Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cute Pumpkins, Scary Pumpkins, Funny Pumpkins, and….GIGANTIC Pumpkins!

Last Sunday my husband and I went hiking at Merrick State Park.  On the way home we decided to stop at a gas station/convenience store for eggs.  The store was completely out of eggs, so then we had to drive seven miles over to the next town to get eggs.  Well that little excursion ended up being quite a treat because while we went there simply for a dozen eggs, we found the cutest fall display ever!

Wabasha, Minnesota is the prettiest little town on the Mississippi you ever did see.  They are famous for their bald eagles, which fly over the river to fish.  It is also the town the movie "Grumpy Old Men" was filmed.  And, they have the  historic Anderson Hotel that is known for having cats which hotel guests could stay with for overnight companionship.  That practice of cats in the hotel rooms ended in 2011.  Thankfully, when we first moved to the area we got to visit the hotel and see all the cats before that happened.

But one thing I did not know about Wabasha was that they had a fall festival every year called SeptOberfest!  It runs from September 11 through October 24.  They set up the cutest fall displays and pumpkins I have ever seen! There are artistic displays of thousands of pumpkins, cornstalks, flowers, scarecrows, bales, and gourds!   Don't you just love the Olaf Snowman next to the town sign?  How cute is he?

And what do you think about the young lady pumpkin seated on the bench next to me?  She's almost as big as I am!

The "Pumpkin Patch" is located right under the bridge that goes over the Mississippi River and connects Wisconsin to Minnesota.

The town clock is right next to this bridge.  Look at all those pumpkins!

Here is an Owl Pumpkin:

All under the bridge laid out on this pretty brick paved courtyard lay hundreds of pumpkins with their weight either labeled or hand written on them.

Here's my husband sitting on one that weighs over 1000 lbs.

This one is marked as weighing 1192 lbs!  (The pumpkin, not my husband! :) )

And here is my husband trying to lift a 1192 pound pumpkin.  I don't think so dear.

Have you ever seen so many giant pumpkins in one spot?

A few of the pumpkins were carved.

And along with pumpkins, they had lots of other fun displays too:  like this cowboy!

A "Grumpy Old Men" park bench.

Now I've never seen any of the Minion movies, but I still thought this was just the cutest idea!

And what do you think of this little choo-choo train?  Of course I pointed out to my husband how easy this would be to make, and since we have so many logs in our yard, he could whip one up in no time!  I don't think he took me very seriously though.

It's just too cute, isn't it?

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the cute, scary, funny, and GIGANTIC pumpkins of SeptOberfest in Wabasha, MN!

Have a great day!  Amy


  1. Great photos Amy , I like pumpkins very much. Thanks for your nice story and photos.

  2. Such fun photos! I got all excited when you wrote about the hotel that lets you have a cat when staying there, but now they no longer do :-( That would have been so much fun!! We stayed at the Kimpton in Chicago once, and they put a goldfish in your room. That was lots of fun too, but cats would be more entertaining :-) Love those pumpkin decorations. Those huge pumpkins look amazing carved. Our pumpkin patch has a field with ginormous pumpkins, we took photos around them but didn't buy any. We did get some seeds though...

  3. WOW! What very large pumpkins you found! Isn't it fun when a small detour ends up bringing an afternoon of surprises?! Glad you and hubby enjoyed it!

  4. I love the pumpkin people!! Oh and those big pumpkins too, how fun!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  5. Wow! What an exciting discovery! The log train is adorable. "Grumpy Old Men" is one of our favorite movies. Thanks for sharing on The Maple Hill Hop!

  6. That certainly is a wonderful surprise! The decorations are just awesome but I think the train is my favorite!


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