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Family Fun At Cedarburg Wisconsin

A few weeks ago I shared a travel post of our Mother's Day weekend in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  To keep the post from becoming too long, I only included pictures of the city in that post.  Today, I'm sharing a more personal side of our visit to Cedarburg by including all the family photos and the stories behind them.

This photo was taken in a church garden.  It was our first stop on the historic street and Alethea was in the stroller for all of five minutes.  The second she saw the river behind the church she kept repeating "out, out!"  So we let her out of the stroller and would you believe she walked the entire historic district, both sides of the street?  She loves to explore, and never went back in the stroller till the very end of our day.  The stroller still came in use to carry all our bags! 

Even though I warned all my kids to eat a hearty breakfast before they came,  my 5'9 135 lb son started lamenting how hungry he was the second we got there.  So my husband caved and bought him a slice of pizza.  He ate it walking down the street, and we all were so envious of that pizza that we went back there for lunch.  Jordan then had a second slice of pizza at lunch time!

We had a good laugh because there were two candy stores in town (actually I think there were more than two, but we only bought candy from two of them) and one was named "Ashley's Confectionery" and the other "Amy's Candy Kitchen".  Of the two stores, we thought "Amy's" was better.  They had the most amazing caramel apples.  My husband bought Ashley and I a chocolate covered strawberry for Mother's Day!  They were so good!

Of course we had to have our pictures taken in front of our namesakes!  

And here is my very pregnant daughter Ashley in front of her candy store.

The historic district has many vintage homes that have been turned into stores.  We didn't go in many of them because of Alethea and the stroller, but I sure enjoyed looking at the outside of the pretty houses.

Ashley and I both received a flower, tote bag, and chocolate for Mother's Day.  Alethea claimed the flower as her own, and clung on to it for the rest of the day.  She was so upset when she broke the stem off, but she still clung to the blossom with her tiny fist.

The pedestrian bridge over the river was just beautiful.  There's another view of this bridge shown from the side on my previous Cedarburg post.

I have this tradition going with Alethea that every time I see her I bring her cheese curds from Wisconsin.  She absolutely loves them!  Here she is with a cheese curd in each fist.

Alethea loves to practice walking up and down steps.  The old mill was perfect for her, because there were lots of steps to walk up and down on.  Grandpa stayed on the first floor with the stroller while we explored the old mill.  He didn't mind, as he enjoyed listening to the local musicians playing in the lobby.

Alethea was so excited to explore this garden.  When she saw the rooster at the top of the steps at this shed, she couldn't wait to check him out.

There were so many fun garden statues in this garden for kids to enjoy.  Alethea loved the giraffe!

Many of the businesses had chairs in front of their stores.  I think Alethea had to stop and sit in every single chair.  Her favorite one was this over sized rocker she shared with her uncle Jordan.

We loved this mural of Cedarburg highlighting all the famous buildings of the town.  Alethea is now at the age when she closes her eyes when smiling at the camera.  So adorable!

Here is one of the entire family, minus me of course.   I was the photographer that day.

Alethea found another chair to test out.  This one is more her size.

I loved this old door to the mill.  I asked my son to stand next to it for a size perspective.  He was like "Why are you taking a picture of a door?"

Sweet Alethea when she first got her Mother's Day flower.

This time Alethea got to sit in a chair shaped like an ice cream cone.  Grandpa shared his turtle chocolate that he bought at "Ashley's Confectionery" with Alethea.  She liked that.

This is the pizza place where we had lunch:  Sals.  You can buy pizza by the slice (which is what we did).  The pizza was delicious but what I really loved was the garlic roll that came with it.  The bread literally melted in my mouth!

I always have to have a cup of coffee or tea after lunch.  There were many nice coffee houses to choose from.  I chose this one:  Java House, Cedarburg's first coffee house.  I loved the ambiance of the place, and the coffee was delicious!   Jordan enjoyed coming in out of the cold and warming himself up.

After checking in at a hotel in the area we had fun playing with Alethea in the swimming pool.  Sorry,  I don't have any pictures of that as I left the camera in our room.  Later that evening we went out to dinner at Water Street Brewery.  Oh my gosh, what a great place!  The food and atmosphere was amazing!

 They offer both inside and outside dining, but it was too cold to eat outside.

Alethea was such a good girl at the restaurant.  She loved sitting next to Grandpa.

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Have A Great Day!  Amy

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  1. That sounds like such a fun and wonderful day with the family!

  2. Looks like y’all had the sweetest day! Your family is adorable!

  3. What a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing with us. I never grow tired of photos of that Alethea. Doll baby, A #1.

  4. Such a charming place indeed. Looks like Aletha is having fun! She's so precious.
    Jessica |


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