Thursday, March 10, 2016


If you've been paying close attention in my last two fashion posts you would have noticed that I was wearing headbands!  I have discovered that since I got bangs, headbands look really good on me and several people have even told me that I look younger with bangs and headbands:   not that I'm necessarily trying to achieve that, but it's always a nice thing to hear.  It's far better than hearing the question "Are you feeling well?" :)

So far I've shown you a black and white headband in THIS POST and an olive green one in THIS POST.

Here are those two looks again in case you missed it:

  Now both my headbands are simple fabric ones, but I also wanted to show you all some other types of headbands on the market today and the different hairstyles and looks you can create with them.

Express has some pricey, yet fun ones I really like.

I love the knot in this headband and how the model is wearing it directly on her forehead.

This one has a long pretty skinny scarf.

If you prefer something more delicate, try this Pearl Headband from Francescas!  It's like jewelry in your hair.

Headbands are great to wear as a replacement for jewelry during the hot summer months when you don't want any heavy jewelry on your neck or arms.

If the above embellished headband is to delicate for your taste, you could try going bolder this one:

Now that I've shown you several different types of popular headbands, lets talk about ways to style your  hair with a headband.

I love this Tuck and Cover hairstyle.  It looks so easy, I might even give it a try myself!  You can find this and other hair tutorials at this site HERE.

Wear a headband with a messy ponytail!

I just love this cool and casual look! You can see a video on how to achieve this look HERE!

And finally, what about a half up half down look?  Part of her hair was pulled into a ponytail, and the rest was left to hang beautifully down her back.  You can read more about how this look was achieved HERE.

There are so many more headband hairstyles on this Pinterest board for you to explore than I could ever cover in this post,  so if your interested in more ideas, go and check it out!

So when the heat and humidity arrive this summer, will you be trying any of these headband styles?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. Headbands are such a grey way to ad pizazz to any outfit!

    Annessa /

  2. Headbands look so chic and they added that extra element of "wow" to the look. Thanks for joining my link up.

    Daily Style Finds

  3. Head bands are so chic and add an extra element of "wow" to your look.

    Daily Style Finds

  4. I really need to try that tuck and cover! I have a TON of headbands and I never wear them! I need to, especially when I wear my hair up!


  5. I love all these looks! I definitely have to try some!

  6. Headbands are so great but for some reason they never look right on me no matter how hard I try :(


  7. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Headbands are great for summer. here still snow is on the ground

  8. I've started wearing a headband or two but in things like leather because I feel a little odd wearing anything else, if that makes sense? I suppose it's because I'm really short so other fabrics make me feel as though I'm back in convent school LOL

    Do come over and join my link-up if you can, Amy, it'd be lovely to have you xoxo

  9. I used to love wearing headbands but with my hair going grey so quickly, I don't wear them any more. They show the roots too well.

    You do look fab in them!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!



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