Friday, June 14, 2019

Three Summer Pieces From Stitch Fix

Today I am showing the last three pieces I received in my May box from Stitch Fix.  I've already shown you two pieces:  a yellow sleeveless top and a printed dress.  In this post, I am revealing a top, pants, and sandals.

First, let's talk about the top.  You might have noticed it's pretty wrinkly.  I left the wrinkles in the top on purpose because I wanted you to see how easily the top wrinkles.  I don't like any material that wrinkles easy.

I also don't like the sleeves.  I think this is the second top Stitch Fix sent me with these type of sleeves.  They totally don't work on gals with bigger arms like me.

But, I do like the eyelet yoke.  I think that's very pretty.

The top is by Daniel Rainn and is called "Kiara Eyelet Detail Top"

The second item I received were these pair of Franco Sarto "Gia Leather Sandals".  They were super comfy.  The stripes are made of suede.  There is a big toe loop.  Hubby didn't like the sandals at all.  I thought they were OK, but the style was a bit rugged for my taste.

The last item I received was a pair of lightweight coral pants:  perfect for summer.  I thought all three items in the Fix went so well together,  I styled them all together with a hat and straw bag.

I wore coral and white jewelry to match the colors in the outfit.  The straw bag was purchased in a garden center years ago.

I loved everything about these pants.  The material is very thin and comfy:  perfect for summer.  I love the cropped length too.

The hat is from H&M.

And my favorite thing about the pants?  It has BELT LOOPS!  🤣 If you remember I received a pair of light blue pants in my last Fix which did not have belt loops, so I had to sew my own on to keep my pants from falling off.  I was so thrilled I would not have to do that again with these pants.

The pants are by Cosmic Blue Love and called "Moriah Straight Leg Pant".

On Monday I will do a Stitch Fix Review post letting you know what I kept and what I sent back;  although I'm sure ya'll guessed by now!  🤣 I'll also reveal my Instagram Poll results in that post.

If you've never tried Stitch Fix before, use my REFERRAL CODE to receive $25.00 off your first box.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. These colors go so well together! What a fun summery outfit! And yay for belt loops!
    The shirt is cute, but to me I think the neckline is just a little bit too high and personally don't see a problem with the sleeves.

    1. I know, I was so excited about the belt loops! I don't like the sleeves on the top because they cut off too high. They cut at the biggest part of the arm, making the arm look bigger. They need to be longer.

  2. I love the color of your pants! It looks wonderful with your blouse. You created a perfect summer look.

  3. Stylizacja idealna na letni spacer :)

  4. I like the eyelet on the top. Cute outfit.

  5. You look lovely Amy! Fresh and summery, Love how your nails match! :-)



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