Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Midsummer Garden

Oh it feels so good to be back with my very first regular post again.  I love to sit and write on my computer in the morning with my java and my new kitty Jackson at my side;  except Jackson is full of beans this morning making typing quite the challenge.  He keeps attacking my fingers as I type, so if you notice any grammatical can blame Jackson!

Well since it's Sunday, it's time for a garden post!  It's been awhile since I've shown you what's blooming in my own garden, so I thought you'd enjoy seeing what's blooming in my midsummer garden.

Catmint blooms in the spring, but you also get a second, less full bloom in midsummer.  I love this plant, though many gardeners consider it invasive.  I don't find it near as invasive as other plants even though it reseeds regularly.  It makes a great border plant as the leaves are just as pretty as the flowers, and the bees and butterflies love it.  I think it looks especially lovely up against this hosta plant.

The hydrangeas are really stealing the show in my garden right now.  This pretty pink one is in full bloom right in front of my garden shed.

Hydrangeas are the perfect shrub for gardens.  They provide three season interest and I love how their flowers dry right on the bushes!

 They say the color of your hydrangea depends on your soil.  If other gardeners had this plant, it might bloom blue for them!

I also have the traditional white hydrangea bush...every year this bush gets bigger and bigger.  It's one of my favorites for sure!

Although I planted a ton of hollyhock seeds last year, my husband covered them all up with two or three feet of leaves (he was trying to keep our septic mound from freezing).  So I ended up with only three hollyhock plants this year.  And then to make it worse, we had straight line 70 mph winds come through and knock them down.  I staked them back up, but they just don't look the same.

My baby's breath has been in bloom for over a month.  It's another plant that just dries on the stem, so it is in bloom for a long time.  It is a very difficult plant to get a nice photo of.  It really doesn't make a good garden plant because it flops and falls everywhere, but it's nice to have around to cut for arrangements.

I used to have a lot of bee balm in the garden, but it was taken over by weeds.  I just redid one garden this spring and I am starting on garden number two!  This is what is left of the bee balm in the garden I just redid.

Bee Balm is great for attracting hummingbirds to your yard.  I see them near this plant every day!

 All my beautiful orange lilies were knocked to the ground by the straight line winds.  I had to cut them all down and put them in a vase.  It was so sad, as they looked fabulous last year.

I have a few yellow asiatic lilies mixed in with the orange as well.

The day lilies are all in bloom.  I have many different varieties.  This cream colored day lily with the burgundy and yellow center is one of my favorites.

It is planted right in front of my garden pond so I get to see it's cheery blooms from my kitchen window.

I also love this vibrant red day lily.  It is such a hardy, vigorous plant.  I've divided it and multiplied it over a dozen times and now have it growing all over my yard.

This purple pink salvia looks great growing next to the red day lily.

I used to have a lot of purple liatris, but the weeds killed most of it off.  Here are a few stragglers who managed to survive.

The tall phlox is just starting to bloom.  I've actually been working really hard ripping this plant out of my yard, although I am a letting a few plants remain.  It just reseeds everywhere in my yard, plus I have so much shade that the leaves get powdery mildew and it looks awful.  I have even purchased the phlox plants that are suppose to be resistant to mildew, and they still get it.  So I've just decided that this high maintenance plant is just not worth it.

 I made three of my own hanging baskets this year and have been quite pleased with the way they turned out.  I will have to remember this bright pink petunia for next year.  It's quite the show stopper!

I saw Mother Nature used my wind chime as a clematis support.  Nope, I didn't plan it this way, but I love how it looks!

And finally, here is a close up of one of my hanging baskets.  I mixed some yellow and purple flowers in my basket too, but my favorite is the hot pink petunia.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Beautiful flowers! I have to say that I have never seen baby's breath growing in a garden before. Only at the florist! Do you plant many much of your garden from seed? Thanks for sharing your garden pics :)

    1. Thank you! No, I really don't grow anything from seed anymore. My garden is so established now, that I don't need to. Occasionally some plants that are biennial die out (like Hollyhocks), so then I might buy some seed to replenish them, but that's about it.

    2. My dumb laptop isn't letting me create a comment without replying to one that is already here. Ugh. Probably not the laptop but the operator malfunctioning. Anyway, love the meandering feel of your garden. The way the beauty just wanders from one space to the next. Just lovely.

    3. Ugh! That happens to me too sometimes, but it doesn't matter, I still received your comment. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments.

  2. Love your colorful summer garden. The hydrangeas are gorgeous! And such pretty hanging baskets too! I totally remember when my kitties used to attack fingers and even our toes under the blanket. They don't do that anymore now, I guess they are used to it. Enjoy the new kitty and so happy that you got your computer back!

    1. Thanks Ellie! It's good to hear Jackson will outgrow his finger and toe attack! We've been using diversions every time he starts to bite, but it will be nice when it ends.

  3. So envious of your hydrangeas, as I can't grow them here. They are gorgeous! You've got so much lovely color in your garden. Sounds like you need a wind block of some sort to protect your precious plants.
    Thanks for stopping by The Maple Hill Hop this week!

    1. Thanks! You can grow so many things where you live that I can't, and you have flowers all year long! I wish I had your climate.

  4. Hi Amy, so sorry I have been MIA but that has happened to me with several blogs I read. I love this post of your gorgeous garden. I love the Hydrangea and Petunia bushes. What a vision of gorgeous florals. It looks like your house is in the middle of a huge forest of flowers. I am pretty sure that is one of the best flower gardens I have yet to witness.

  5. Stunning shots of this wondrous garden, Amy! A lovely variety of plants and flowers.
    Thanks for joining us at the Floral Friday Fotos meme!

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