Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Bellagio Gardens

One of the highlights of my trip to Las Vegas in May was visiting the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens of the Bellagio.  I was aware of their gardens prior to my visit, after seeing photos and video tape from various sources, so I made it the first place we headed to on our first night in Vegas.

The Bellagio changes the theme of the gardens with the seasons, and every year there are all new designs.  HERE is their website where you can see the beautiful decor of the other seasons covering the past two years.

We were there during their summer season and saw the "Under the Sea" theme.  

This is the view behind the registration desk of the hotel lobby.

The first thing you notice when you enter the gardens (besides the vibrant colors which seem to explode into view as you walk in) is this mammoth aquarium.

There are real fish inside and loads of beautiful and colorful coral inside and out.

The aquarium can be viewed from both sides.

The garden is a mix of live plants and natural and faux items.  I loved this succulent covered whale!

Some of the features are animated, like this pearl that opened and closed.

Don't forget to look up because there are so many interesting things hanging from the ceiling that you don't want to miss;  like this seaweed and fish.  The conservatory is covered with a glass dome that rises up fifty feet letting in beautiful natural light.  

People of all ages love the Bellagio Gardens.  The kids enjoy the colorful displays of whimsical sea creatures and the adults love the live flowers.  Although the kid in me enjoyed the magical nautical scenes as well as the flowers!  

There are over 80,000 live plants in a 14,000 square foot space.  That's a lot of plants!

I loved the row of hydrangeas bordering many of the displays.

Aren't these sea nettles gorgeous?  They had  several of them hanging from the ceiling.  

With all the sea creatures hanging from the ceiling plus the wall architecture on the sides, when you walk into the gardens you feel as if you are literally stepping under the sea!

Flower covered mermaid.

Calla lilies

Isn't this floral covered sea turtle just the cutest?

My favorite creatures in the garden were these sea horses.  I just loved the color and the size.

The best part of the Bellagio Gardens is that they are everyone can enjoy them!  It was very crowded when we there around the dinner hour on a Monday night, so you might want to try and view them early in the morning if you go.   You will get unobstructed viewing during those times.  The gardens are located right next to the registration desk and open 24 hours.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. How beautiful is this place ? So artistic. I have Canna Lillies and Hydrangeas in my garden. Hope you enjoyed camping x

  2. Looks like a really nice place to visit while there, and how fun that they re-decorate for each season! It's good to know that even non-hotel guests can go check it out. Your Las Vegas photos really make me want to plan a trip there too, but I would need to bring a sitter along to keep an eye on the kids so we could see Celine Dion while there :-)


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