Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remembrance Candle

A friend at church called me late one night to ask if I could quickly come up with a Rembrance Candle for her son's wedding. Her daughter-in-law thought she could easily buy a candle one week before the wedding, but quickly found out that was not possible. So I put this together for her in about a half an hour. The candle is in honor of the brides mother who passed away. A photograph of the mother was placed next to the candle. The brides taste was quite different than mine. She likes everything 'simple', a 'less is more' type of girl. Well, I'm a "More is More" type of girl, so it was hard for me to not 'glam' this candle up more. In fact, I showed the bride two versions of this candle, one with leaves, the other without leaves, and she chose the one without the leaves. But I'm showing you the one with the leaves, because I like this one better and you can just imagine what it looks like without leaves (bare, it looked like it was missing something. LOL!)
To make the candle, I printed the text onto vellum using the same font as the wedding invitations. I cut the vellum into an oval shape using a coluzzle. I adhered the vellum to the candle with adhesive spray. I glued a strand of pearls around the oval using 'The Ultimate' glue. I finished the candle with a bow and some glittery fall leaves from Walmart.
Have a great day! Amy


  1. This is just beautiful! Love the frame of pearls and I think the leaves are a wonderful touch! I'm definitely a more is more person too...what's cardmaking with out the embellishments?

  2. Gorgeous job Amy!!! I would have had to do the leaves too!! Something so personal is not an easy find ... she was lucky to have your creative talents so close at hand!!! Good Job!!


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