Sunday, October 4, 2015

Interior Fall Decor

I love to decorate my home for almost every holiday or season.  The biggest decor changes in my home  are Christmas and Fall;  but I also decorate for Valentines, Easter, Spring, and the 4th of July as well.

Fall decorating suits my home very well as my colors are rich in fall hues to begin with.  I try to put a touch of fall in all the main rooms of my home:  some more than others.

This is the dining room where I have an upright piano.  I wrapped a fall garland around the items that regularly sit on top of the piano.  I also added a ceramic pumpkin and dried arrangement to one end, and a little straw pumpkin on the other end.

On my dining room hutch I placed a pumpkin floral arrangement.

Above the hutch I placed a fall plate on the plate rail.

For the center of the table, I placed a fall candle and candle ring.

In my living room I put some pretty neutral sunflowers in a vase that always sits on that table.  I just change out the flowers depending on the season.

On top of my t.v. stand I placed a "Fall" sign and just added a few fall floral bushes around it.

On my end table, I added a fall candle ring and fall scented candle.

In the kitchen I put some fall mums in the yellow vase by my kitchen sink window.

I have a decorative plate rail in my kitchen, and I always change out the plates depending on the season.  

I absolutely love the design on these plates.  Would you believe I got the entire set for only $10.00 at a rummage sale?  My collection is 3x what is even shown here!  It is certainly worth a lot more money than $10.00!

In my guest bathroom, I added fall towels and more fall flowers.

I always change out the hand soap for the season.

This is a side table in my formal entryway.

A fall arrangement that hangs on the side door of my entryway.

This is the main table that greets my guests in the formal entryway.  I put fall flowers in the vase, added a garland to the table, and a little sunflower garden rock that says "Welcome".

In my family room, I just placed another fall candle arrangement on the coffee table.

And I added little fall arrangement to each of the side tables.

My fall decor doesn't change much year to year, as I really don't like to spend money on new seasonal decorations.  If you'd like to see what I did in previous years, look HERE and HERE.

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  1. Nice decorations Amy, Ageeth xx

  2. I need to change my decors too but too busy now. ;)
    Thank you so much for your support for our surgeries. We are both doing very well and I will get back to work tomorrow! :) I really appreciate your nice comments!
    Don’t forget to come back every Wednesday to link up with me!
    Take care and keep in touch!

  3. Your house looks perfectly decorated for fall Amy! What a deal on those dishes, you can't beat $10. Thank you for sharing this! Take care, Tara


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