Monday, October 19, 2015

What I Wore on a Brisk Fall Hike

After weeks of unseasonably warm temperatures, we finally had our first hard frost here in North Western Wisconsin.  It dropped down to 28 degrees Friday night, and killed the last of the flowers in my garden.  The next morning, we headed two hours North to enjoy the Fall Foliage before it was all gone.  It was in the thirties when we left at 8:00 a.m.,  and we had a high of 54 by mid-day.  

I always struggle with what to wear when picking clothes to hike outdoors.  First and foremost, I have to look good.  I mean, I know I'm going hiking in the woods and all, so I don't want to wear my expensive, dressy clothes,  BUT, I still want to look my best because I know my husband is going to take lots and lots of pictures.  Who wants to be known for a bad hair day or a hideous outfit recorded in the family history album for all time?

I also struggle with what to wear because I want to be comfortable.  Yes, I love beauty, but being comfortable always comes before beauty to me because if it doesn't, I'm miserable.  I was worried about  being too cold in the morning, but if I over-dressed, I might get hot hiking in the afternoon.  What to wear, what to wear….oh, the challenges of my life. :)

I finally decided on lots and lots of layers, so I can strip them off as the day went on and the heat rose.  I wore four layers of clothing on my upper half:  a tank top, a long sleeve thin shirt, a chunky sweater, and a white, puffy vest.  For accessories, I chose a slouchy hat, scarf, and light knit gloves.  And for footwear, I decided on a pair of ankle height combat boots.

It turned out I never needed the hat, probably because my long hair kept my ears covered and warm.  I only used the gloves up until lunch, then those went in my back pack for the rest of the day.  But, to my surprise, even though the temps did get into the mid fifties as predicted, I left all my other clothing items on.  I was never too warm, or too cold.  I felt perfect all day.  I think all the rock and shade kept it cooler;   there were a few times I got slightly warm, but not enough to warrant removing any clothing items.  However,  I did see plenty of other hikers start to take their jackets off as the day went on.

Everything I'm wearing is old except the jeans.  I just received the most amazing pair of jeans in my last Stitch Fix.  I will do a post on my Fall Fix this Friday and tell you more about them then.  I usually wouldn't wear new jeans (especially jeans that cost almost $80.00) hiking, but these jeans are made of such a comfortable, stretchy denim, they were perfect for the occasion!  They moved so well with my body!  I could exercise in these jeans, they are so comfortable!  It's like wearing spandex leggings instead of denim, but it doesn't look like it!  They are amazing!

 I bought my vest last year from Sears (shown before in THIS POST).  I have the same scarf on, but it looks redder in the previous post.  This is the true color.  It is from Forever 21 (old).  The sweater I picked up at J.C. Penney last winter.  I've shown it to you before HERE.

One thing I never planned on with this outfit was matching the colors of the fall foliage so well.  When we got home and I looked at these pictures, I said to my husband that the colors in my outfit looked so good with the colors in the woods.  Especially the scarf!  What a happy coincidence!

 So what do you think of me with bangs and darker hair?  I personally love it!  And no one stared at me with a mortified look at church this week (read Friday's post if you missed that funny story).  I even got a few compliments, and some people, including my husband, said I looked even younger with bangs!  Even though looking young isn't a goal of mine, I'll take it!

In almost every picture my scarf is tied differently.  I had to keep adjusting it as the day went on.  It kept wanting to fling to the back, or, I needed it tighter to my neck if the winds picked up.  That's why there are so many different looks.

On our last vacation to Colorado we needed a backpack to hike in the Rocky Mountains, but we couldn't find any that weren't outrageously expensive or too cheap (I've since found one, but will probably not use it till my next mountain hiking adventure).  So I ran into a local K-Mart and bought a fashion backpack.  It was just large enough to carry a couple of bottles of water and some food, so it worked out perfectly.  I now carry it every time we go hiking or on vacations/day trips.

It's a backpack, bag/purse…whatever you need it to be.  You can carry it like a backpack, or just fling one strap across your shoulder like a bag, or carry it by the handle as I am in this photograph.  It's the perfect fashion/travel bag.

We had so much fun this day exploring the fall beauty of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and I think that really shows in my expressions in these pictures.  I love that I don't have to work weekends anymore and my husband and I can get out and do things together again.  Hiking is one of our favorite activities for we enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature so much.

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. I love fall hiking and your outfit is FALL perfection. Love the sweater and the scarf, so pretty!

    Stopping by from the linkup.

  2. You are quite the outdoorsy person! I love all of your posts about placing you have visited outdoors. That sweater looks so warm and the bright red scarf is gorgeous on you, too!


  3. What a gorgeous place for your pictures! Love the scarf!

  4. Great pictures, love the Fall colors! How fun that your clothes matched the background so well! Makes the pictures even more beautiful!

  5. I cannot EVEN begin to imagine what 28 degrees feels like! Last week it was in the 90s here in Louisiana, but this week we're in the 80's. Gradual is the key word. I must say that for the cooler weather you're getting to enjoy, you look very warm and cozy!

  6. You are so cute bundled up Amy. Love those gorgeous Autumn trees and your pretty merlot scarf that matches them.

  7. I cannot imagine it already being 28 degrees! We have had some 80s this week. You look great in your fall attire!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. What a beautiful location for a hike!! The leaves where you are are gorgeous! Love your layered Fall look.
    Thanks for linking up with us today.

  9. You look like you had lots of fun. Cute fall look as well! Would love to see you at my link up tomorrow!

  10. Cable knits alway and forever have my heart! Love this classic fall look
    Thanks for linking up with us on Start the Week Stylish
    - Ana Luiza
    The Northwest Blonde

  11. You look so cozy & warm! Perfect look for a fall hike!

  12. Perfect hiking outfit (while still looking stylish) cute!
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures


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