and garden posts give me lots of idea .tk you so much just to exist .
    have a great day


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