Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Christmas Walk of My Own Home - Day Six

Welcome to Day Six of A Christmas Walk of My Own Home. If you missed the first five days, I featured pictures of my kitchen, living room, dining room, office, and downstairs bath in previous posts.
Day Six features my upstairs hallway. The photograph shows a little mini tree on a 'telephone chair' in my hallway. Telephone chairs use to be a place to keep one's telephone and a phone book handy. I got this free from my Sister-in-law and reupholstered it. I keep the tree lit all night as a nightlight. I added greenery above the mirror, and white bows to the candelabra. The Xmas decorating colors I used in this Hallway are white and gold. The nativity scene underneath the tree is made of glass. The next pictures shows an antique chair and another antique piece table. I picked up both pieces at my dad's house. He was always picking things up at Goodwill, rummage sales, and dumpsters; then I would pick them up from his house and 'fix them up.' LOL! They were very much neglected, covered in paint and chipped. I refinished and restored them to these beauties.

Here is a view of the entire hallway. The floor is just regular floorboards (not hardwood) that was painted and covered with a runner. It squeaks like you wouldn't believe when someone walks on it. Someday we'd like to replace it with hardwood floors, but we have to get the kids through college first! LOL! The ceiling is bead board. The chair railing was added by my husband, at my suggestion. LOL!. My husband also made the quilt rack when we first married.

Here is a picture of the staircase, taken as if you were going downstairs to the living room. I bought the oak quilt shelf at a local Amish store. The quilt was given to me on my wedding day by the mother of my Maid of Honor. Its over 20 years old. The cute Amish Doll was a gift from Todd's Grandmother. She told me it has no facial details because the Amish believe everything should be plain. The other wall hanging is suppose to be an outside planter, but I bought it for the inside of my house, and change the greenery depending on the season. I also put greenery and Xmas florals on the quilt rack shelf.

This is an old painting I picked up for about $10.00 at an auction. The wall treatment is not wallpaper. For some reason, the walls keep 'cracking and falling apart' in my upstairs hallway, so instead of repainting over and over again, I just decided to go with the cracks and paint a faux wall treatment. To get the wall to look like 'aged wallpaper', I first painted the wall a base color, then I stenciled on this design, I waited 10 minutes and then rubbed portions of the design off, (leaving some of the paint bolder and brighter than the other). Then I applied a glaze over the whole wall. The bottom of the wall, below the chair rail, is done by sponging.

Here are some antique pictures of people I do know! The couple is my husband's grandparents, the woman is my husband's grandmother's mother. Again, the greenery on the shelves is decorated for Xmas, but I change it out depending on the season.

Here is a detail shot of one of the tables. I THINK the baby picture is me, but I'm not sure. Isn't that terrible? They just didn't record/scrapbook pictures and events as well as we do now. The doll is an antique doll given to my daughter by my husband's Great Aunt Betty Lou. Isn't she beautiful? She will be treasured always.

Here's a detail shot above the table. Normally this shelf holds pictures and vintage canisters, but now its holding Xmas Greenery and accents. The Picture above is an antique painting I picked up at an auction.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my Upstairs Hallway. On to another room tomorrow! Amy

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  1. I just LOVE your upstairs hallway!! I was going to comment on how much I adored your wallpaper ... thanks for explaining what you did here and I must say, you did an AWESOME job!!! This hallway reminds me so much of the hallway in my grandmothers old farmhouse (not nearly as decorated of course). You have done such a beautiful job decorating your home ... I'm sure people just ooooo & aaawww when they come through your door!! Thanks for sharing! Is there more, are you doing bedrooms next??? Hope so, I'll be back to see!!


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