Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Woman Over Fifty Should Use An Illuminator

It's no secret that the older one gets the duller one's complexion gets.  The easiest way to get skin that looks healthy and glowing is to use an illuminator.  

When I first started hearing about illuminators, I didn't think they would work for me because I have oily skin.  My skin is already shiny enough;  several times a day I have to take a tissue to my skin to sop up extra oil.  But I kept seeing "before" and "after" pictures of women "without" and "with" an illuminator, and I was awestruck by the difference. 

So I decided to try an illuminator myself and I was quite surprised with the results. 

Because I have oily skin, the first illuminator I tried was by "It Cosmetics"

Illuminators are available in both dry and cream forms.  The dry form is recommended for oily skin.  

The main purpose of an illuminator is to give a look of vitality, radiance, and illumination:  all characteristics an aging face like mine desires.  I was doubtful, but when I applied it, I was stunned.  It didn't make my face look oily or shiny, it truly did just illuminate my skin, giving me my face a healthy glow.  

I wear an illuminator every single day now.  I can't even imagine not putting it on, it makes such a huge difference in my look.  In the picture below I have the illuminator on.  If you notice the bridge of my nose, chin, and cheekbones are highlighted and there is an overall a younger, healthier  look to my skin.

Another illuminator I use is in the cream form.  It's a little easier to keep under control than a loose powder.   Because its a cream, you can apply it directly where you want it and it won't fly else where on your face.

The cream illuminator I tried is from Sonia Kashuk and I bought it from Target.  It's currently unavailable on the Target website that's why I didn't provide a link.  I'm not sure if it is still available in the stores.

Even though I have oily skin, I have not found the cream version to be a problem.  I actually use it more than the dry illuminator because I have more control over it.

So now that I have convinced you to try an illuminator how do you apply it?  That can be the tricky part!  

Illuminators can be applied all over the face, after your foundation and powder, to create a all-over-glow.  You can also mix a bit of illuminator into your foundation and then skip the powder if you'd like.  

The way I apply illuminators is to just use it as a highlighter.  I apply it sparingly to my cheekbones (above the blush line), above my eyebrows, the bridge of my nose (not the tip of your nose, or you may look like you have a shiny nose), and my chin.  But you can also apply it above your lips and your forehead too!  Basically, any area on your face you want to highlight or your entire face.

Here's a graphic I found on The Glow that shows where to apply an illuminator.

Image Credit
Illuminators really do work wonders;  giving the appearance of the dewy, glowing skin we had in our youth.  Another plus is contouring...a huge trend in make up techniques right now.  Illuminators are used to create high cheekbones, a stronger jawline, or a more angular look overall.  

So what about you?  Have you tried illuminators yet?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a Great Day!  Amy

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  1. Hi Amy you looks good! I don't know what illuminator is but I always use bronze pearls. Not to dark and just a little!
    Regards Ageeth

  2. I have gotten a couple of these in my Ipsy bags and they really make a different in my outfit photos. I have never tried a cream one, though... I sort of prefer the loose powder and I think it actually helps with my oily combo skin!


  3. Interesting and very informative post, I had no idea about illuminators or what exactly they were, so I went to check out the Bare Minerals site, will most likely get some Clear Radiance the next time they have a sale.

  4. I do love using illuminator as well, it's gives me a good glow.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.



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