Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Christmas Walk of My Own Home - Day Five

Welcome to Day Five of a Christmas Walk of My Own Home. Be sure to check out Days One through Four for pictures and stories of my dining room, living room, kitchen, and half bath.
Today's Featured Room is My Office, where I spend probably about four to five hours a day in communicating with you--but keep in mind, I am still on DIAL-UP! LOL! This room was originally a 'junk room/laundry' room. Before the addition to the house was built (You can see a glimpse into the addition in the first photograph; but that room will be featured in its entirety on another day) it had a small door to enter in from the dining room, and then it had a back door to the outside. I absolutely hated having an ugly laundry room right next to my dining room, and I really disliked people walking through the mess all the time to get outside. So, my husband and I thought the the room was the perfect size and location for an office; for its centrally located so we could keep an eye on the kids while they were on the computer. So we knocked out part of the dining room wall to 'open up the space' to the new addition of the home and made this little walk-through nook an office.
The desk and hutch were made by my husband out of oak. They are built into the walls, and will stay with the house if we ever sell it. The room has an African/tropical/Old-World travel theme. That is why you will see elephants, giraffes, ships, etc. in some of the pictures. I painted the room the same red as the dining room, since it was so open to it.

Here are some close-ups of how I decorated some of the shelves for Christmas. I simply put some floral arrangements next to the permanent displays and books.

This is a coat closet. There was an awkward space above the closet, so I bought this iron piece at Michaels, and put a white curtain behind it. I do use the space for storage, but I don't put anything up there that has to accessed often.
The snowman window pane I bought at the Warren's Cranberry Festival. I only have it in the window during Xmas/winter. I sewed all the drapes, pillows, and seat cushion myself. My husband made the bench. The lid opens for storing winter boots.

Here is a picture of the office as seen if you were standing in the dining room. That big opening you see was where the wall use to be.
I hope you enjoyed my tour of The Office. Are you getting bored yet? I'll keep posting cards too in case your tired of seeing pictures of my home. Tomorrow, we'll move upstairs to the bedrooms and full baths.
Have a great day! Amy

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  1. Fantastic! I love all the personal touches you & hubby have put into your home. His craftmanship is awesome as is your handywork!! Looking forward to more rooms in your house.


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