Monday, June 24, 2019

June Instagram Round Up

Once a month I like to show my readers some snapshots or selfies of what I wear in real life.  Here is my round up for June:

I wore my new dress from Stitch Fix on a warm 80+ degree day to go car shopping with my husband.      I was so cool and comfy in this dress!  I wore it with silver athletic sandals because I thought I'd be walking a lot.

However, I didn't need the comfy sandals after all, because we bought the first car we saw.  I've been driving my new compact SUV for couple of weeks now and loving it!

Other than a warm day here and there, it's still been very cool in Wisconsin.  Father's Day was only 54 degrees if you can believe that!  I wore this outfit to church, then out to celebrate Father's Day with my husband.  We went to lunch then a movie.  We saw "Aladdin" and really enjoyed it.  The choreography was amazing.  Loved all the beautiful color in the film too.  And the actors who played Aladdin and Jasmine were incredible.  After the movie we went to Culvers to get a free Father's Day ice cream cone for my husband.  The top is from Stitch Fix and the pants are from Charlotte Russe.

Sorry this picture is blurry.  I didn't notice it was blurry till it was too late to re-take it.  I wore this dress out to lunch and shopping.  The dress is by Liz Claiborne.

I received this dress from Stitch Fix last year and I wore it to church.

I wore this outfit to church on another cool day.  I think it was in the sixties on this day.  The top is from JCPenney.

Another church dress and also another Stitch Fix dress.  Stitch Fix has the best dresses!  I rarely return any dress I receive from Stitch Fix.

I wore this Stitch Fix dress to get my hair done, then I met my husband for lunch and ran my weekly errands.

I guess you can tell by this post how much use I get out of my Stitch Fix clothes and how long I keep them.  They really do have longevity in my closet.  Both the dress above and the top below are from Stitch Fix and I received them both over a year ago.

I wore this outfit running errands and having lunch with my husband.

As I put together this post,  I couldn't help but notice that I either wore a dress or white pants with a cute top.   It's my spring style:  white pants whenever it's too cold to wear a dress.

Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. You look nice at first and second photos...aww, you have handsome husband....

    Have a wonderful day...

  2. You definitely have a spring style! Lots of cute options... we've had pretty cool weather here too and I only just broke out shorts and tank tops this weekend. mostly I've been wearing pants with sandals and a short- sleeved shirt.

    1. I have yet to wear a pair of shorts this season yet, only in the garden. And in a few weeks all my warm climate blogging buds will be doing "I can't wait for fall!" posts, and I'm gonna wanna strangle them. :) I can't believe summer is almost half over already and we still haven't had warm weather. So sad. Thanks so much!

  3. Girl, you must be Stitch Fix's best customer. And your stylist must be practically a BFF! She knows you so well. Love the gray dress with the gray sandals. And that rose colored top with the white jeans. That sheer periwinkle top is lovely, too. Reminds me of a butterfly. So delicate.

    1. Well I don't know about that. I return a lot of stuff, sometimes entire boxes. And they keep giving me new stylists, I don't know why. I don't ask for a new stylist. Thanks so much.

  4. Looks like you've been having some fun! All your dresses are really cute!

  5. The off the shoulder top with the white pants is my favorite. I usually wear white bottoms a couple times a week during the summer, just brightens up everything!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love white bottoms. They go with anything. So easy to style. I always chuckle when I see posts titled "What to wear with white jeans". Duh, ANYTHING! Anything goes with white.

  6. Loving all these cute summer outfits, especially the off-shoulder top. So pretty on you dear!

    Jessica |

  7. All really cute outfits on you Amy! I love the peach and navy print on the first dress and your car looks nice!! We are due for a new SUV soon, as we are hitting 200,000 miles! Love the floral tie blouse and the periwinkle top is such a pretty color. You look great
    Aladdin sounds wonderful, I love musicals
    jess xx

  8. So many cute outfits - particularity the dresses! And congrats on the new car :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again! :)

    Away From Blue

  9. What a great roundup of outfits Any. You wear both colors and neutrals well and rock so many different styles and items of clothing!

    Welcome by and join my linkup this week, my friend. It is currently LIVE!

    Thanks and have a great 4th of July week!


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