Friday, July 29, 2016

Computer Woes Again: Be Back Soon

Guys, would you believe my computer is down again with the same issue? Yes! I can't believe it myself! I think I only had it back for a week and when I went to open it up there it was again:  the black screen. I could have cried. I immediately drove back to the Apple Store to have it diagnosed again.  All my pictures are still on my lap top;  I didn't even have time to put them on a CD or flash drive in the short time I had my computer home. So I'm back to using only my IPhone again. I can't blog on my phone because all my pictures are on my computer.  But I am on Instagram as ameliasfleurs where I post daily, and on Snapchat (still figuring Snapchat our).  Hope to see you there!


  1. What is your username on SnapChat? I am on there as curlycraftymom and I'd love to follow you!! I am so sorry about your laptop woes. I had to take my MacBook in a few months ago, because one of the fans stopped working!!


  2. I believe my user name is ameliasfleurs on SnapChat as well. I also go by just my name so people can find me which is Amy Johnson. Thanks!

  3. Following you on Insta. Just found your beautiful blog and so sad to read you are struggling with the black screen of death on your laptop. Hurry back to us. I am onceuponatimehappilyeverafter on Insta. :)

    1. "The black screen of death" that's hysterical! But true! When you have a black screen, you can't do anything! I actually just got a call from the repair store yesterday. The computer is fixed, but now he thought it was running a little slow and wanted to do a tune up on the hard drive, so it will be another two days. Ugh!


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