Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pretty Fall Floral & Decor Discoveries

I have been completely awestruck at all the beautiful Fall florals and decor I have been seeing wherever I go.  I usually find Fall such a sad time of the year, for it marks the end of warm weather, fun times, and of course the growing season, but this year I have been enjoying every minute of it.  Perhaps it could be because this has been one of the warmest, most beautiful falls we have had in many years.  Or perhaps it could be because this is the first fall I haven't had to work in over six years, so I am able to get out and enjoy it.  I don't know what the reason is, but I am loving every minute of it, capturing as much of it on camera as I can!

My husband and I have been traveling a lot and visiting a lot of cute towns and beautiful state parks the past couple of months.  We recently went to the Twin Cities for a conference, and I found this lovely floral display outside where the conference was held.

I really loved the backdrop of the fountain grass and of course the amazing bright yellow of the mums.

 We also stopped in a sweet little town not far from our home called Alma.  There we discovered this cute store front business all decked out for fall.

They had a wonderful mix of different colored mums and pumpkins.

Just look at all this color!

 The owner mixed in sunflowers, fountain grasses, and dried florals in her display.

The sidewalk, door, windows, and even the walls were decorated for fall.

There was another pretty store front in this town that used mums in hanging baskets and in containers to decorate for fall.

The following weekend, we visited another town called Wabasha.  I've already shown you the fun pumpkins we discovered there is THIS POST.  But while there, we saw many other cute fall displays, like the one in front of this gorgeous brick building.  Oh, and isn't that ivy growing up the wall so beautiful?

 The owners used haystack and dried corn stalks as backdrops for the fall items they were selling.

I liked the unique square shapes of the scarecrows.

This wagon is so cute!

They may be a little too cutesy for some people's taste, but they are sure to make anyone smile!

 Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Very nice pictures, I also love autumn, the colors and the flowers pumpkins the nice warm clothes, have a nice day Amy

  2. We have had a really pretty fall this year too Amy! Such beautiful colors. What a cute shop you found!

  3. So fab decorations ! Halloween is a super moment in your country !

  4. So many adorable decorations. And the flowers are beautiful! I love it when you share your travels. We also love road trips. My son was asking me the other day why they call them the twin cities? Do they look alike? I haven't been there, so I don't know.
    So good to see you on The (better late than never) Maple Hill Hop! ;0D

  5. Wow! This is really pretty color. So vibrant and bright! Great shots.

  6. All decked out for the season.

  7. A great series of photos! Wonderful shots of the Fall decorations.

  8. Lovely autumnal shots, Amy. Wonderful flowers and pumpkins!
    Many thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


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