Friday, October 30, 2015

A Fall Look for Warm Temperatures

I recently had to travel to Champaign, Illinois to chauffeur my daughter around for a few days and attend a performance of hers.  I had such a difficult time packing for this trip.  I wasn't entirely sure what I would be doing most of the time, and because my destination was eight hours south of where I live,  it was much warmer!  My mind was already set for cooler fall temperatures, and I had a hard time reconfiguring it for temps in the high seventies.

I was kind of bummed actually.  I usually would be thrilled to be in warmer weather, but I had so many cute, new, fall items I wanted to wear!  Even though I knew I would be in summer-like weather (well... summer like for a Wisconsin gal!),  I still wanted to look like I was dressed for fall.

So I decided on a short sleeve sweater outfit!

This sweater is super old.  I purchased it at Kohls, and have had it for sale on my Poshmark store for awhile now.  It's still there if your interested in it!  It would be perfect for the Southern gal who wants a fall look but lives in a warmer climate!  I love this sweater, but for my Northern lifestyle, the short sleeves are impractical.  I have worn a thin, clingy long sleeve top under it on occasion.

On this 77 degree day, this sweater was perfect!  It gave me the fall look I was going for, but I stayed comfortably cool.

Underneath the sweater I wore a camisole from Express.

 This entire outfit reminds me of another look I wore not too long ago on a trip to the twin cities.  You can see that look HERE.  I'm wearing the same pair of jeans and carrying the same handbag, but everything else I have on is different.  The colors and style are very similar, and the long sleeve cardigan is far more suitable for my climate.

I chose to wear a light weight, gauze and cotton infinity scarf to accessorize my outfit.  I had a necklace ready to wear too in case it got too warm for a scarf, but I ended up keeping the scarf on all day.  Even though the temps were warm, it was very windy which kept me quite comfortable.

The sweater has an open weave, so you will see whatever your wearing underneath from the back too! The sleeves are rolled up and there is a button lapel.  The cardigan falls about six to eight inches below my hip;  so not quite as long as my new one shown in my previous post.

Here is a detail shot of the button lapel.  

I did get new suede booties, but only because I paid $7.67 for them.  Yes, you heard me right!  $7.67!  They were $60.00 shoes, but they were on sale for $41.99, then I used a gift card I received from a survey I won, then I had a coupon, and by the time all the deductions were taken off, $7.67 is all I had to pay!  Yippee!

The booties have a cute fringe detail on the ankle.  I wore these walking around the Champaign/Urbana campus all day and my feet never hurt.  They are so comfortable!

I love all the flare jeans in style right now, but I do regret that the flare always covers up my cute shoes!  I had to roll up the cuff just to take a picture of these fun booties for you!  If your interested in these shoes, they are available at J.C. Penney HERE.

It turned out my short sleeve cardigan was the perfect fall look for a warm fall day.  And since most of the day was either spent in the car, walking around campus, or in a coffee shop…I was appropriately dressed for the occasion!  What was I so worried about anyway?

Have a great day!  Amy

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  1. you look very pretty in this outfit! love your boots!

  2. I have the same trouble here in Louisiana, Amy! It just hasn't cooled off enough to really break out all my favorite Fall clothes, so I'm having to be very creative. Love your look!

  3. What a great look! I'm loving fringe this fall and those boots are so cute!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. You look so young and hip in this look. The red leaves of the tree are the perfect background for the look

  5. Cute casual look! Yeah, it's been hot here too, but finally rainy today. Yay!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday & can't wait to see what you have to share this week!


    Dawn Lucy

  6. Great casual outfit and what a score on these cute booties!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



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