Sunday, June 30, 2019

My Late Spring Garden 2019

The late spring garden was so beautiful this year.  After letting my garden go to weed when I went back to work full time, I've been painfully renovating it the past few years.  It's been such a difficult ordeal, but I think I've finally started to see my hard work pay off as the gardens I've completed looked stunning this year.

This little pond garden is right outside my front door.  It's cheerful daisies and sound of water greet guests when they arrive to my home. 

 I have so much of this iris in my garden.  It grows and spreads so fast.  It's very difficult to divide as the roots are so hard and thick.  But it is a pretty plant as the foliage is always attractive even when it's not in bloom.

This pink peony did so well this year, but unfortunately it was at the expense of a crab apple tree.  It's planted right under a tree that appears to be dying so it got plenty of sun instead of shade.  In previous years, this peony never even bloomed because it didn't get enough sun.

A close up of one of its blooms...ant included!

More peonies.  I love the deep burgundy red of this one.

And this white beauty I showed you last week, but it was still in bloom looking prettier than ever so I wanted to share more photos.  I cupped my hand around the bloom so you could see how large the flowers are.  Isn't it just gorgeous?

My favorite clematis is just starting to open up.

Here is a picture of that same dark peony pictured above as seen with it's companion plants in the garden.  I love the white background of the Viburnum bush and Goatsbeard.

The spirea bushes are starting to bloom.  This white one is always the first to bloom.

Another angle of the Viburnum bush and Goatsbeard with the garden shed in the distance.  

I mentioned last week how beautiful the lilac bushes were this year.  The lilac bush next to the shed really did well in comparison to previous years.   l loved how it looked right next to the the Viburnum on the left.

Another beautiful peony.  The closeup of one of its bloom is shown beneath this photo.

That is a white perennial geranium in front of yellow iris pictured below.

I always love it when my poppies bloom,  I only wish they lasted a bit longer in the garden.  They only bloom for two or three days and they are done!  I love the orange blooms against the pink Marguerite Daisies.

View from the garden shed looking back up at the house.

A close up of the Goatsbeard bloom.  I couldn't believe how covered in bees this plant was.

I was "blessed" with these two white metal poles cemented in the ground when I bought the property. I turned one into a spot to hang baskets, but I haven't done anything with the second one yet.   I should probably have my husband attach a cute bird house to it.

A close up of a Viburnum bush with Iris growing up through its branches.

Pretty daisies growing by the pond.

A close up of the white Spirea bush and one of its blooms.

Another view of the upper pond garden.   Bachelors Buttons, purple and yellow iris, daisies, and white geranium are all in bloom at once.

A close up of one of the clematis blooms.

This garden was renovated two years ago and is just now starting to fill in nicely.

There is a lot of purple iris in this garden because this plant also grows fairly well in the shade, and it's primarily a shade garden.

And another view of the lilac and viburnum bushes in bloom by the shed.

I look at these pictures and they make me kinda sad because now my garden is in that "lull period".  All the spring flowers are done blooming, and we are awaiting the summer flowers to bloom, so it's just mostly green.  But when it does happen, it will explode with hot, vibrant colors!  I can't wait!

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Do you have any trouble with pests? I have a viburnum that is being eaten by viburnum beetles and what I have read isn't promising. Also rose chafer beetles that are all over one peony and some other shrubs. Those I pick off by hand and dump into soapy water. What are your tactics for dealing with unwanted bugs?

    1. I guess I'm blessed because I have very little problems with pests. My worst garden pest is probably snails and slugs as I live right next to a waterfall and creek and my yard is very shady and moist. I use slug bait to control them, but I don't think it works very well. I do have a ton of birds, especially woodpeckers, in my yard, maybe that's why I don't have a lot of bug problems. I don't know. If I think I see bugs wrecking a plant, I use Sevin Dust. They say not to use dust because it's bad for bees, but I use it rarely and minimally. I think dust is the best, because it stays on the plant till it rains. Sprays just kill the bugs that are there, and then they come back. Dust keeps them off.

  2. Beautiful gardens! I just love all the peonies and irises.

  3. beautiful flowers and lovely house...
    violet, pink, white, yellow....colorfuls

  4. These are so beautiful! This post was like a walk through your garden. I agree--that deep burgundy one is just stunning.

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  6. Wow. What a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing. First time visitor to your blog and pinned this post. Visiting you from the Wed. AIM Link Party, where I posted Top Reasons to Practice Gratitude with Tips to Help You Do It.

    1. Thanks Nancy! I'll be over soon to check out your post.

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  8. You have a gorgeous garden! Thanks so much for sharing.


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