Monday, February 1, 2016

Honey It's Cold Outside!

Here in Wisconsin, we are a hardy breed.  If it's twenty or thirty degrees, we consider that a warm winter day.  On Friday's fashion post, my southern friend Laura commented that I was making her cold standing in all that snow.  I chuckled at that comment because it was so nice and warm that the thirties...that we weren't even wearing winter coats.  I was not the slightest bit chilled taking those pictures.  

In the pictures I show you today, it was cold...fourteen degrees below zero!  So it was the perfect day to wear my new H&M sweater!

I even took a picture of my odometer to prove how cold it was!

This is cold, even by Wisconsin standards!  Most of us don't go out in this kind of weather unless we have to.

 I always take pictures outside weather permitting, but when it gets too cold, I move inside.  Thankfully, I have a very interesting house with lots of great places to take photos and fairly good lighting.

I've shown you this sweater before.  I wore it for New Years Eve, except I glamed it up more by adding a statement necklace and suede vest.  You can see it HERE if you missed it.

 I wore silver bracelets and my usual rings, but not a necklace or earrings.  There was enough sparkle in the sweater and pants already!

I chose to carry my new orange/coral bag that my daughter gave me over the holidays.  It's by London Fog.

My shoes are new.  I bought them months ago on clearance at DSW but this was the first time I wore them.  I love heels, but  cannot wear them if if involves a lot of walking.  And unfortunately, most of the time I get dressed up to go out, the event involves a lot of walking.  This day I was just going to church, so I could finally wear my heels!

 Aren't they awesome?  I love the black and tan mix, and the snakeskin engraved print.

Because it was so bitter cold, I wore a turtleneck under my sweater.  You know it's cold when I do that, because normally that would be too warm for me.

My pants are by Worthington.  I bought them at J.C. Penney over the holidays.  They are a charcoal grey with a gold metallic thread woven throughout.  They are slim fit ankle pants.

I found the cut of these pants very flattering for my body type and quite comfortable to wear.

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Cute sweater! The whole outfit looks great! I love the bag - great color! What a nice gift!

  2. Love the color of that bag!

  3. That bag is seriously gorgeous! Love the color!

  4. That metallic threading in your pants is perfect! You always find such great items at JCP. Your house is great for indoor photos, you look great!


  5. Brrrr! What a fitting sweatshirt! You look great and glad you stayed inside for pics.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Don't mind winter too much, but that is definitely too cold! Love your outfit, the shoes are gorgeous, although I probably could never walk in them myself! Hope you're safe and warm with this new winter storm in WI either on the way or already there. I think we're lucky here in Western IL this's supposed to be just to the west and north of us.

  7. That sweater is so cute especially with your pants! And your new heels are fabulous!

  8. I remember that gorgeous sweater from when you styled it before too, in a monochromatic look. And yes -14 degrees is cold. My in-laws all live in Albania and the city where they live in is quite mild at Winter. They cannot even comprehend 30-35 degree weather as it feels very cold to them. Oh and I do love your stunning pumps and those pants. I was raving about new Worthington pants, on my blog today. =)

  9. Such a cute look, and it definitely is cold outside! Thanks for linking up with me and this will be getting pinned to the linkup board!

  10. A perfect look for the not so perfect temperatures! That sweater is adorable and so appropriate! I also love the glimpses of your charming home! Looks so warm and cozy and that vintage photograph in the background of one particular image is lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. These pumps call my name. I really love them

  12. Such a fun sweatshirt! I can't believe how cold it was there!

  13. That's a really cute look. I can't imagine taking pictures outside in that weather!! I'm glad you didn't try. Thanks for joining us on My Refined Style.
    xo Jennifer

  14. Cute sweater! It certainly is cold outside

  15. Oh my, Amy...your weather is like another planet to me! But it's nice to see you're still smiling ;) Thanks for lending your flair to the My Refined Style Linkup. See you again next month!



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