Monday, June 3, 2019

Grandma & Me: Alethea’s Finest Fashion Moments

This month's "Grandma & Me" post is going to be a little different.  Instead of seeing Grandmother and Granddaughter matching fashion outfits, I'm going to just share some of Alethea's Finest Fashion Moments plus tell you a little bit about what Alethea has been up to.  I tried so hard to correlate outfits with my daughter Ashley to do a June "Grandma & Me" fashion post, but because the weather was so awful Mother's Day weekend, and we had all the logistics of traveling plus trying to figure out what to wear that would be comfy, practical, and fashionable, I just got frustrated and told Ashley we'll skip it this month.  I will admit, I was the frustrated one.  My daughter tried to work really hard with me, but the cold, dreary wet weather just depressed me so I wasn't in the mood.  But that's OK, because now I get to make this month's post all about the cutest little girl in my world: ALETHEA!  

Alethea's Spring Active Wear

Alethea is loving the warm, spring weather.  She loves the outside and going for a walk to the park with her mother everyday.  She also has her grandmother's love for flowers, for she was crazy for all the beautiful flowering crab apple trees in her neighborhood.

Alethea loves to walk or run and really doesn't like being in her stroller much, so sneakers and leggings are her favorite active wear pieces.  A neutral, lightweight winter coat is perfect for the cooler spring mornings and the color goes with so many of her outfits.  And of course because she loves flowers she has to have flowers on her shirt too!

On chillier spring days, Alethea buttons up her lightweight jacket and pulls up the hood.  She strolls down the sidewalk in style as she pushes her baby doll in a stroller.

On warmer spring days, Alethea loves to don her denim jacket.

But of course, Alethea still wears leggings with her denim jacket, because they are perfect for her active lifestyle.

Easter Sunday Dress

Easter was a sunny and warm 70 degree day.  Everyone was so happy, because we so rarely get a nice warm Easter in this part of the US.  Alethea was able to wear with this beautiful blue and white dress while hunting for Easter Eggs.

Alethea's Winter Fashions

The next two pictures you might have seen in previous posts.  They were taken in a mild February.  Alethea is wearing an adorable white fleece coat in both pictures.  The first picture was an outfit she wore shopping.  The top has a little tutu on it, and of course she is wearing leggings, with a matching pink bow and Converse sneakers.

On this day Alethea went to the zoo.  She is so happy because Daddy finally let her out of her stroller.  She loved running across the bridges in the primate exhibit.  Here she is wearing that same cute white fleece coat, grey leggings with adorable bear patches on her knees, grey gloves to keep her hands warm, and sneakers so she can run with ease!

Alethea's Own Fashion Creations

All little girls love to play dress up and Alethea is no exception.  Here she decided to dress like a ballerina.  I love how she decided to be so unique and put her shoes on the wrong feet. 

And here is Alethea's Xena Warrior Princess look.  She came up with outfit all herself!  I love how she used a roll of gift wrap for her "sword".  Too cute!

Alethea's Fall Looks

When fall rolled around both Alethea's mother and I started to think she was really looking grown up.    It made us both a little sad.  But, at the same time, it was a blast hearing her speak words, then sentences, and watching her discover and learn new things.  She is so much fun to hang around!  She loved fall! She loved to walk in the fallen leaves and hear the crunching sound underneath her feet.

For a crisp fall day Alethea sported jeggings, an adorable polka dot top, and the cutest red cardigan I ever did see!

She had so much fun pushing her wagon through the fallen leaves.  She wore bright pink leggings, sneakers and a denim jacket for this fun day out.

Alethea Sports The Latest Trends By Wearing Leggings Under a Skirt

Some friends of Ashley & Jason's gave them an old stepping stool.  Alethea loved to play with this stool.  She moved it all over the apartment and practiced going up and down the steps.  For this activity she wore jeggings underneath a chambray skirt with a pretty blue print shell top.  I'm sure she probably had a cardigan over this tank at some point during the day, but their apartment runs very hot so she removed it to stay cool.

Alethea's Mother's Day Outfit

For Mother's Day,  Alethea and I were suppose to wear matching outfits.  I was going to wear my new light blue pants and white floral top, but decided I would be too cold in that outfit so I skipped it.  Alethea held her end of the bargain though, and still wore hers!  Of course, her outfit was a lot warmer than mine would have been.

Alethea's Favorite Outfit Of All:  Just a Diaper

Even though Alethea loves fashion, I think her favorite outfit of all is to just run around the house wearing a diaper (what toddler doesn't?)  This picture was taken shortly after her mom got done talking to me on the phone.  Alethea knew mommy was talking to "Mamy" and she wanted to talk to me too, so she picked up her play phone and called me herself.  What a cutie pie!

I hope you enjoyed my tongue-in-cheek post of Alethea's Finest Fashion Moments.  Hopefully next month we'll get back on track with our usual "Grandma & Me" posts, but it might not happen as Grandbaby #2 is due about that same time and we might be a bit pre-occupied!  I can't wait to have another adorable, beautiful, grand baby to love!

Have A Great Day!  Amy


  1. Your granddaughter is so cute! it's adorable to see her outfits even if you didn't get to match!

    Hope that you had a great weekend!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again! :)

    Away From Blue

  2. These are just adorable, Amy!! Alethea is growing so fast, and that smile just lights up the world.

  3. Glad to know you will improve your post....
    grandkid look so smart and cute...

  4. Such a cute post Amy. She's so adorable and I think she's going to have so much fun being the big sister!

    1. Thanks Ellie! It will be interesting watching her as a big sister.

  5. Lucia was here for a quick visit and I thought of you and Alethea, and these posts, of course. I wanted to figure out a grandma and me outfit for the two of us but just didn't have time! We did both wear our bathing suits (or as Lucia says baby suits) at the same time. The kids are moving to El Paso, though, so maybe this fall we can join you for a grandma and me post.

    Alethea is certainly a fashionista and trendsetter. Love her Easter dress. That print is so pretty. I am seeing a lot of blue and white for summer. So crispy and clean.

    1. Oh that would be awesome if we could collaborate on a Grandma & Me post together. That's awesome that they are moving closer too. Thanks so much.


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